10 things you didn’t know about … Ryan Petersen

10 personal questions and 10 personal answers from Ryan Petersen, Chief Executive Officer of OCZ Technology. OCZ Technology was founded in 2000 and is best known for its performance memory devices and power supply units. The company also announced to soon release its “Neural Impulse Actuator”, a device that plays in the emerging category of Brain-Computer Interface products. Ryan has been OCZ’s CEO since the company’s founding in 2000, has grown the company to about 200 people and remains the inventor or co-inventor of much of OCZ's proprietary technology. Read on to find out how Ryan answered our questions. 

Plastic bag foils Google’s Street View

TV group urges Bush, Cheney to talk about digital switch

The National Association of Broadcasters, which has voice numerous concerns about people not being informed of next year's digital TV switch, is now calling on George W. Bush to help inform citizens.  The organization's CEO David Rehr has sent a letter to the White House, highlighting the fact that the digital TV switch is less than 300 days away.

Eee PC-like notebooks unlikely to become blockbusters, says IDC

There is an undeniable excitement that surrounds so called ultra low-cost notebook PCs these days. The OLPC XO and the Asus Eee PC have created another product segment between smartphones and traditional notebooks that is not only aimed at developing countries but is finding many friends in saturated markets as well. But despite the initial enthusiasm, these notebooks will not become “blockbusters”, but are likely to remain “secondary computing devices,” IDC believes. 

LED market slow in Q2 08

US and Japan working on multiple warhead missile interceptors

China wags finger at “illegal” online maps

The Chinese government is chastising several online providers, including Google maps, for providing “illegal” satellite imagery of the country and neighboring islands.  Min Yiren, the deputy director of China’s State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (SBSM), says as many as 10,000 online maps are illegal and publish sensitive information or incorrectly depict national borders.

Firehouse lightbulb has been burning for 107 years

Amazon spin-off brings rare music to consumers

If you're looking for that rare album from the '70s and don't want to spend a fortune on Ebay, Amazon's "CreateSpace" service may have the answer for you.  The custom CD company announced this week that it has teamed up with EMI Music and Sony BMG, two labels usually up for starting new trends in the digital age, to bring out-of-print albums back in full glory.

Scientists propose climate supercomputer with 20 million CPUs

In supercomputing, the sky is the limit, literally. In an effort to enable more credible global climate change predictions, researchers from UC Berkeley believe that the way to go is a new kind of cloud supercomputer that includes 20 million processors delivering a peak performance of 200 PFlops to simulate 1-km scale climate models. At the same time, this proposed system would not require a power plant all for itself. How that is possible you ask? These guys are looking into ultra-efficient embedded RISC CPUs.

Motorola handset shipments in free fall

NBC posts TV shows to Zune Marketplace

Several months after pulling its content from Apple's iTunes store, NBC has decided to post TV shows to Apple's direct competitor at Microsoft's Zune Marketplace, a move that can't be seen as anything other than a direct insult to Apple. Apple and NBC came into a heated battle when NBC wanted to offer varied pricing structures for its video content but Apple refused. NBC became the first video provider to not renew its iTunes contract.

Air Force grounds training jet after second fatal crash

Safari for Windows up, Mac down, iPhone rocks at Flickr

The latest Net Applications survey and data extracted from Flickr logs indicate that Safari’s Windows version tripled the browser's market share, Microsoft is eating into Mac’s market share and the iPhone surpasses Nokia’s N95 in photo uploads to Flickr. The published numbers have limited scope but they allow us to draw some interesting conclusions. 

Audi plans on offering electric cars in 5-10 years

Warner to bring out digital downloads day-and-date with DVD

Warner Bros has decided to follow in the foot steps of some other movie studios, bringing on-demand video and digitial downloads of future releases the same day they come out on DVD.  Previously, Warner launched its DVD and high-def disc releases at first, and then waited a few weeks before making them available to places like iTunes.

Study: Warmer ocean water means less oxygen

Stealth Fighter's secrets are safe, contractor says

JVC shows path to Super Hi-Vision device at 17x high-def resolution

There is a slight chance that we may be running out of appropriate terms to describe next generation of high-resolution displays. Following high definitions, high(er) definition (briefly used by Sony), Quad HDTV, 4K and 8K, JVC now claims to have the first “Super Hi-Vision” device that can display 35 megapixels, roughly 17 times the resolution achieved by today’s full HD, 1080p screens.

Silicon shortage prompts strategy changes for photovoltaic industry