US IT workers becoming fatties

Nanotubes can cause cancer, lawyers lining up

NASA’s Solar Probe will like it HOT

Multi-core processors: Interplay of hardware and programming models

Special to TG Daily - Multicore architecture has created a little frenzy among programming language designers and software developers to hone up their concurrent and parallel programming skills. But is this push one way? Is it just the hardware driving the software and language design in multi-core era? Rajesh Karmani continues his article series on TG Daily which focuses on a dramatic shift in software development techniques to help developers exploit the horsepower of multi-core processors.

ORNL says it can cut titanium production cost in half

Boeing preps a new toy for the super rich: BBJ3

Boeing said that it has begun work on the first Boeing Business Jet 3 (BBJ3), a new private airliner that tries to get the attention of all of those who find their Gulfstream V too small and too average. Launched in 2006, the fuselage of the first BBJ3 has been completed and is currently being prepared for a 2000-mile trip to the company’s Renton, Wash., final assembly facility.

YouTube says it won't remove most Al-Qaeda videos

YouTube has told Senator Lieberman that it will leave it up to its viewers to help remove Al-Qaeda terrorist videos.  In an open letter, Lieberman demanded that YouTube immediately remove thousands of videos because they clearly intended “to encourage violence against the West”.  YouTube in its public blog post says hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded everyday and that it cannot arbitrarily remove one group's videos.

Tatung to develop complete solar systems, says chairman

ESA opens astronaut application process

There are very few of us who haven’t told our parents at least once that we will become astronauts when we are grown up. Unfortunately, real life appears to be getting into the way of this goal most of the time and even worse, there are not many organizations in need of astronauts flying into space. If space is your passion and you are playing with the idea of becoming an astronaut, here is your opportunity, if … 

iSuppli: Wireless semiconductors outgrow overall chip market in 2007

Pirate Bay breaks into the top 100 most popular websites

Solar cells hit new efficiency record at 23.2%

There is hope that one day you will be able to power most of your household through solar cells covering the roof of your home and not just a few appliances. 

OLPC teams up with Microsoft: Cost of Windows XP only $3

 The idea of a $100 laptop sounded fascinating, when we first heard about it. When the product actually became available, the $100 goal was gone, the initial hype seems to have faded and several other companies are cashing in on the cheap laptop trend. Microsoft never seemed to be a great match for the device to keep the price down, but market powers may have succeeded and it has been confirmed that there will be a Windows XP version of the XO notebook.

Global large-size LCD panel shipments drop slightly in April, says WitsView

Criminals try to steal live wire, shocked and hospitalized

Adobe’s Flash Player 10 has more 3D and GPU acceleration

MIT, Sharp and Sony make big steps in advancing fuel cell technology

We have been hearing about fuel cells as the potential saviors of the PC industry’s 8-hour-notebook promise for quite some time, but the technology has yet to make a visible impact in products that are available to the consumer. In what appears to be a big month for fuel cells, Sharp, Sony and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) reported independently from each other significant progress that could take fuel cell closer to production units. buys trio of online reference sites, the flagging online search destination, has acquired Lexico Publishing Group, an Internet media company that owns and  It also purchased philologist-friendly site (which you can use to figure out the meaning of that word). hopes this will rebrand itself as an Internet specialist in answering questions instead of providing blanket search results.

Triumph brings out bra-and-pants set with solar panels

Toyota reports Prius sales of more than 1 million

Toyota announced that it had sold 1,028,000 units of its Prius model, making it the most successful hybrid car today. The company noted that Prius sales are “robust” in more than 40 countries around the world.