Scientists propose climate supercomputer with 20 million CPUs

In supercomputing, the sky is the limit, literally. In an effort to enable more credible global climate change predictions, researchers from UC Berkeley believe that the way to go is a new kind of cloud supercomputer that includes 20 million processors delivering a peak performance of 200 PFlops to simulate 1-km scale climate models. At the same time, this proposed system would not require a power plant all for itself. How that is possible you ask? These guys are looking into ultra-efficient embedded RISC CPUs.

Motorola handset shipments in free fall

NBC posts TV shows to Zune Marketplace

Several months after pulling its content from Apple's iTunes store, NBC has decided to post TV shows to Apple's direct competitor at Microsoft's Zune Marketplace, a move that can't be seen as anything other than a direct insult to Apple. Apple and NBC came into a heated battle when NBC wanted to offer varied pricing structures for its video content but Apple refused. NBC became the first video provider to not renew its iTunes contract.

Air Force grounds training jet after second fatal crash

Safari for Windows up, Mac down, iPhone rocks at Flickr

The latest Net Applications survey and data extracted from Flickr logs indicate that Safari’s Windows version tripled the browser's market share, Microsoft is eating into Mac’s market share and the iPhone surpasses Nokia’s N95 in photo uploads to Flickr. The published numbers have limited scope but they allow us to draw some interesting conclusions. 

Audi plans on offering electric cars in 5-10 years

Warner to bring out digital downloads day-and-date with DVD

Warner Bros has decided to follow in the foot steps of some other movie studios, bringing on-demand video and digitial downloads of future releases the same day they come out on DVD.  Previously, Warner launched its DVD and high-def disc releases at first, and then waited a few weeks before making them available to places like iTunes.

Study: Warmer ocean water means less oxygen

Stealth Fighter's secrets are safe, contractor says

JVC shows path to Super Hi-Vision device at 17x high-def resolution

There is a slight chance that we may be running out of appropriate terms to describe next generation of high-resolution displays. Following high definitions, high(er) definition (briefly used by Sony), Quad HDTV, 4K and 8K, JVC now claims to have the first “Super Hi-Vision” device that can display 35 megapixels, roughly 17 times the resolution achieved by today’s full HD, 1080p screens.

Silicon shortage prompts strategy changes for photovoltaic industry

Intel and Nvidia co-sponsors in parallel programming initiative

Stanford is the next University that receives support from major IT companies to develop new techniques, tools, and training materials to exploit the parallelism capabilities of multi-core processors. And no, that headline is no mistake: The initial group of sponsors includes a colorful mix of rivals and partners: AMD, Nvidia, Sun Microsystems as well as Intel, Hewlett-Packard and IBM, showing first signs that these companies could actually be working together to solve the multi-core programming dilemma. Too good to be true? 

Boeing 787 Dreamliner sees light at the end of the tunnel

Xerox sees the future with re-usable paper, cell technology

Xerox's research lab is one of the big technology hot spots around the world, and it recently highlighted some of the innovations it is working on to pave the way to the future.  The high-tech firm has in its laboratory new uses for solar power, an environmentally-friendly version of plastic, erasable paper and a new way to detect abnormal cells in humans. 

Schwarzenegger’s own brother-in-law attempts to stop his jet commute to Santa Monica

Sometimes your worst enemy is your family.  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger regularly commutes by private jet from Sacramento to the Santa Monica Airport, but his own brother-in-law wants to put a stop to that.  Santa Monica City Council member Bobby Shriver (brother of Schwarzenegger’s wife Maria Shriver) recently voted to ban large jets from the city’s airport.

Researchers supercharge nanomotors with rocket fuel

Building nanomachines is among the most fascinating projects of miniaturization these days. Researchers at Arizona State University claim they have developed sub-microscopic nanomotors that are ten times more powerful than the engines that available today. The result: Nanomachines with these new engines are at least twice and as much as six times as fast. 

HP circuit discovery shows advanced, power efficient element

HP today announced that it has proven the existence of a new basic element, an intriguing breakthrough that could lead to big advancements to anything that uses electronic circuits.  Previously only theorized, the discovery of the element known as "memristor" could have researchers able to develop computing systems that do not lose memory.

South Korean astronaut has neck and back pain from landing

Corning says no slowdown in LCD glass market

iTunes Store turns 5: Can anyone break its dominance?

Apple's digital music store just celebrated its fifth anniversary and had a Cinderella-like run so far. More than four billion music tracks and more than 125 million TV episodes have been sold since launch. The market share is estimated at or above 70% worldwide. Earlier this year, iTunes was believed to briefly have been the nation’s largest music retailer. TG Daily took a look at the store’s history, the environment and competing landscape to sum up its five years of business and look at difficulties it may be facing.