Model rocket flies by airliner cockpit

Intel desktop IGP chipsets to see shortages in Q3

NASA preps Phoenix to dig on Mars

Large-sized LCD panel market set for nearly 18% growth in 2008

Criminal ordered to not post any illegal YouTube videos

23-year-old Andrew Kellett liked committing crimes so much that he video-taped the crimes and posted them on YouTube … 80 times. The crimes ranged from speeding, possessing illegal drugs to leaving a gas station without paying.  Local law enforcement weren’t too happy about Kellett’s escapades and a magistrate has slapped Kellett with an Anti-Social Behavior Order (ASBO) that bars him from posting any more online videos which depict illegal acts.

The future is now: Semantic search

Trendwatch - It's not every day that we are witnessing the birth of a new search engine. But every once in a while a new company comes along with an interesting idea to make one of the most important tools on the Internet much more efficient. Just like Google came virtually out of nowhere in the late 1990s, we are now seeing a new company that takes on the keyword-based searches we are used to today: Powerset’s secret weapon is semantic search. Is this the company that has the technology to challenge Google?

PhD student makes world’s “most advanced” walking robot

A PhD student at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has constructed what he says is the world’s most advanced walking biped robot.  Daan Hobbelen, who will receive his PhD on May 30th, created the “Flame” robot to help study how humans walk.  He discovered that robot walking can actually be fairly energy efficient and doesn’t have to be the typical “falling forward” approach that many of the other robots employ.

Launch of touch-panel notebooks in June to spur panel demand

GPS tracking catches Chicago city official playing golf on duty

Man arrested for pointing laser at Southern California airliners

Five reasons why an Apple tablet makes sense now

With WWDC just around the corner, the stage is set for Steve Jobs' keynote and the unveiling of the iPhone. But Apple would not be not Apple if there wasn’t a “one more thing …” portion in his presentation. We have no idea if Jobs indeed has plans for such a segment (he better has …), but if it is up to us, we are putting our bets on the re-birth of the Newton and the introduction of an Apple UMPC/tablet.  

Mississippi State wins Challenge X 2008

Mississippi State University was crowned the winner of the Challenge X 2008, a competition that challenges students to modify a SUV to achieve greater fuel economy, while maintaining drivability and customer friendliness. The winning SUV improved its mileage rating by 38%, the organizers of the event report.

Intel will move Larrabee quickly into desktops, notebooks

TG Daily Exclusive - Intel’s performance graphics strategy is running at full speed: According to documents seen by TG Daily, desktop and notebook versions of the technology will follow on the heels of the high-end debut device, including up to 24 IA cores.

16:9 ratio notebook panels to become mainstream in H2

Magnesium-aluminum alloy notebook chassis pricing to rise more than 10% in Q2

Teenager arrested for posting naked ex-girlfriend pics on MySpace

Silicon Valley businesses to be hit with global warming tax

Hotspot hunting abroad: Ditch the sniffer and just ask!

Finding Internet access and an open hotspot can be a pain in the you know what. In such cases, hackers typically rely on geeky cards, computers and utilities and since I need upload stories from anywhere in the world, I usually have a laptop with NetStumbler, Wireshark and Cain installed and my trusty AirPcap Tx card readily available. But as I discovered last night, all of these high-tech tools were no match for the almighty Dollar, or in this case, the Thai Baht.

LEDs must drop to 10% of price in 2005 to go mainstream in general lighting by 2012

Touch-screen shipments to reach 833 million units by 2013, says iSuppli