A $5300 PC challenges $4.6 million supercomputer

Recent advances in general purpose GPU computing are beginning to shift perceptions in supercomputing applications. Belgian researchers have assembled a relatively simple enthusiast PC with an emphasis on graphics processing capability, which beats a multi-million dollar supercomputer in its target application.

AUO expects low-cost notebook market to reach 10-15 million units in 2008

Carnegie Mellon University trains computer to ‘read’ minds

Real video of a blinking space alien to be shown today

Everyone get your popcorn ready because a Denver man claims to have authentic video of a real live, breathing and blinking space alien and he’ll be showing it off to the media today.  Jeff Peckman, who is trying to push his ballot initiative to set up an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver, says he’ll also reveal other evidence of extraterrestrial life to reporters.

Department of Energy sponsors ‘L Prize’ for next generation light bulbs

The Department of Energy is hoping cold hard cash will lure companies in developing a solid state replacement for the regular household light bulb.  The agency announced the Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize or L Prize at the LIGHTFAIR conference in Las Vegas California this week and has partnered up with four major California utilities to help with the evaluation process.  Companies that produce a suitable replacement for the common 60 watt incandescent bulb and the PAR 38 halogen bulb will receive up to $20 million in cash and much more importantly federal government procurement opportunities.

U.S. carbon footprint ranking: The hotspots are in the East

Public policy organization Brookings has released a detailed per-capita footprint ranking of 100 metropolitan areas in the U.S. The study reveals that residents living in the eastern half of the country produce much more carbon emissions than residents in the West. In the most extreme case, Lexington, Kentucky, has a per-capita emissions rating that is 2.5 times higher than Honolulu, Hawaii. Brookings found that these differences can often be tracked down to development patterns, rail transit, fuels used to generate electricity, energy prices, and weather.  

Global biofuel output to soar in next decade: report

Fire up the BBQs and leave your computers on for Carbon Belch Day

We’ve all heard of Earth Day and ‘Lights Out’ demonstrations where entire cities try to save greenhouse gasses by turning off all lights for one night, well one group is trying to do the opposite with its 'Carbon Belch Day'.  In an effort to counter what it says is growing green propaganda, Grassfire.org wants people to use as much carbon as possible on June 12th.  This includes turning down the AC by 5 degrees, leaving all your computers on and inviting all your friends over for a BBQ hopefully with lots of meat on the grill.

An inconvenient poop – Space Station toilet stops working

GPUs deliver mammogram-like breast scans in 20 minutes

Taking annual mammograms is generally recommended for women with an age of 35 years and above. But these radiology procedures are inconvenient and can actually be painful, since the breast needs tobe squeezed between two metal plates. TechniScan has developed a new method to scan a breast – a method that is based on the processing capability of GPUs to deliver 3D images, which could replace traditional mammograms one day. It is a fascinating example how we can take advantage of the enormous progress in technology to save lives.

415 million broadband connections resulting in more than $130 billion service revenue in 2008

Indy 500 drivers upset about high gas prices (not really)

New challenge for space station crew: A broken toilet

Delta Airlines receives multi-million-dollar aircraft simulator

Delta took delivery of a new CAE Electronics aircraft simulator, which is considered the most advanced system currently available. Tailored to simulate Delta's existing N701DN aircraft (Boeing 777-200LR), the CAE system is based on electromagnetic engines instead of hydraulics as well as AMD Opteron processors and ATI Radeon / FireGL graphics engines.

LCD panel makers pushing 15.6" as next notebook mainstream

DRAM contract price likely to continue rising H1 June

Lala.com testing 10-cent “trapped in your browser” song rentals

San Francisco (CA) – Would you pay 10-cents per song for music that can only be played within a browser?  That’s what Lala.com hopes people will do with its upcoming music rental store.  Michael Robertson of MP3.com fame leaked out details of the new service which promises free song previews and cheap 10-cent music rentals.  But there’s a catch, these songs are, as Robertson says, “trapped in a tab in your browser.”

Bluetooth can be used to track travel time

You can do much more with your Bluetooth-capable cellphone than connecting it to a wireless headset. Scientists have come up with a way to use Bluetooth signals to track the speed of pedestrians and vehicles, potentially proving you with reliable information how long you will have to wait in that security line at the airport.

Apple working on solar panels for mobile devices

Road warriors have been promised eight-hours of battery time for their mobile devices such as notebooks for some time now. We are inching towards that goal and one of the technologies that could take us much closer to that goal would be Apple’s idea to integrate solar panels behind the LCD of a mobile device.

Mom tries to sell baby on eBay for $1.57