Apple WWDC vs. Microsoft TechEd: The duel of the conferences

Analyst Opinion – While many of us are consumed by Apple’s WWDC 2008, we have to remind ourselves that there is another big (actually bigger) event going on Microsoft’s TechEd. In many ways, these two conferences define both companies and reveal how different they actually are: TechEd is for IT buyers and Apple’s conference is focused on developers. Microsoft has about 10,000 attending its event Apple reports about 5,000 at their event both numbers are impressively large.

Trends in the Wi-Fi industry: An interview with Michael Hurlson of Broadcom

WWDC 2008: Last minute round-up

The Apple WWDC 2008 rumor mill gets one final spin Monday morning with Steve Jobs expected to reveal several new products during his opening day keynote. Despite the fact that Apple has said zilch about a 3G iPhone the device is a sure bet, but there have been speculations about a new operating system, new iPods, a UMPC/MID and possibly new displays. TG Daily will report from WWDC 2008 and took a thorough look at what new products are likely to surface at the conference. 

Blu-ray player prices showing signs of downward trend

Market Scan – It has been about four months since Toshiba decided to shut down its HD DVD format and so far, consumers have seen Blu-ray player prices on the rise. However, June is the very first month in which we observed a decrease in average retail prices of Blu-ray player prices. As stores are clearing out their inventory for BonusView and BD-Live players, this may be the very first time we could describe Blu-ray as becoming affordable.

Memory market shows signs of a rebound

Computex 2008: LEDs in niche market applications

Gintech raises solar cell capacity goal for 2008

The five big technology trends of 2008

Analyst Opinion - The current Computex tradeshow means that almost half this year is over. Time to look at what technology trends this year has brought so far and draw some conclusions. There are major changes in spending patterns that may impact not only in the short term, but in the long term as well. Here are my top 5 for 2008 so far.

HP aims to cut the carbon footprint of data centers by 75%

Low-cost PC market to reach 10 million units in 2008, says Asustek president

Demand for PC-use BD drives to take off from slim-type models, says PLDS

Texas startup says it will be offering a hydrogen exotic sports car this fall

BMW’s Hydrogen 7 sedan may still be a few years away, but if you just can’t wait and have the necessary cash on hand, you may be able to buy a hydrogen car later this year. Ronn Motors has begun accepting orders for its Scorpion sports car, which, according to its manufacturer, will be able produce hydrogen on-demand from an on-board water tank.

Alaska Space Grant balloon delivers images from 18 miles above the ground

Southern California Edison to build 245 MW solar power plants

Southern California Edison (SCE) has signed a contract with eSolar to construct solar power plants with a total capacity of 245 MW by 2013.

UCSD, MIT and UC Berkeley to quantify information growth rate

Blu-ray potential not rosy in near term

And the gold medal for Olympic scams goes to...

Key to all optical illusions discovered

Back to 1984: Scientists develop technology to read your mind

Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University claim to have found a way to predict brain activity when someone thinks about specific words. So far, the catalog of words supported by the technology is limited to only 60 words. However, the simple fact that computers are able to detect thoughts based on words not only offers new opportunities in research such as thought disorders, but put the meaning of Big Brother into whole new category.

LCD panel makers cautious about Q3 demand for TV applications