‘I’m outta here’ – man to auction his life on eBay

Are you sick of your life?  I mean really really sick of it?  Well, starting on June 22 you’ll be able to bid on another life – that of Ian Usher in Perth Australia.  Usher is auctioning his entire life, possessions, job and even his friends to the highest bidder on eBay.  He hopes to raise $500,000 to fund a new life which he says will include quite a bit of traveling (for $500K it better).

Building a refrigerator for your laptop

Researchers from Purdue University claim they are getting closer to develop a much more efficient cooling system that the traditional heatsink-fan design used in many computers today. Suresh Garimella and Eckhard Groll say they can miniaturize traditional refrigerator designs to become small enough to fit in desktop computers or even notebooks.

IPTV subscriptions grow sharply in Americas in 2007, but not at the expense of satellite, says iSupp

Prices for IT and TV panels drop in H2 of June

Why the iPhone 3G is a gold mine for Apple, even at $199

Analysis – Calling the iPhone a cellphone isn’t fair. We here at TG Daily actually believe that it is the prototype of Intel’s mobile Internet device (MID) category that happens to be about 3 years ahead of its time. And, if you think about it, pricing this MID at $199 means that the iPhone 3G is a real bargain – in any way you look at it. In fact, it is such a bargain that some were wondering how Apple could make money on this device. But look a bit closer and you notice strategic tweaks that are likely to turn the iPhone into a gold mine for Apple, much more than it was the case with the first-gen iPhone. Here’s why.

Yahoo adds two new email domains

Santa Clara (CA) – Free webmail services are great, but it can be hell getting the name you want.  Yahoo currently has 260 million users and new users often have to resort to convoluted names like mattclark1977@yahoo.com, but starting today you’ll be able to get addresses ending in @ymail.com and @rocketmail.com. The new email addresses work the same as the regular @yahoo.com addresses so hurry up and be the first ones to grab mike@ymail.com (oops that’s already taken).

Ebay to increase PayPal protection

Verizon to boost FIOS speeds

Cars should run for a year on one liter of gasoline – computer professor

A prominent computer professor says modern cars should be able to run on mere liters of fuel a year, if automotive technology had kept pace with computer advances.  During a lecture marking the 60th anniversary of The Baby Computer built at the University of Manchester, Professor Steve Furber told the audience that computers have become 50 billion times more energy efficient in sixty years.  If you applied the same rate of advance to cars then all the vehicles in the UK would be able to run continuously for a year on just one liter of gas, according to Furber.

Murder suspect Googled how to kill someone days before the killings

Uninvited teens splash in pools found on Google Earth

“Hulu is kicking Youtube’s ass” – Mark Cuban

Outspoken YouTube critic and billionaire Mark Cuban has announced in a recent blog post that “Hulu is kicking Youtube’s Ass” and he predicts Hulu’s total revenues will surpass YouTube's by next year.  The secret to Hulu’s success, according to Cuban, is its ability to monetize 100% of its content and that it can piggyback on YouTube by posting small clips of full shows for free.

LA’s ‘most prolific’ tagger in jail after posting incriminating YouTube video

Pet cloning auction to be held in July

Computer virus loaded state worker’s laptop with porn

A former Massachusetts state worker has been vindicated of child pornography charges after investigators said a computer virus was responsible for automatically downloading dozens of illegal pictures.  Michael Fiola, formerly of the Department of Industrial Accidents, was fired in 2007 after department IT staff found child porn on his work laptop.  Later in the year, he was charged with possession of child pornography.

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who is the greenest of them all?

Sometimes perception is all that matters in the business world, even if it contradicts reality. GreenFactor, which is claimed to be the first global study of IT decision makers on green products and marketing reveals current perceptions on green technology and some of the findings, including which IT company is believed to be the greenest IT company, may be surprising to some and we believe that especially one CEO will be very happy to read that is company is perceived to be forest green despite the fact that other studies have criticized the company for its lack of green initiatives. Who do you think is perceived as being green – and who not? Let’s find out.  

Young adults willing to pay for music - survey

The British Music Rights published a new study on digital music usage trends that sheds new light on piracy issues. You would expect once again scary numbers of how many music files have been downloaded and how damaging the digital music age is for the music industry. However, this study actually found that music publishers and artists should be very upbeat on current trends and the fact that young adults are willing to put a “considerable value” on music, if the right service is offered. Music industry, are you listening?

Honda rolls out new zero-emission car

Napkin PC wins Microsoft’s PC Design competition

Napkin sketches on lunch tables have given industrial design student Avery Holleman the idea to come up with a Napkin PC concept – a system that focuses on collaboration and data sharing within its own network. The idea has won this year’s Microsoft Next-Gen PC Design Competition and $20,000 in prize money.

TSMC Chang positive about 450 mm wafer migration