Craigslist helps rescue cat from a tree

Software predicts fate of death row inmates

This one may give you chills. Scientist claim to have found a way to predict whether a death row inmate will be executed or not with an accuracy of 90%. They found a strong relation between certain profiles of an inmate and the likelihood of execution. But it may not be the profile you are thinking of.

Hybrid vehicles still more expensive to own than other gas-sipping vehicles

Higher gas prices may drive consumers to look more seriously at hybrid vehicles, but gas prices will have to rise substantially before you will be able to save money on a per-mile-basis, claims.

Biofuel use 'increasing poverty'

Panel makers expect rush orders for PC applications in August

7" panel price declines stimulating interest from digital photo frame makers

Floridians concerned about effects of global warming

Life auctioneer says most bids have been made by “idiots”

Ian Usher, the infamous Perth man who is trying to sell his life on eBay, is having trouble with people placing false bids.  After the week-long auction started last Sunday, bidding immediately exceeded $620,000, but Usher deleted several bids after he discovered they were made in bad faith.  Usher had planned on raising between $450,000 to $500,000, but now he admits that he’s “beyond worried at this point”.

Fewer pursuing tech degrees

Mobile WiMax may not be feasible, says Frost & Sullivan

Grid computing boosts cancer research

It all began with Seti@Home more than nine years ago, when distributed computing started to gain traction and took advantage of thousands of client computers to analyze data and contribute to a results database. Probably the most know distributed computing effort today is Folding@Home and now we have Cels@Home, which is asking Internet users to dedicate computer time to cancer research.

DuPont claims Kevlar XP will stop Magnum bullets dead in their tracks

DuPont has developed its next generation of bullet-resistant Kevlar fiber that’s stronger and lighter than previous versions.  Kevlar XP promises to stop .44 Magnum rounds in the first two to three layers of an eleven layer vest, according to DuPont and independent lab tests.  While that’s impressive, DuPont says it can do this with 10 percent less weight and 15 percent less backface deformation which directly translates into less blunt force trauma to vest wearers.  While 10% less weight may not sound like much, police officers and soldiers are grateful for a lighter vest, especially when they have to wear tens or even hundreds of pounds of extra gear.

John McCain proposes $300 million prize for next-generation car battery

Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, has proposed a $300 million prize for anyone who can build an ultra-efficient car battery.  At a town hall meeting at Fresno State University, McCain said the new battery would reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.  He also proposed giving tax credits to buyers of efficient vehicles.

Firefox 3 market share stalling, but adding to Firefox base

Firefox 3 downloads have topped 18 million earlier today and it appears that Mozilla has picked up market share from Microsoft, but it is hardly the windfall many would have expected. According to Net Applications, Firefox is up about 0.8 points and has the 20% mark in reach.

School vandals caught thanks to YouTube and laptop

North America TV market remains strong, says DisplaySearch

PND-use display shipments to top 60 million units in 2010, says iSuppli

SimCity for Big Boys: Preparing for the Katrina of earthquakes

Feature - Have you ever wondered what could have been, if New Orleans and the federal government had been prepared for a devastating Hurricane such as Katrina? How many lives, structures and businesses could have been saved? Where do you put your money to build up a region’s defense against the next natural disaster? These are the questions scientists from the Mid-America Earthquake Center (MAE) are trying to answer in order to prepare local, regional and federal governments for a destructive earthquake that will hit the Midwest sooner or later.

Transportation Secretary cries over Americans driving fewer miles

High fuel prices seem to be adversely affecting American driving habits, according to a new report by the Federal Highway Administration.  The report says Americans drove 30 billion fewer miles since last November.  This is approximately a 1% decline over the same time period in previous years, but this is significant because total mileage usually rises one to two percent a year.

Boeing’s 787 aircraft gets power for the first time

Boeing has hit a critical milestone on the way to getting its 787 Dreamliner up in the air. The company today said that it has powered on the first 787, preparing the plane for a complex series of tasks and tests that bring electrical power onto the airplane and begin to exercise the use of the electrical systems. The first flight remains on scheduled for later this year.