First product launched by green plastics startup Novomer

Novomer, a new materials company that is pioneering a family of low-cost, high-performance, green plastics, polymers and other chemicals has begun selling its first product: NB-180 is an amorphous, colorless thermoplastic polymer (polypropylene carbonate) which decomposes into environmentally benign products making it an interesting product for applications in brazing and ceramics industries – as well as electronics manufacturing. 

Tesla to build $60,000 “Model S” electric sedan in California

Tesla Motors announced its second electric car, a sedan that is planned to be released as “Model S” in 2010 with an expected price tag of about $60,000. At a press conference held today at the company headquarters in San Carlos, Tesla Chairman Elon Musk, CEO Ze’ev Drori as well as  Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and California Treasurer Bill Lockyer said that the car will be built in California.

Schwarzenegger to help announce new Tesla sedan tomorrow

Large Hadron Collider: Cern in numbers

Global PC shipments hang tough in Q1 08, says iSuppli

Some panel makers remain optimistic that year-end holiday shopping will boost digital photo frame s

Hey! Your plant just stuck its tongue out at me!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if plants could talk? Caring for them would be so much simpler. This pot, we prefer to call it an iPot, makes plant care much easier, at least for those of us who have not the most talent keeping plants alive. For all others, this may be a rather annoying and useless gadget.  

Ice-free North Pole ... maybe

Some scientists are predicting an ice-free North Pole this summer, but closer look at the data shows something less alarming.  A recent article by UK-based The Independent claims enough sea ice will melt in the region to allow ships to move through the area.  In essence, the article says that thicker ice has been melted or blown away by winds and that only thin year-old ice is left.  This thin ice is susceptible to melting and some scientists say there’s a 50/50 chance that the North Pole itself will be ice-free by September.

Bride to be auctions off bridesmaid spot on eBay

AMD expected to grab 40% discrete graphics card market share in Q3 08

No ice at the North Pole this summer

Blu-ray on track to surpass DVD sales in 2012

High-definition video saw substantial growth in 2007, but it will take four more years until consumers will spend more money on Blu-ray discs than on DVDs, the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) concluded in its 2007 Annual Report. In 2007, high-definition video sales accounted for only 1.6% of all video sales.

Prices for LCD monitor panels to fall by 30-45% soon, says DisplaySearch

Best and worst moments of Bill Gates

By now you know that Bill Gates is taking a retirement of sorts and will relinquish his daily duties at Microsoft.  We’ve written a few articles about his accomplishments, but I think it’s interesting to take a look at his best and worst public moments to get a sense of how he’s evolved personally.  Sure, throughout the years, he looks a bit older and has a bit more grey hair, but there’s definitely a positive change in public personality.  In mid to late 1990s, Gates was thought of as this cold, calculating, Darkseid and Brainiac all rolled into one body, but in the past few years he’s improved his image and morphed into the likeable mega philanthropist.  Thanks to the magic of the Internet and YouTube, you can see this evolution in our list of the best and worst public moments of Bill Gates.

Affordable 150 MPG car coming soon

You wouldn’t expect the country of Hungary to be an automotive powerhouse, but it strongly desires to be the green car capital of the world. By 2012 Antro Solo want to produce a solar, human and gas-electric hybrid vehicle that drives more than 150 miles per gallon of gas. The Antro Solo is not only the most fuel efficient vehicle currently thought of, but will also be extremely affordable, costing consumers around $20,000.

ICANN approves biggest expansion to Internet domain name space yet

ICANN today approved a plan that removes virtually all limits from URL extensions, which are currently limited to 21 top level domains (257 including country codes). According to the plan, every extension, even your name, a city or could be registered and free up an enormous range of new Internet addresses.

Do sustainable PCs exist?

Weighing less, consuming less power, made from recycled materials - these are the traits that many sustainable PCs advertise. But deciding upon a sustainable PC that is right for you can ultimately be a difficult decision. We have looked at a sample of three PCs described as sustainable - from Dell, Enano and Everex: Current green PC all boast many similar characteristics, but there are substantial differences in Green Computers and true green computers just aren’t yet available. 

Look mom, I outsourced my homework to India!

Birmingham City University officials say as many as 1000 students worldwide are outsourcing their homework to coders in India.  The students attend or have attended universities and A-School (Britain’s equivalent of the last two years of a US high school) and outsourced homework as simple as a minor coding project to full-blown post-graduate dissertations.  Birmingham officials say students sometimes paid as little as $10 for homework.

WLAN making more inroads in the handset market

Stylish bathroom tech: The environmentally sound faucet

Occasionally, it is interesting to look beyond traditional computer technology and it is especially interesting how much technology innovation is happening in the eco-space. We recently came across this faucet, which we consider the ultimate bathroom toy for geeks. It recharges itself from the kinetic energy of water flow.