Toyota Prius may get solar panels

Toyota is playing with the idea to equip upcoming Prius hybrids with solar panels to improve the energy efficiency of the car.

LED penetration to reach 8% of LCD TV market by 2011, says Displaybank

DRAM bit growth limited in Q3

Scientist warns plasma and LCD televisions could be destroying our environment

Expensive gasoline boosts interest in Segways

NATSO reveals reduced demand for gasoline, blames Wall Street for high fuel prices

Low-income Americans slipping on broadband

WWF slaps U.S. government over lack of energy efficiency progress

Just in time for next week’s G8 summit in Japan, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a new report examining the progress of each of the G8 countries toward addressing climate change, a main focus of this year’s meeting. The ranking lists energy efficiency progress made in each of the G8 nations. There are very few surprises – especially the fact that the U.S. once again trails the pack.

Solar system a bit squashed, not nicely round

Atom shortage may affect low-cost notebook panel shipments in July

Teenager jailed after posting YouTube vid of airborne baby

Study claims Windows usage market share could fall below 90% soon

A new study released by Net Applications indicates that a decreasing percentage of the Internet population is using Windows as their operating system. It appears that Mac OS X could soon be listed in the double digit-range, while Windows could fall below the 90% mark.

Return to the moon: NASA launches website dedicated to next-generation rockets

AMD improves CPU market share – with little impact on Intel

If we believe the public statements of AMD executives, then the company’s market strategy has always been based on maintaining and growing market share at virtually any expense. So far, this game cost AMD more than $4.3 billion, but according to iSuppli, AMD may have reached a point where it may have stabilized its market share and could have a foundation for growth in the future. However, iSuppli’s numbers indicate that AMD is walking on very thin ice.

PDP module shipments increase 10% to 1.39 million units in May, says Displaybank

Transition to 16:9 aspect ratio unstoppable, says DisplaySearch

PS3 expected to remain the driving force behind Blu-ray sales

The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) released its 2008 annual report with a wealth of data revealing the most trends in TV, home video and video gaming segments. The flood of data reveals that video game publishers are closing in on the revenue of stagnating home video sales, Blu-ray looked like the losing HD format in 2006, but was able to reverse the trend thanks to the PS3 in 2007, Microsoft has sold 316,000 now useless HD DVD add-ons for its Xbox 360 console and the average person now spends $310 on movie and game entertainment per year.

Safari, Firefox post market share gains against Internet Explorer

Recent updates and media buzz surrounding Safari and Firefox apparently helped the two browser to gain market share at the expense of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, according to a new survey released by Net Applications. Apple’s and Mozilla’s software have been chipping away share from Microsoft’s browser for some time now and it appears that Microsoft could use a convincing new browser rather sooner than later.

BLU makers to feel pressure to reduce prices in Q3

Worldwide TV chip market expected to be US$1.33 billion in 2008, says DisplaySearch