Thin-film photovoltaic market to reach 26 gigawatts by 2015

Slow Q3 expected for handset chipmakers

Flickr pimps out images to Getty

Financier Pickens pitches world’s largest wind farm

Former oil tycoon Thomas Boone Pickens believes that the gas guzzling U.S. needs a serious oil intervention. To help to end our dependence upon the Saudi oil, today Pickens launched his “Pickens Plan” that envisions the U.S. to become “the Saudi Arabia of wind power”.

Macrovision-funded survey shows rampant DVD pirating

Boeing raises jet delivery forecast

General Motors constructing the world’s largest solar panel system

General Motors wants solar panel bragging rights and is installing millions of square feet of photovoltaic panels at its Zaragoza Spain car factory.  The company is rolling in 85000 panels covering approximately two million square feet.  In a press conference this week, GM said the panels will produce 12 megawatts of electricity which is enough to power 4600 households or one-third of the factory.

Supercar designer releases green auto design

Gordon Murray, known as designer of Brabham Formula 1 racers in the 1970s and 80s as well as the designer of the McLaren F1 and Mercedes SLR McLaren supercars, is not really the guy from whom you would expect a green car. But that is exactly what Murray has developed over the past years: The designer aims to change the face of auto production and the way the auto affects the environment.

LCD panel makers cutting small- to medium-size output amid weakening demand

On the Campaign Trail: Green energy beginning to evoke the feelings of Americans

Opinion - The discussion and debate over the state of our nation’s energy independence is in full swing. The Republicans are taking an offensive approach and attacking the concepts that are involved in Obama’s energy plan. Unfortunately, John McCain isn’t doing such a great job at pronouncing his own energy plan’s name. With the concept of offshore drilling becoming more popular and more acceptable among the general public, it still has the candidates divided.

Stretching the limits of lithography: MIT creates 25 nm structures

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have found a way to develop 25 nm chip structures with a common lithography process, indicating that chip manufacturers will be able to push out the adoption of an expensive Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography manufacturing process by another chip generation. 

Biofuels account for a 75% rise in the cost of food - report

It is quite apparent that the biofuel manufacturers is taking a beating these days with accusations that the industry is causing food prices to jump. Now the Guardian cites a leaked a World Bank report claiming that biofuels have caused the cost of food to rise by about 75% - which is significantly higher than the single-digit numbers we have heard so far.

Russian blogger sentenced for calling police “scum”

First-tier notebook makers expect sequential shipments boost of 15-20% in Q3

Lackluster small- to medium-size panel demand affects June revenues for makers

DRAM module makers expect demand to recover

Georgia Tech student advertises for kissing lessons on Craigslist

Internet tops 172 million websites

Teenagers attacked after mocking town on YouTube

Pictures of 2010 Toyota Prius posted