Prediction: Ncomputing is the next Google

Once in a while we come across a company whose idea and products just make sense. Ncomputing is such a company and it may take some time until you will hear more about its products, but we do believe that the firm has what it takes to popularize cloud computing for the masses and become Intel’s biggest threat yet. We are talking about the ability to split one PC into possibly dozens of sub 5-watt computers with a cost of less than $100 each. To us, it is the first convincing cloud computing idea that has the potential to reach more users than any other computing product before. 

Cuil: When your best feature becomes your worst enemy

First Look - Product announcements are always tricky in a the way how you describe a products features in a flashy enough way to attract attention, but remain sufficiently careful to not overstate its features and benefits. Even a fantastic new product can easily be trashed in today’s Internet world if you go overboard: That may be the case with Cuil, an interesting new try to come up with a new type of search engine, which, according to its developers, carries the world’s largest search index. We have 12 hours of Cuil usage behind us to see what the engine offers. The result (surprise, surprise): Bigger isn’t necessarily better.  

Virgin Galactic blasts off with White Knight Two rollout

Virgin Galactic’s founder and billionaire playboy Sir Richard Branson has unveiled its White Knight Two ship that will help power people into space.  The four-engine, all carbon-composite plane, has a wingspan of 140-feet and is the brainchild of legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan.  Branson hopes the nearly finished craft will convince people to pony up $200,000 for a once in a lifetime trip into sub-orbital space some 62 miles above Earth.

Ebay life seller still has his life

44-year-old Ian Usher tried to sell his life on eBay, but things didn’t exactly turn out like he hoped.  The Perth resident wanted to sell his belongings, job and even friends to the highest bidder.  He hoped to use the money earned to embark on a “100 Goals in 100 Days” journey, but now the auction winner, along with five of the other highest bidders, have refused to pay the amount.

Gag, cough, wheeze - Beijing mulling Olympic-sized pollution control measures

With the Olympics only 11 days away from the August 8th start date, Beijing is still in the grips of choking, visibility-obscuring smog.  In fact, just one week after curtailing traffic and factory output, the smog in the city is the worst in more than a month.  Now, officials are thinking about ordering 90% of all private automobiles off the road and even more factory closures.

China touts more Internet surfers than USA

Qantas 747 makes emergency landing after door blows out

A Qantas jumbo jet made an emergency landing after a faulty door exploded open during flight.  Qantas Flight 30 from Hong Kong to Melbourne had to quickly descend 20000 feet and eventually landed in Manila.  All 346 passengers and 19 crew on the Boeing 747 aircraft were not hurt.

TGDaily founder delivers baby

TGDaily founder, and editor in chief, Wolfgang Gruener, didn't exactly deliver his third son in the early hours of this morning, but he was very supportive, and was hoping for a Digg with the headline. Mother, and child are doing well. The staff at TGDaily would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Gruener family and appreciate that the boss won't be around much today so, they'll probably slip out the back door early today. To celebrate the birth, of course, in their own unique way, eating chocolate, or sleeping, or drinking something greenish blue with their friends.

Air Force missile launch crew asleep at the switch

Company offers cold hard cash for old iPhones

With the new 3G iPhone out, many owners of the first generation models are looking to trade in their clunkers for a shiny new model and Miami-based is helping people do just that.  The company is offering 150 to 350 dollars for old iPhones and owners can either send them in or drop them off at several locations nationwide.  Often the money paid out can fully pay for a new iPhone (except for the service plan) with some extra cash to spare for all the accessories you’ll undoubtedly have to buy.

Craigslist must reveal Oscar ticket seller’s identity

Semiconductor outsourcing services to grow 11% in 2008, says Gartner

Altera: Moore's Law not going away

Major DRAM makers pessimistic about Q3 outlook

Futuristic concept cars can also be eco-friendly

The Royal College of Art (RCA) in England has come up with several concept car designs that not only look great, but are also eco-friendly.  One car is made of nothing more than aerodynamic glass, while another resembled a split chassis red rocket.

Social networking pictures come back to haunt drunk drivers

Wife’s tearful YouTube rant earns her a divorce and eviction

Sustainable Living: Ecobay Development

The concept of developing an entire city built around the concepts of efficiency and design that is extremely future forward-thinking is exciting. That is why Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects were excited when they won first place in a competition to create a new sustainable city that would be located on the Paljassaare Peninsula in Estonia.

Mazda to unveil Kazamai Crossover Vehicle

Recently, Mazda announced that it will be unveiling its crossover vehicle the Kazamai at the Moscow International Motor Show this August. Next month they plan to reveal the sporty vehicle’s environmental performance specifics, but they are currently boasting that the car will “deliver exciting driving dynamics, frugal fuel consumption and greatly reduced CO2 emissions.”

U.S. will see electric Minis in 2009