Mobile handset shipments still on course for 1.3 billion shipments in 2008

Analog 7" LCD panel prices drop below production costs

Blu-ray movie discs may outsell DVDs in 2011, Sony believes

Cuil beats Google … in one key metric

Cuil launched with a bang this week, but perhaps not quite the bang its creators had hoped for. While Cuil claims to host the largest search index of all search engines currently available, the service does not seem to be mature enough to be able to compete with established search engines. However, there was one key metric that appears to be already working for Cuil.

Researchers confirm water on Mars

NASA on Thursday said that its Phoenix Mars Lander has identified water, a requirement for life as we know it, in a soil sample. Heating of samples and resulting vapor led scientists to conclude that it has touched Martian water for the first time. 

Scientists find key to lock up solar power

If you have ever looked into installing solar panels on the roof of your home, then you may have found that the technology can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, the power gain is very limited at this time and power is only produced during daylight hours. But, it seems, science is working on each of those shortcomings and we are hearing about possible new solutions, including much more efficient solar cells almost on a weekly basis. In the most recent development, MIT scientist claim they have now found a way to capture solar power, convert it and store it so it can be used during night times. 

R.I.P Usenet: 1980-2008

Colossal carbon nanotubes could replace cotton fibers for high-tech clothing

Anyone who has played a first person shooter is familiar with sci-fi suits that provide a gamer’s character super-human abilities in one way or another. At least as far as light body armor is concerned, such suits could become reality soon as scientists have developed a new carbon nanotube-based material that is much stronger than traditional cotton fibers.

There’s a Van Gogh under that Van Gogh!

European scientists have discovered a hidden painting behind Vincent Van Gogh’s 1887 Patch of Grass painting. Using synchrotron radiation induced X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, a portrait of a mystery woman appeared.

Power your PC with photovoltaic window panes

Firefox market share exceeds 20%, Internet Explorer dips below 70%

It has been six weeks since Firefox 3 has been released and if we believe market share numbers provided by an ongoing survey of NetApplications, then it appears that Mozilla has had a successful launch with market share gains, especially at the expense of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

New precast concrete removes carbon dioxide from the air

Carbon Sense Solutions, a group of Canadian environmental consultants, might have just stumbled upon a carbon storage method that could aid in the reduction of global carbon emissions by as much as 1% each year. Their new method has been deemed Carbon Accelerated Concrete Curing, and it works by accelerating the curing process and storing carbon dioxide simultaneously. The method would apply only to precast concrete but could have a huge environmental impact globally.

Intel to lose its lead in chip manufacturing tech in 2009, sort of

Intel is proud of its dominant position in semiconductor in production technology and especially the fact that, for as long as we can remember, has led the industry in terms of the smallest chip structures. Its 45 nm technology is still at least one year ahead of AMD. But it appears that Intel will have to give up that lead next year, at least for a few months, when GPUs will make their transition to 40 nm.

Kiss the ground goodbye – Martin Jetpack takes flight

It’s up up and away for Glenn Martin as he showed off his experimental jetpack at the annual EAA AirVenture festival in Oshkosh Wisconsin.  The “Martin Jetpack” can fly for several minutes and can cruise at up to 60 miles-per-hour.  For the truly adventurous, the soon to be commercialized contraption can soar to 8000 feet, however Martin hasn’t actually tested it more than a few feet off the ground.  Martin hopes to sell the jetpack for $100,000 a pop.

HP, Intel and Yahoo build a cloud computing playground

Whether you like it or not, cloud computing is shaping up more and more to become one of the key IT trends of the next decade. Today, cloud computing consists of too many unknown variables and most cloud services available could be considered transitional services at best. HP, Intel and Yahoo are now taking a lead role in this trend and are building a huge cloud computing playground for researchers in the hope that convincing applications will be developed and open questions will be answered.

Grandma can text faster than you can

Think all 100-year-olds know nothing of current technology trends and how to use them? Think again – an annual survey of 100 centenarians shows quite a few of them could probably give you a run for the money if you were to match your texting speed against theirs.

Smart goes electric

Smart cars have been criticized for not quite being as fuel efficient as their shopping cart size might suggest, but that could change with the Smart ed, an all-electric car that is scheduled to become available in 2010.

$100 notebook is at least three years away, says Gartner

China tops global Internet user-base at end of June 2008

China mobile handset user base grows to 600.76 million in June