Nokia and Microsoft in alliance to make Zune phone?

Speculations about Microsoft’s iPhone beater are about as old as the iPhone itself. Rumors that both Microsoft and Nokia are worried about Apple’s advances aren’t dying down and if we believe the latest wave of speculations then both companies could be working together to prevent Apple from repeating even a fraction of the success the company had with the iPod. Microsoft's effort to integrate Zune Marketplace content with Windows Mobile and Nokia handsets is seen as part of this effort.

Mozilla Labs and Aurora: Envisioning a Web 3.0 browser

Mozilla, developer of the Firefox web browser, is asking people from around the world to participate in the creation of what could become a next-generation browser. The first ideas posted on the website include AdaptivePath’s Aurora idea, which is - to our knowledge - the first concept to describe Web 3.0 capability in a web browser.

Netbooks and handsets to drive up PPT sales in Q3

Nissan unveils hybrid vehicle, promises all-electric car by 2010

Tokyo (Japan) - Nissan plans to introduce lithium-ion battery-powered vehicles within the next two years. One of these cars will be an all-electric model, while the other one will be introduced as a high-performance rear-wheel drive car. Nissan has become the third Japanese manufacturer to announce hybrid and/or electric cars. Next to Toyota/Lexus and Honda, the company has been offering the Altima Hybrid sedan for some time; this model however uses Toyota’s synergy drive system.

Larrabee, CUDA and the quest for the free lunch

Opinion – Intel unveiled some key details about its upcoming Larrabee accelerator/discrete graphics architecture earlier this week, sparking speculation how this new technology will stack up to what is already out there in the market. We had some time to digest the information and talk to developers - and it appears to be clear that there is more to Larrabee than what meets the eye. For example, we are convinced that Larrabee is much more than a graphics card and will debut as a graphics card just for one particular reason. While consumers may be interested in the graphics performance, developers are more interested in standard versus peak performance and how much performance will be provided in exchange for how much coding effort: If Larrabee can deliver what Intel claims it can do, and if Intel can convince developers to work with this new architecture, then general computing could see its most significant performance jumps yet.

American Airlines emergency steals Airbus’ thunder at LAX

It was supposed to be a textbook landing to show off the new Airbus A380 flown by Emirates Air, but an American Airlines jet stole the spotlight.  At 8:40 AM, an American Airlines Boeing 757 took off from Los Angeles to Hawaii, but returned after someone on the plane smelled smoke.  After landing, inflatable chutes were deployed and startled passengers scrambled to the exits … all while the Airbus landed in the background.

$100 laptop at least three years away, Gartner says

The $100 laptop was, well, not really a $100 laptop. In fact, the first OLPC notebook sells for close to $200 and clearly broke its initial promise. The second generation of the notebook, called XO-2, is expected to hit the market in 2010 for about $75, but market research firm Gartner doubts that it will be possible to break the $100 barrier.

Delta to offer Wi-Fi Internet on all 330 planes in North America

AirCell just scored a major coup, delivering Internet capability the U.S. airline market. Despite the current dramatic financial situation of airlines, today's announcement with Delta Airlines dwarfs any in-flight Wi-Fi announcements of the past.

Scientists: Martian soil may be harsh to life

Semiconductor market starting to look interesting, says Future Horizons

Boeing gets FAA ok for fuel-saving airplane brakes

People are connected to anybody on the planet through 6.6 acquaintances

Nvidia interview – “E3 was a disaster … Nvision is the new E3”

This week should be very exciting for PC gamers as Intel is publishing its Larrabee paper, detailing the upcoming x86-compatible cGPU, AMD is hosting its annual CTO Summit in Reykjavik (Iceland), while Nvidia is releasing its PhysX content pack.

SF Mayor goes medieval on trash - Recycle or face $1000 fine

Newly married Gavin Newsom is just back from his honeymoon and is wasting no time in cleaning up the city.  The mayor is proposing tough, very tough, new recycling measures that require residents to properly place trash in the appropriate bins.  Violators would be fined up to $1000 and have their trash service suspended.  Mayor Newsom has been on a trash crusade and recently announced a 19% drop in litter going to the landfill.  He hopes the new measure can reduce waste another 50% in five years.

JetBlue to start charging for pillows and blankets

Femtocells still face a number of hurdles in market

Global handset shipments surge 15% in Q2

Exploratorium broadcasts total solar eclipse from China

Firefox 3 chipping away Safari market share, summer browsing patterns reverse IE decline

Two days ago, we posted an article on the trend that Firefox, on a daily basis, has been exceeding a market share of 20% more often than ever before in July. Net Applications today published the July result earlier today, which does not show quite so dramatic numbers.  Apparently, IE7 reversed its decline into a marginal sequential growth most likely due to a change in audience mix during the summer months, while Firefox grows further on the heels of the recent Firefox 3 release, chipping away market share from Safari.

Not everyone ready to buddy up to Blu-ray

The forces behind Blu-ray disc may have won the battle against rival HD-DVD earlier this year, but they still have yet to win the war for the hearts, and dollars, of consumers. This seems to be the findings on a new survey from research firm ABI Research.