More than a third of new PC buyers downgrade Vista to XP, survey says

According to Microsoft, Windows Vista is on a path of success and the operating system is flying off OEM and retail shelves. However, a new survey questions how many of those actual Vista licenses are actually in use, as a new survey claims that a substantial portion of PC buyers chooses to downgrade to Windows XP. 

Notebooks with 12" to 14" 16:9 aspect ratio panels will not mature until Q2 2009

Netbook popularity may be boon for Qualcomm

Captain Kirk rakes in real dough from virtual autographs

William Shatner, known to millions of Star Trek fans as Captain Kirk, is making some serious cash from virtual video autographs through his new business  Shatner, along with other celebrities like Danica Patrick, Carmen Electra and even Buzz Aldrin, star on the website featuring expensive fan memorabilia authenticated with a short video message.  While it may seem hokey to some, the demand is hot and Shatner recently sold more than 200 autographs in a single sitting.

Comcast’s blazing fast Internet is half the speed of DSL

Comcast has begun to quietly, but very aggressively pitch an “economy tier” Internet service to its customers – a service that is generally “not recommended”, but squarely aimed at dial-up users and perhaps one or the other DSL Internet users. As all Comcast residential Internet services, this entry-level service also comes with the firm’s mysterious bandwidth cap.

CDMA still has life left

The battle for championship of telecommunications standards tied into wireless transmission of cellular data isn't quite over yet, according to a fresh research report. It reveals CDMA, through EVDO, continues to hold its own against newer, high speed technologies. ABI declared "CDMA is not dead yet," basing this on findings that EVDO Rev A subscribers "ramped up more than eightfold between Q2 2007 and Q2 2008."

LCD panel demand warming up - prices expected to stabilize next month

High tech crooks plant camera in Wal-Mart store

Silverado pickup – with a million miles – for sale on eBay

Cadillac prices Escalade Hybrid at $71,685

U.S. scientists claim world record in solar cell efficiency

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DoE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) claim to have set a new world record in solar cell efficiency: A new photovoltaic device can convert 40.8% of the light it is exposed to into electricity – which is more than twice as much as average solar cells can achieve today.

North America TV shipments increased 28% in Q2

DRAM pricing downhill through August, says Nanya

Self-assembling polymer arrays the secret of next-generation hard drives?

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies discovered a new patterning technology that could lead to a new generation of hard drives that are not only easier to manufacture but also feature a storage density that cannot be achieved with traditional media and processes today. 

DRAM prices to stabilize after the Olympics

The questionable benefit of natural gas vehicles

Chicago (IL) - T. Boone Pickens did not look not so green after the LA Times busted him for funding California’s Prop 10. Social networking goes green

There are countless websites that enable people around the world to jump online and calculate the negative impact in which they are affecting the environment and what they can do as an individual to reduce their footprint. is different: The site offers its users a social networking platform that combines online networking and online gaming to deliver a competition that works to benefit the environment and reduce each individual’s carbon footprint. Rather than pointing its finger and focusing on the bad things you do, the site focuses on the positives and what you could do to improve.

GM engineer says rechargeable car is on schedule

(Almost) Unbreakable: Future gadgets with carbon springs

Researchers from Clemson University have discovered a way to make surfaces much more durable and protect them from damage in the case of severe impacts: The path to virtually unbreakable surfaces may lead across shock absorbing carbon springs. First tests delivered evidence that such springs could withstand and fully recover from enormous forces.

32" PDP prices drop to unprofitable levels