Acer expected to ship two million netbooks in Q3

New tech increases yields and performance of organic circuits

Researchers from the Center for Neutron Research at National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), and Seoul National University (SNU), have cooperatively developed a way to tweak the a crucial design aspect for printed organic-based semiconductor circuits. The redesign not only makes them easier to manufacture, but also increases yield and will eventually lead to better performing organic circuits (relative to silicon).

Honda reveals its Prius fighter: 2010 Insight

Craigslist blotter – robberies, prostitution, oh my!

Craigslist has always extolled a “damn the torpedos” mantra when it comes to ad postings, but things at the world's most popular online classifieds site may be getting out of hand.  A simple scan of Google News shows dozens of stories of Craigslist-related robberies, prostitution stings and other shenanigans in recent days.  Sure, there’s always one or two Craigslist robbery stories every day, but in the past few weeks things seem to have exploded for no apparent reason.

10 tools for the tech savvy student

Feature – School is in full swing again and if you haven’t done so already, it is about time to review your tech tools. We’ve dug a bit deeper, skipped those laptops, common Google tools such as Google Scholar/Books and USB sticks to find what we believe are 10 essential on- and offline tools for today’s tech savvy student: As you are heading back for class, check our list of applications to say organized and productive.

Scientist preps full 3D surface map of the solar system

A research scientist at the Planetary Science Institute (PSI) named Robert Gaskell is assembling the first pieces of what will eventually become a full 3D surface map of the entire solar system. He's pulling data together from multi-angle photographic, lidar, radar and other geometric data sources, all captured from real space flights. The data is processed through custom software he has developed over the last 25 years called stereo photo clinometry. The result is extremely accurate 3D surface data - and a growing database of planetary bodies which have been so mapped.

iRobot co-founder envisions a future with robots and without you

Opinion - iRobot co-founder Rodney Brooks announced he is leaving his position as CTO to form a new robotics company. While the new company's focus and direction will not compete with iRobot's products, they will be competing with you. Brooks wants to change the way robots are used in today's labor markets. That means his robots will be in, and you will be out.

3D texture graphics in a flash

Researchers at the University of Manchester and Dolby Canada have developed a way to create "accurate enough" 3D texture models using only a high resolution flash camera and special software. The result is a very fast and inexpensive way to produce 3D surface texture maps which are accurate enough to "fool the eye" most of the time.

Artifical Intelligence key to teach helicopter robots to fly

The best pilot for a helicopter and potentially operate other systems such as cars and even airplanes may not be humans, but software. Stanford researchers said they have developed a system that can teach software how to fly a model helicopter through difficult stunts.

Troubled American Airlines jet lands safely at LAX

Helicopters, news vans and curious onlookers.  It’s not the latest Los Angeles car chase, but the landing of a troubled American Airlines passenger jet at the Los Angeles International Airport.  The pilot of the Boeing 737-800 reported trouble with the left main landing gear and tires shortly after takeoff.  After approximately 40 minutes of troubleshooting, flight 1586 safely landed with fleets of red and fluorescent green fire trucks lining the runway.

Internet Explorer extends decline, Firefox climbs

The browsing audience mix should continue to a normal pattern with the end of summer. But at least as far as August is concerned, there has been no change in recent market share trends. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) continues to decline and Firefox inches closer to the 20% mark, despite visible gains for IE8. 

Ultra-pure semiconductor to continue Moore’s Law (almost) indefinitely

Electron mobility researchers at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) have developed a high vacuum semiconductor crystal generation process which produces 5x more purity than traditional epitaxy systems. The new silicon promises a significant furthering of research into the manufacturing of semiconductor-based single-electron pumps as well as an investigation into quantum Hall resistance metrology, which could ultimately lead to a fundamental redefinition of the electrical current as a function of frequency and electron charge.

Spy video of Chevy Volt surfaces

Spy pictures and a video of what appears to be one of the most anticipated American cars in decades have been published on the Internet. As far as we can tell from the video, it is a handsome compact car that can keep all the promises GM has made – at least as far as it looks are concerned.  

Google zooms past 60% market share

Comscore as well as Nielsen Netratings estimated Google’s U.S. search engine market at more than 60% in July. While the market research firms have come up with substantially different numbers for their July report, both agree that Google now runs more than three times the numbers of searches of its closest rival and more than twice the searches of Yahoo and Microsoft combined.  

Court allows LHC scientists to proceed, first particles observed

A request for an injunction against the launch of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN has been denied by the European Court of Human Rights. A private initiative formed by scientists claims that the sheer energy delivered by the LHC could produce uncontrollable new particles as well as micro black holes that could lead to the destruction of Earth.

Qantas preparing star-studded A380 demo flight

Qantas Airways is planning to treat movie stars and politicians to a demonstration Airbus A380 flight in October.  The airline has filed a special Department of Transportation request to takeoff from Los Angeles International Airport and then land back at the same airport after a “several hour” flight.

YouTube adds closed captioning

Tired of watching your YouTube videos and not understanding what the heck the people are saying?  Well now YouTube has added closed captioning and is allowing video uploaders to add captions in more than a hundred languages.  The captions also have a nice benefit of allowing YouTube to potentially better embed ads into the videos.

Toyota to lease Highlander fuel cell hybrid vehicles

Toyota today said that it will begin leasing a new fleet first fuel cell hybrid vehicle model, the FCHV-adv, to Japan's Ministry of the Environment beginning on September 1. The government is paying a lofty price for the privilege of driving these cars and there is no announcement when these cars will be available for the public. Sticking with your Prius, or a Highlander hybrid, may be a better idea than waiting for a Highlander fuel-cell hybrid vehicle.

Hollywood movie studios not supporting China-developed CBHD, say Taiwan optical disc makers

LCD panel makers gear up thin-film solar deployment