Darwin wins again – man electrocuted while stealing power line

City manager fired for surfing Pamela Anderson websites

Move over Prius, upcoming gasoline car gets 100 mpg

A British auto maker thinks gasoline is here to stay and has introduced a carbon-fibre body car that gets up to 100 miles per gallon.  Axon Automotive’s diminutive car has a very light 26 kilogram engine that still manages to achieve a top speed of 85 miles per hour.  The interior of the car is also environmentally friendly with the seat covers and upholstery made from recycled pin-stripe suits and jeans.

IBM shines light on 22 nm chip manufacturing

IBM announced yesterday a new toolset solution capable of creating chip features at the 22nm process node due out in 2011.  Today's 45nm chips use a type of lithography which is not compatible with the 22 nm process node and that won't scale to such small levels.  IBM's solution has turned away from strict optics into complex mathematics and promises to address the chip making needs of 2011 and beyond.

Latest DisplaySearch data show LCD panel prices stabilizing

IBM looks at mathematical techniques to help overcome lithography obstacles at 22 nm

Semiconductor market becoming less forgiving, says iSuppli

The secret ingredient for ultra-capacitors: Flowers

Hao Zhang, of the Research Institute of Chemical Defence in Beijing, has discovered an interesting mix which effectively doubles the energy storage ability of ultra-capacitors.  He's constructed tiny little "flowers" of manganese oxide (MnO) and "grass" out of carbon nanotubes all atop a field of tantium metal foil, literal creating vast (nearly blinding) nanoscopic meadows which help overcome one of the limiting factors in using MnO in ultra-capacitors; namely their high resistance to receiving a charge.  His discovery has created an ultra-capacitor with double the energy storage and ten times the charging performance of carbon based solutions, making it the front-runner for continued research.

Large-size LCD panel shipments grow 7.8% in August, WitsView says

Thin-film capacity to hit 29 GWp by 2015, says NanoMarkets

Arctic sea ice at second lowest level in recorded history

Porn passed over as Web users become social

Report: Gaming is good for the kids

Venturi and Michelin to produce new electric car

Venturi, a Monaco-based sports car manufacturer said it partnered with French tire company Michelin to introduce a next-generation electric super vehicle at the upcoming Paris Auto Show in October 2, 2008. The company declined to share any information prior to the unveiling of the vehicle, but stated that the vehicle is equipped with “unprecedented architecture, dynamic qualities and overall technological excellence

Social networking for the Dead

Tributes.com, a new social networking website founded by Jeff Taylor, who created Monster.com and Eons. com,  has plans to serve as a means for individuals who want to create a virtual memorial for friends, family, and the famous that have passed on. The site is set to go live on September 23, 2008 and will deliver features similar to classmates.com to the deceased.

Space trucker fleet needed to gather up rogue space debris

Pages 24 and 25 of the September 12, 2008 issue of New Scientist magazine have an article describing in detail the dangers in near-Earth space from more than 10,000 pieces of debris orbiting right now.  The volume of space junk continues to grow and is causing more and more hazards to flight plans.  The New Scientist article suggests a type of "Space Traffic Control" division is needed to monitor all of the debris, then making the data available through a central system.  But the editors at TG Daily believe there's a more appropriate question that needs to be asked:  Is it time to create an International Space Trucker fleet designed to safely capture and dispose of all this space junk?

PC makers fight the netbook dilemma

Take away the marketing hype about innovation, and the computer business looks strikingly staid. For decades, customers have had two flavors to choose from: desktop PCs and laptop PCs. That menu is now set for a major revamp. Read the complete story here.

Softening PC demand threatens chip sector

Moore's Law slows, TSV next battlefield

Cellular modem sales to top $22 billion by 2013, says ABI Research