YouTube adds closed captioning

Tired of watching your YouTube videos and not understanding what the heck the people are saying?  Well now YouTube has added closed captioning and is allowing video uploaders to add captions in more than a hundred languages.  The captions also have a nice benefit of allowing YouTube to potentially better embed ads into the videos.

Toyota to lease Highlander fuel cell hybrid vehicles

Toyota today said that it will begin leasing a new fleet first fuel cell hybrid vehicle model, the FCHV-adv, to Japan's Ministry of the Environment beginning on September 1. The government is paying a lofty price for the privilege of driving these cars and there is no announcement when these cars will be available for the public. Sticking with your Prius, or a Highlander hybrid, may be a better idea than waiting for a Highlander fuel-cell hybrid vehicle.

Hollywood movie studios not supporting China-developed CBHD, say Taiwan optical disc makers

LCD panel makers gear up thin-film solar deployment

Scientists expect new record low of Arctic ice coverage

Sea-ice coverage levels in the Arctic are approaching the record low of September 2007. Since the melting season has not reached its end yet, scientists of the European Space Agency are expecting to see a record low in 2008 and two passages being completely ice free by mid-September.

20 Cleantech Industry Movers and Shakers

Feature - There is no single day anymore on which you do not hear about green technologies, new efforts to reduce carbon footprints, enable more environmentally friendly energy and get rid of toxic materials. We went through our records and compiled a list of greentech companies worth watching. From biofuels to solar, from automotive to waste management and from nanotech to energy management.  

New fuel cell system 'generates electricity with only water, air'

Macroeconomic pressures a boon for consumer electronics

XGA resolution to become mainstream for front projectors in 2009, says Coretronic

Lite-On still optimistic about LED penetration in notebooks

Mythbusters’ stars meet and greet fans at NVISION

The stars of the hit Discovery Channel show Mythbusters chatted it up with NVISION attendees today during a meet and greet session.  The serious dark beret wearing Jamie Hyneman and the happy-go-lucky Adam Savage autographed papers and posed for pictures with several dozen people who had waited up to an hour in line.  One fan was so excited and introduced all her children to the stars and exclaimed, “We all think you’re gods!”  To which Hyneman replied, “I’m sorry.”

Computer viruses make it to orbit

PC related IC design houses turn conservative over Q3 outlook

Futuremark designs spectacular 3D interface for Audi

It was only a matter of time. The automotive industry is just as impressed by 3D advancements as we are and has hiring companies that we all know and like - to change the way how we drive. One of the shining examples is a 3D interface from the latest Nissan GT-R, which was designed by the Gran Turismo designers. But what Futuremark did for Audi is simply astounding.

Sensors take growth baton in the MEMS market

Scientists say hydrogen could be “easily” produced from water and sunlight

Hydrogen shapes up to become one of the most important fuels for the future, but scientists need to overcome substantial hurdles to enable an efficient production of hydrogen. We increasingly hear about ideas that suggest that future engines in fact may be able to run on water, breaking down water into oxygen and hydrogen right where it is needed. This process requires significant input energy, which, according to scientist could be provided by sunlight. 

Nvidia GPUs approach 1.5 PFlops in Folding@Home project

Nvidia GPUs have become the leading processing platform within Folding@Home and continue to grow quickly: GeForce Processors are likely to become the first technology to break the 1.5 PFlops barrier.

Thin-film solar cell makers worry capacity may not match orders

NASA investigates failed rocket launch

iPod rumors take off, again

Digg’s Kevin Rose receives the honor for jumpstarting this year’s iPod update rumors with a picture and rather vague and strange information from his sources what this new update may bring. According to Rose, Apple will shelve the current iPod Nano design, cut prices and add features. Also, Mac OS X might finally see Blu-ray support. But Rose could have missed the most important update of all: An iTunes all-you-can-eat subscription service.