Craigslist decoys help armored car robber make his getaway

No this isn’t a movie script, but it sure reads like one.  On Tuesday September 30, an armored car robber used Craigslist and an inner tube to make his getaway.  The man pepper sprayed an armored car guard as he was making a drop at the Monroe Washington Bank of America.  He took a “large sum of money”, according to police, and floated down the river on an inner tube.  So where does Craigslist come into play here?  Keep reading …

Switching from higher to lower energy light bulbs may increase Mercury emissions

Yale University researchers have discovered that in many places around the globe, switching from high energy incadescent light bulbs to energy saving varieties (such as Compact Fluorescent Lighting, or CFL) actually increases the amount of Mercury released into the atmosphere. The report has to do with a number of factors, including the type of power generation used by the region. It's turning out that the fight against global warming is not the same for everybody.

Shift to 16:9 models to top 11% of LCD monitor market in Q4 08

LCD panel demand rising, but not enough to cheer up makers

U.S. poll finds most people unaware of nanotechnology and synbio

In what's being heralded a "groundbreaking poll," statistics experts have put together a survey where the questions are about small things. #1 - Do you know about nanotechnology? #2 - Do you know about synbio? In response to #1 nearly half of the U.S. adults polled knew nothing about nanotechnology. And 9 out of 10 knew nothing about synbio. While both of these are major technology initiatives often published on web sites, newspapers and TV shows, it appears that general public awareness is still very low.

OS X takes 8.2% share of the OS market – Net Applications

Apple continues to successfully take over client operating system market share from Microsoft, at least if we believe the latest survey data released by Net Applications. Based on the data retrieved from the visitors to 40,000 websites, Apple is now estimated to hold more than 8% of the OS market, while Windows suffered a slight decline. Although Windows Vista is increasing its market share as more XP users upgrade to the newer software, Net Applications suggests that its gains are offset by the overall decrease of Windows’ market share.

Sony shows off transparent, bendable OLED displays

Researchers from Sony and the Max Planck Institute have demonstrated a flexible display capable of holding color images. While simplistic in form, the proof of concept demo brings prmises fo the first time images shown in Minority Report. In fact, the press release issued by Sony says, "Rigid television screens, bulky laptops and still image posters are to be a thing of the past..." Is the world ready for a box of cereal whose cartoon characters sing and dance for you at the table?

IE and Firefox surrender market share in September

Both Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla’s Firefox browsers lost market share during September, a new report from Net Applications indicates. The combined drop is greater than the gain posted by Google’s Chrome web browser that was released on September 2.

T3 Motion updates its police trike, electric arc of death coming soon

Police and security departments are being hit hard by high gasoline prices, but an electric trike from T3 Motion promises to solve that problem.  The stand-up people mover zips around at up to 25 MPH and can hold up to 450 lbs (rider + gear).  We first covered Costa Mesa, California-based T3 Motion last year and the company has since improved the design.  The shell is made of a new plastic and you can add a detachable ballistic shield to the front of the trike.  “I’m not sure of the bullet resistance rating, but it can take some serious projectiles,” Jeff Simpson, T3 Motion’s marketing manager, told us at the Alternative Car Expo in Santa Monica.

Fred Flintstone’s dream car

A father and son team from Oregon, Charley and Chuck Greenwood, believe they have reduced a car to what is absolutely necessary to get around town and ended up with the HumanCar. But perhaps this idea may be going just a bit too far.

Santa Monica inventor decries “boring” electric vehicles, makes his own

Electric cars are usually pretty boring vehicles, but a Santa Monica inventor is trying to change all that with his Lola-EV custom car.  At first glance, the car looks sporty, almost Tesla-ish, but if you want to drive this thing, you have to build it.  The car is sold as a kit and you have to supply your own batteries, but what you get in the end is a pretty nice machine that can go 75 MPH for 100 miles on a single charge.

VIDEO – Zero Motorcycles’ all-electric motorcycle rocks the trails without making a mess

How would you like to ride a motorcycle in your backyard without pissing off your neighbors?  That’s exactly what a new electric motorcycle from Zero Motorcycles claims to do as it combines the power of a dirt bike with quiet power from lithium-ion manganese batteries.  The bike is also much lighter than regular motorcycles making it great for beginners and those who don’t want to literally tear up the trails.

Google search as it was in 2001

Greenhouse gas scrubbers almost ready for worldwide production

It's like something out of The Arrival staring Charlie Sheen, only this one happens to be good for the environment. Researchers at the University of Calgary (pronounced "Cal Gary") have developed a CO2 greenhouse gas scrubber that's nearly ready for global production. The massive towers draw in regular atmospheric air, which includes the reported growing concentrations of CO2. After safely removing the carbon content, it then release pure oxygen back into the environment. So, is this the answer?

Diesel fuel thinner for cars increases MPG efficiency by 19%

Researchers at Temple University have created a $200 device which makes diesel engines look far more attractive. It is a fuel thinner which creates smaller droplets: When injected into a diesel engine they burn more efficiency. Studies show fuel economy increasing by 19% in regular automobiles while, at the same time, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. A Mercedes-Benz 300D sedan saw a 19% increase in highway driving, from 32 mpg to 38 mpg. A 15% increase was seen in city driving. But, is another diesel additive really what we need?

Alternative Car Expo – The Electrorides All-Electric Mini Cooper

Want an all-electric car that will make the girls shout, “oh it’s so cute”? At the Alternative Car Expo in Santa Monica over the weekend, we spotted this very blue Mini Cooper that has been converted by Electrorides Inc out of Laguna Niguel California. The all-electric car can travel approximately 120 miles on a single charge and can reach 85 miles-per-hour. And this thing isn’t a slouch in the power department because it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 9 seconds.

Hello Kitty overload at Hot Import Nights

 Just how much Hello Kitty can you put on a car?  Well from a 2004 Toyota Scion xB that we saw at recent Hot Import Nights show in Pleasanton, a hell of a lot.  Everything from the engine block to the wheels in this car was decked out in Hello Kitty memorabilia and colors.  Even the tailpipe was fashioned to look like the famous mouthless cat (complete with whiskers!)

TSMC's 28 nm process to enter production in 2010

ARM and IBM alliance to collaborate on SoC design for 32 nm and 28 nm

UPDATE - Nextfest: Toyota shows off 36 mph chair

Chicago (IL) – Wired’s 2008 Nextfest opened this weekend in Chicago’s Millennium Park. Its limited size may not be able to keep the event’s promise to “see the future”, but if you live in the Chicago area and are in Chicago downtown anyway you should stop by the Nextfest tent, which is open to the public. And if you can’t make it, you can simply click through pictures and see what we found to be most interesting. Update 9/29 10:54 pm EDT: SLIDESHOW added.