Cubs fan unsuccessfully tries to eBay his loyalty

A disgruntled Chicago Cubs fan has unsuccessfully tried to auction off his team loyalty on eBay.  30-year-old Scot Moore (yes purposely spelled with one t) promised to switch teams for the highest bidder, with the money going to two local charities.  eBay has since yanked the auction because it violates the company’s terms of use.

Laptops might have caused bloody Qantas Airbus plunge

Australian air safety officials believe laptops could have caused a passenger jet to suddenly gain and lose altitude.  Earlier this week, Qantas flight QF72 was flying from Singapore to Perth when it quickly climbed 300 feet and then plunged back down.  Dozens of passengers were injured as they slammed their heads into the ceiling and the pilot had to divert to a nearby air force base for an emergency landing.  Now, Qantas and the Australian Transportation Safety Bureau think laptops could have interfered with the auto pilot system.

Study: Intelligent men have better sperm

Sanyo develops 12x, 100 GB Blu-ray technology

Sanyo claims it has the technology foundation for Blu-ray players that can read Blu-ray discs with twice the capacity at twice the speed than average Blu-ray players can today.

iPod connections expected in more than half of US car models in 2009, says iSuppli

Nintendo promises Wii production surge for the holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and Nintendo wants everyone to have a Wii game console. To combat the chronic Wii shortages experienced over the last two holiday seasons, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime says there will be a “significant increase” in console production and shipments. He adds that 50% more consoles should be hitting store shelves from October to December. Nintendo will also up shipments of its incredibly popular DS handheld by 10%.

Google Goggles prevents EUI – emails under the influence

You’re drunk and you’ve just emailed your boss a nasty resignation letter. Now you’re out of a job and eating at Taco Bell … sound far fetched? Apparently not, according to Google, and the company is now offering a new app that can prevent EUI or emailing under the influence. Google Goggles is a Gmail setting that enables a simple math test when you try to send an email. The theory here is that if you correctly and quickly guess the math problems, then you’re either Asian or sober enough to shoot that email into the Internets, Intertubes or whatever they are calling that thing these days.

Cyberdyne exoskeleton suit enters mass production

Imagine effortlessly walking up stairs while carrying a hundred pounds.  Well you don’t have to imagine anymore because a Japanese company will start leasing a powered exoskeleton that will amplify your strength.  For just $2200 a month, you can own the Stormtrooper white Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) suit.  Meant for elderly folks and the disabled, the suit promises to give mobility back to Japan’s aging population.  The exoskeleton can even give the gift of walking back to people paralyzed from the waist down.

The iPod is about done, Apple co-founder says

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has given another interview that highlights his opinions about some Apple core products – opinions that Apple PR would not approve as public statement even on April 1. Wozniak believes that the iPod may die, just like the Walkman has died before. 

Messenger takes stunning pictures of Mercury

NASA’s Messenger spacecraft approached Mercury yesterday and transmitted close-up pictures of the planet that is closest to the sun. The detailed images clearly show the gigantic craters and cliffs as well as a pattern of rays in the northern region of Mercury. Extra: SLIDESHOW

1 American, 2 Japanese share Nobel Physics Prize

Timeline: How AMD changed over the past 39 years

Overview - The note of AMD’s CEO Dirk Meyer that AMD is in the midst of its most significant transition in its history prompted us to take a closer look at AMD’s past to get a better idea of the transformation of the company that took place over the past 39 years. Here is a compressed timeline highlighting key events as well as the company’s most significant achievements.  

Fascination space: NASA spacecraft ready to explore outer solar system

NASA said it is set to launch a spacecraft to image and map the interstellar boundary regions for the very first time: IBEX is planned to conduct high-altitude orbits above Earth to investigate and capture images of processes taking place at the farthest reaches of the solar system – a region where the solar system meets interstellar space - nine billion miles from the sun. Extra: SLIDESHOW

E For All, still sucks after two years

E for All was held over the weekend. What? You didn’t know? Apparently you weren’t the only one, as we attended the nearly empty gaming expo on Friday. Most of the major gaming companies skipped the show and the exhibitors that were left were a pretty sad bunch. Heck, the best booth of the show was Fusion-IO with its mechanical bull (dressed up as a hard drive), and they aren’t even a gaming company!

Arctic sea showing first year ice growth up, reversing 30-year trend

In contrast to the looming 30-year trend of overall diminishing ice growth, the Arctic Ocean is again showing signs of a return to large ice packs. In 2008, first year ice coverage grew significantly. It set a record covering 73% of the entire Arctic basin. Because most of this was first year ice, and therefore thin, it was more prone to melting during the summer months. And while that did happen, the amount of first year ice is still large, possibly indicating the beginning of a trend.

Elpida completes 65 nm DRAM shrink

Photovoltaics emerge as fastest growing GaAs market, says Strategy Analytics

Nokia expects digital music to account for half of world's music market in 2010

Ultrasonic wine accelerator makes the French cry

An English inventor claims his ultrasonic machine can replicate years of wine and whiskey aging in just minutes.  53-year-old Casey Jones has developed a $600 gadget that resembles an ice bucket.  You simply pop a bottle of cheap wine inside and within 30 minutes you’ll have great wine that would have cost you several hundred dollars.

Honda to produce hybrid motorcycles starting by 2011