LED backlight penetration for notebooks to reach only 10% this year

Personal Genome Project hopes to obtain and release private medical records and DNA for 100K people

A project seeking volunteers willing to release personal information is currently underway at Harvard University's medical school. The effort, led by Dr. George M. Church, professor of genetics and director of the Center for Computational Genetics, hopes to find 100,000 volunteers not only willing to publicly release their DNA, but also answer a pervasive and comprehensive set of personal medical and lifestyle history questionnaires. More than 5,000 people have already signed up. If this effort catches on and becomes wide sweeping, it may soon be possible to google whether or not someone has a genetic predisposition toward nearsightedness or liver failure, for example. Also, the warnings cited indicate this project might not be for everyone, and could even be potentially damaging to a person's quality of life.

IBEX probe launched to study outer solar system

NASA launched its Interstellar Boundary Explorer, short IBEX, into high-altitude orbit above Earth to investigate and capture images of processes taking place at the farthest reaches of the solar system – a region where the solar system meets interstellar space - nine billion miles from the sun. Extra: SLIDESHOW

New solar cell material achieves almost 100% efficiency, could solve world-wide energy problems

Researchers at Ohio State University have accidentally discovered a new solar cell material capable of absorbing all of the sun's visible light energy. The material is comprised of a hybrid of plastics, molybdenum and titanium. The team discovered it not only fluoresces (as most solar cells do), but also phosphoresces. Electrons in a phosphorescent state remain at a place where they can be "siphoned off" as electricity over 7 million times longer than those generated in a fluorescent state.

HerbalKing bust shows effect on global spam volume

Just days after the FTC was capable of getting an Illinois court to close down the HerbalKing spam network, it was predicted that the spam level might potentially decrease as a result. So, do we see less spam in our email inboxes as a result?

Canada gets world's most powerful electron microscope

Canada's McMaster University has received a stunning new piece of equipment - the world's most powerful electron microscope. John Preston, director of McMaster's Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research said, "The resolution of the Titan 80-300 Cubed microscope is remarkable, the equivalent of the Hubble Telescope looking at the atomic level instead of at stars and galaxies. With this microscope we can now easily identify atoms, measure their chemical state and even probe the electrons that bind them together."

Large-size LCD panel prices trending down again

Leaked 2010 Prius pictures confirmed by Toyota

Recently published photos of the third-generation 2010 Toyota Prius have been confirmed by Toyota to be authentic. However, Toyota declined to provide additional information about the new hybrid – information that is likely to become available not until the unveiling of the car at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

Virtual planes fly in real skies

NASA reports more Hubble problems

NASA said it has encountered problems with the Hubble space telescope following the transition from a malfunctioning control unit to a redundant device earlier this week. Th eoperation of Hubble has been suspended when another “anomaly” was detected.

Notebook players paying close attention to multi-touch technology

Demand for high-end handsets falling

Blu-ray prices in free fall: Get a player for under $200

Pricewatch – Our most recent watchlist of Blu-ray players reveals dramatic price drops just in time for the Christmas shopping season. Average U.S. retail prices for most mainstream Blu-ray players have dropped at least 20% over the past 45 days and if you are patient, you may find a name-brand player for just a few bucks more than you would pay for a high-end upscaling DVD player. With movie prices dropping as well, it appears that Blu-ray is positioned to gain much more traction than it has right now. Is it too late?

YouTube surpasses Yahoo as world’s #2 search engine

ComScore’s most U.S. search engine Rankings for August 2008 suggest that YouTube achieves a greater level of search traffic than Yahoo. If you were to consider YouTube’s integrated search a regular search engine, you would have to hand Google the top two spots for search engine traffic. In combination, Google has about four times the search traffic of Yahoo and more than ten times the search traffic of Microsoft’s MSN sites.

Man beat up, robbed after posting Craigslist ad

Ah the wonderful world of Craigslist robberies took an interesting turn this week as a Tigard Oregon man was beaten up and robbed by people responding to his online ad.  An unidentified man and women went to the victim’s home at 10 PM on Tuesday night and then proceeded to pistol whip the victim.  The couple then stole the man’s wallet, mobile phone and pickup truck that was parked in the garage.

Fresno’s hybrid garbage truck saves gas, but still smells

When you think of garbage trucks… oh sorry… refuse trucks, you think of big noisy and smelly vehicles, but Fresno is trying to fix all that with its plug-in hybrid truck.  Ok, so they can’t get rid of the smell, but they sure can save on the noise.  The truck, named Heidi the Hybrid, is powered by electricity for the main engine and compressed natural gas for the lift hydraulics.  Heidi is so silent that Fresno utility leadworker Raul Bombardly told us he has to drive very carefully because people sometimes don’t hear the truck coming.

NASA to fix Hubble via remote control

NASA announced that it plans to fix the Hubble Telescope by remote control this week. Officials hope that Hubble will be back online by Friday.

PC shipments up 15% on year in Q3, says Gartner

OLED backlighting market will reach $1.1 billion by 2015

Why Macbooks matter

Analysis – Yesterday's refresh of Apple’s notebook family may feel like yet another hyped, but underwhelming Apple upgrade event. There are some who believe that Apple may be gambling away its Macbook empire and there are those who are convinced that Apple is not about Macs anymore. But then there are also those who think that the new Macbooks not only hold their technological lead in the notebook market but also expands the market potential for Mac notebooks. So, is the Macbook’s primetime gone or still ahead? And why should Apple care?