Notebook vendors take precautions against building up inventory in Q4

New high-tech spoiler design may increase SUV fuel economy 3.4% at 67mph

Opinion - Three researchers working in collaboration have developed a truck/SUV spoiler that is unlike other spoilers. The team adapted fluid dynamics algorithms to produce an unexpected design which they claim yields a 5% reduction in drag and a complete reversal of lift. While stating the average SUV user could save $100 or more in annual fuel costs, the designers are being rather tight-lipped about this new design.

World's largest, purest graphene sheets produced with 1000x better electrical properties

The path toward reliably and effectively creating sheets of graphene has just gotten one step closer. Researchers at UCLA used a bath of hydrazine (nitrogen + hydrogen) and graphite oxide paper to create the sheets which are just one atom thick. In addition, and perhaps most exciting, the electrical properties of graphene created in this way allow field-effect devices (semiconductors) with drive currents 1000x higher than has been previously reported. In short, the elusive dream of graphene-based technologies applied to semiconductors, optics, solar cells, batteries, and pretty much everything else, is closer now than ever before.

Liquid crystal lubricant developed, reduces friction to almost zero

Researchers at Germany's Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have developed a liquid crystal lubricant that reduces friction to almost zero. Built of the same materials inside our LCD monitors, for applications like gears and bearings this new discovery may put oil out of business.

NASA ends impressive Phoenix Mars mission

NASA officials said Monday that the organization’s Phoenix Mars Lander has ceased communications after operating for more than five months or 152 Martian days. The end may have come sooner than expected as there is not enough sunlight for the solar arrays to charge the lander’s batteries and provide power for its instruments. The mission concluded with a dramatic series of discoveries, such as clear evidence of water on Mars as well as Martian snow. 

Consumers hitting online psychics hard during tough economic times

Tiny alternator created, may someday generate power via blood flow

Zhong Lin Wang and a team of researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) have developed a super-tiny zinc-oxide alternator that generates power through vibrations. Wang believes that someday an energy source of this kind may provide power for nano-devices operating inside the human body - those powered by internal vibrations coming from blood flow. Such a device may also be worn as clothing, generating power through regular daily activity.

Blu-ray player prices may drop to $150-200 range for holiday season

While LHC remains broken, scientists may have discovered a new particle at Fermilab

In a paper so potentially significant that only two-thirds of the physicists involved were willing to sign their name to it at this early stage, evidence is beginning to leak out that researchers at Fermilab may have discovered a new particle. While yet unnamed, the scientists are being extremely cautious moving forward. They've released a paper at this unusually early stage to help tame speculation and conjecture. It's being reported that no "Standard Model" accounts for the observations witnessed in 23% of collisions, a value too far outside the range statistical fluctuation to be mere coincidence.

Honda shows off … a walking assistant?

Honda today unveiled what some may consider, at least at first sight, as the ultimate anti-workout tool – a walking assist device with a dedicated bodyweight support system. Walking up stairs too exhausting? No problem, this device can help. And no, it is not a product that aims to support handicapped people. But Honda claims that there are occasions in which we all can benefit from a device that puts extra muscles around your legs.

SiCortex calls for new Green Computing Performance Index

Dr. Wu-chun Feng of Virginia Tech University created the Green500 list, a metric of performance per watt of the top 500 supercomputers in the world. By calling attention to power consumption issues, his ranking serves as a type of gage allowing outsiders to view computing power in relative terms. A company called SiCortex believes that much more is needed in this area and proposes a new Green Computing Performance Index (GCPI) that changes the way performance-per-watt is measured across an entire server farm.

The Pirate Bay at 22 million users, applies for Guinness Book of World Records

About a year ago, The Pirate Bay, one of the most popular BitTorrent tracking services in the world, reported about 8 million users. On Thursday, the service reported that it now has a global user base of 22 million users who share software, movies, music, games and pretty much anything else that can be distributed as digital files.

3D display market to grow quickly through 2015, says Displaybank

Samsung takes top spot in US mobile handset market for first time

Fungus discovered that produces components of rocket and diesel fuels

Gary A. Strobel, professor of plant pathology at Montana State University, has recently published his findings on a type of microscopic fungus living in trees, called Gliocladium roseum, which naturally gives off components of rocket fuel and diesel fuel. Strobel believes organisms like these which shed raw hydrocarbon components could be partially responsible for the vast underground oceans of crude oil we have today. In addition, he also sees them as a path toward new ways of producing bio-fuels. Could the fungus among us be the key in a tree which powers our needs to eternity?

Tiny solar cells provide big power for nanosensors

Scientists at the University of South Florida have created some of the smallest usable solar cells ever constructed. So small that 20 of them could line up one inch. Each array generates about 7.8 volts at very low amperage. They provide power for nano-sized chemical sensors (made from carbon nanotubes) to detect chemical leaks at remote locations inside factories and transports. These researchers are proving that smaller can be better.

LCD panel prices continue falling in November

LED backlit LCD TV shipments to reach 26 million in 2011, says Displaybank

The 2008 presidential election in numbers

Feature - More numbers about the 2008 presidential campaign are surfacing: Join us for a look at  the web audience, fundraising, cost and young voter turnout surrounding a billion dollar election.

CNN goes Star Wars, debuts live holograms

This year’s presidential election made history in several ways and it appeared that news networks were also in a competition to show off the most elaborate technology to explain polls and other election events. It all started with fancy Surface tables and a “Magic Wall”, but if there was one technology that completely stood out form everything else, it was certainly CNN’s holograms.