Top 500 supercomputer list out today, seven AMD systems in top 10, only one Intel

The International Top 500 list of supercomputers for November, 2008, was published today. Only two computers exceed the Petaflop mark, with the max being 1.105 Petaflops, up from just one in June. The slowest computer in the top 500 came in at 12.6 Teraflops. For only the second time the Top 500 list contains power consumption information. And while the #1 computer is the most powerful, it is also nearly 3x more energy efficient.

UPDATED: Endeavour at ISS, now ready for work

NASA announced yesterday that the Space Shuttle Endeavour arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) at 5:01pm EST just above China. Its doors were opened at 7:16pm, allowing the two crews to exchange greetings and pause for a hair-up photo op. NASA reported the crew was awakened Sunday morning at 8:25am to a song by The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up.

Update: NASA completes successful Endeavour launch

NASA successfully launched its Endeavour orbiter as planned on Friday at 7:55 pm EDT. The space shuttle had a spectacular and picture-perfect lift off and was orbiting Earth in less than ten minutes. The crew is now on its way to the International Space Station (ISS) to deliver equipment and perform repairs. SLIDESHOW

Xbox 360 and Wii show sharp sales gains, PS3 may be in trouble

Microsoft and Nintendo saw substantial upticks in their console shipments in October, while Sony experienced another drop and the lowest results since April of this year, according to market estimates released by market research firm NPD. While Nintendo’s Wii continues to draw from strong Wii Fit shipments, Xbox 360 sales were boosted by a strong launch of the release of Fable II. Sony had no Top 5 game title in October and it seems that the PS3 will need some support sooner or later.

LCD panel market to recover in H2 2009, says DisplaySearch

AMD to release Phenom II in January with a refocus away from enterprise segment

AMD told analysts yesterday that Phenom II X4 would launch at CES 2009 in January. This Shanghai-equivalent desktop product of the Deneb core, will serve as a launching platform for AMD's new industry focus, which is on value and mainstream and markedly away from enterprise. AMD's executives also stated that Intel's Nehalem-based Core i7 is out of touch with the marketplace.

NASA snaps photo of remote planet 25 light years away using visible light spectrum, a first

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has taken the first ever visible light picture of a planet in orbit around a distant star. The planet, dubbed Fomalhaut b, is estimated to be three times the mass of Jupiter. It orbits Fomalhaut, some 25 light years from Earth. The star system is in the constellation Piscis Australis, or the "Southern Fish." Singing... "When you see the Southern Fish for the first time..."

Scientists capture images of extrasolar system 762.5 trillion miles away

Scientists of Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) succeeded in taking images of an extrasolar star system, or at least parts of it. It is the first time we can see three planets circling a star other than the sun. The star, called HR 8799, is approximately 762.5 trillion miles away from the earth.

Web 2.0 acts as accelerant in pending corporate Darwinian shake-out, says Palladium CEO

Analyst Opinion - The impact of Web 2.0 technologies on the current global economic downturn will hasten the demise of closed and siloed corporate cultures while providing a reality-based balm on those companies that seek transformation and adaptation by tapping the wisdom of its communities.

Ancient IBM drive rescues Apollo moon data

DNA strands prove effective as fiber optic conduits

Bo Albinsson and his team at Chalmers University of Technology (CUT) have demonstrated that self-assembling strands of DNA can be used as nanoscale fiber optic wires. They believe future optical computers may utilize DNA for component interconnects, just as similar "photonic wires" do in micro-organisms today - like algae, moving sunlight around the cell to where it is needed most.

To go where Google has not gone before: The promise of a new search engine

The developers of a research-focused search engine claim that the technology is capable of reaching depths of the web that are inaccessible to Google.

NASA optimistic about Endeavour launch date

NASA today decided to go ahead with the countdown for the Endeavour launch and its flight to the International Space Station (ISS). The Liftoff is scheduled for 7:55 pm local time on Friday.

Facebook Mobile grows to 15 million users

Touch panel makers see strong October sales

Dark fiber optics increases bandwidth 19200%

Several years ago in anticipation of future needs, several hundred thousand miles of fiber optics was laid around the United States. While much of this goes unused even today, this "dark fiber" is beginning to pique interests as an untapped resource. In the case of Arizona State University (ASU) and a genetics research institute 10 miles away, it means the difference between 7 days of data transfer using copper wire, and less than one hour using dark fiber.

University embarks on carbon nanotube data storage project, promises DRAM-like non-volatile memory

Researchers at The University of Nottingham, one of UK's Top 10 universities, also ranking in the world's Top 100, stated yesterday that Project Nanodevice is underway. Their goal is to create molecular memory built of telescoping carbon nanotubes. "In this project a new device for storing information will be developed, made entirely of carbon nanotubes and combining the speed and price of dynamic memory with the non-volatility of flash memory."

Researchers recreate spam campaign to estimate spam revenue

Spam is without doubt one of the most annoying and dangerous negative sides of the Internet. However, if you begin looking into spam, the people behind it, the mechanisms, the technology and the economics it is also a fascinating component of a cat-and-mouse game we play in our email inboxes every day. Researchers from UC Berkeley dug deeper into researching the background of spammers and published the most comprehensive paper on the likely profit we are aware of. We admit that the result surprised us and we are sure you will be surprised as well.

Piaggio unveils 141 mpg hybrid scooter

We can’t help but be impressed with the recent concepts of vehicles that promise to boost gas efficiency in territories we previously believed were not achievable. One of the most attractive concepts to date comes from Italian scooter manufacturer Piaggio, mainly known for its legendary Vespa series: The company said it will be rolling out a hybrid version of its three-wheeled MP3 scooter – which zips from 0-60 mph faster than most cars on the market today and promises a gas efficiency of 141 mpg.

iPhone surpasses RAZR as most popular consumer handset in the U.S.

Apple's iPhone has displaced Motorola Razr as America's top-selling consumer handset in the third quarter of the year, according to market research firm NPD. Despite Motorola’s financial problems and declining unit sales, RAZR phones remained unchallenged for three straight years in the U.S. consumer market. The unseating the Razr reflects a shift in consumers' preference, highlighted by  NPD findings that indicate that Internet and music player capabilities are the most important trends in the mobile phone space.