Unidentified close-aboard cosmic ray source reported - is it a dark matter source?

Scientists at NASA reported yesterday that an unidentified source of high energy cosmic radiation has been detected. The standard model of cosmic ray origins does not account for these levels of high energy electrons. NASA believes there may be a previously unidentified source within 3000 light years of Earth, possibly a pulsar, mini-quasar, supernova remnant or an intermediate mass black hole. One alternate theory is that it may be the first recorded instance of decaying exotic particles which are described by dark matter theories.

NASA tests interplanetary Internet

Interplanetary Internet? Shouldn’t we figure out how to survive conveniently on other planets first before we are making plans for an Internet connection on Mars? Questions like this one may come to mind when we hear NASA talking about its deep space Internet, but there is in fact a very practical use for this technology: It could enable a much more reliable and useful communications platform for future space missions that take spacecraft millions of miles away from Earth. 

A diamond bigger than Earth discovered

Ford announces 2010 Fusion hybrid

BMW unleashes 500 Mini E

Blu-ray Disc Combo drives to go mainstream in 2009, BD burners in 2011, says Lite-On IT

Blu-ray-R disc market to reach critical mass in 2009, says Ritek

Website shows ins and outs of female body in full 3D

A company called Argosy Medical has been producing textbooks and computer simulations of human anatomy since 1990. They have created a website which now has over 400,000 subscribers. It shows the complete anatomy of an adult female in 3D. Individual organs can be displayed, highlighted, zoomed-in on, rotated, and much more. Combinations of organs can also be selected. It's a virtual tour through one of the most amazing creations on Earth, the human body.

Online survey shows Europeans want daily Internet access more than washing machines and cars

An online survey of 5,148 respondents in France, Germany, Russia, Spain and UK, found that 77% of those questioned could not live without daily Internet access. This fell above the 54% who said they could not live without a car, and 61% who said they could not live without a washing machine. Would they feel the same way in a couple weeks when the pile of clothes becomes most noticeable, and not just by its size?

Tesla Roadster available with warp drive

Oxford Dictionary goes green with the Word of the Year

Each Year the New Oxford American Dictionary gets ready for the holiday season by making its biggest yearly announcement, the word of the year. The word of the year for 2008 is, drumroll please, “hypermiling”.

LCD panel prices expected to continue falling in H2 November

Chevrolet to unveil 2011 Volt tomorrow

Following a spy video that surfaced on the Internet in August and official pictures of the vehicle that were released in September, General Motors (GM) is set to officially exhibit and discuss the 2011 Chevy Volt at the LA Auto Show tomorrow.

Pan-STARRS gets a 1.4 gigapixel digital camera

Researchers have developed a powerful new image sensor to be used in the digital camera of the Pan-STARRS (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System). The system consists of 60 24 megapixel charged coupled devices (CCDs), provided a total resolution of 1.4 gigapixels or 1,444,000,000 pixels – more than 100 times the resolution available in today’s high-end consumer digital cameras.  

Michael Dell to present keynote at Supercomputing Conference 2008 today

Michael Dell will present a welcoming session and keynote presentation today in Ballroom D at the Supercomputing Conference 2008 in Austin. Dell kicks off the busiest day of the conference, complete with more than 70 separate presentations and running until 7pm CST this evening.

Astronauts install ISS extension module, prep for spacewalk

NASA satellites capture powerful California wildfire images, shows smoke over ocean

NASA's Aqua satellite captured powerful images of the California wildfires yesterday using their Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS). These images show a clear trail of smoke extending out over the Pacific Ocean, and the full extent of the areas affected. According to NASA the areas shown in red (see slideshow) around the Los Angeles metropolitan area represent places where fire was detected.

LHC preps pricey LHC repair, extended shutdown

An electrical failure that forced the shutdown of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in September and will keep the system offline over the winter, will cost at least $21 million to repair, AP reports.

Update2: New Enterprise movie trailer now available online in HD at up to 1080p

Paramount has teamed up with J.J. Abrams (of Armageddon and Mission Impossible III fame) to create a new Star Trek The Original Series (TOS) movie, set for release May 8, 2009. This movie will reclaim Kirk, Spock, Bones, Uhura, Scotty and the rest in their familiar roles. However, they will be played by new actors. In addition to the new faces, the story line will not be completely true to the original. Like other recent efforts, Paramount hopes this reimagining will kick off a renewed interest in an aging franchise.

Convey Computer launches x86-based hybrid-core computer at SC08

Convey Computer Corporation announced today the world's first hybrid core computer. Their design utilizes Intel Xeon processors and custom engineered Xilinx FPGA co-processors which, like the old 80387 FPU chips, process data alongside their x86 counterpart. Sharing the same real and virtualy memory space, this design also allows for significant advances in performance per watt. Convey uses ANSI standard C/C++/Fortran, making development much simpler and almost entirely x86-based.