Intel Core i7 965 overclocked to 5.51 GHz

Merriam-Webster announces its top 10 words for 2008

Intel retires more CPUs, quad-core Q6700 and dual-core E4700

New features push Chrome to 1% web usage share

Ever since Google launched Chrome in September, the browser has been struggling to reach and maintain a 1% market share. The company tried a short-cut to more downloads by pushing it on the Google homepage and YouTube with little success. But we are seeing some movement now: Version 0.4 introduced a new bookmark manager and Chrome's web usage share jumped to 1% for the first time since the days immediately following the browser’s debut.

More shady dealings at Circuit City, this time on Black Friday

A TG Daily reader saw our previous Circuit City article. He sent in detailed events of something which took place last Nov 28. On that Black Friday, a local CC advertisement indicated a HP Pavilion G50-108NR notebook could be purchased for $399 after $150 mail-in rebate (original $549). After ordering it online with a "24-minute in-store pickup guarantee," the consumer went to get it only to find the store supervisor attempted to charge the consumer for things he didn't order. When confronted, the manager refused to honor the sale for the advertised price.

Windows market share drops to 15-year low

Earlier today, we reported that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has dropped below 70% for the first time nearly nine years. Even worse, market research firm Net Applications now estimates Microsoft’s Windows market share at less than 90%, which is still an impressive number, but a lower level than most PC users may remember. We had to go back to Windows 3.11 to find similar market share data. aims to become a one-stop social networking portal

Robotic aircraft aids National Guard in spying in Iraq

Prior to deploying in Iraq in January, a unit of the National Guard in Pennsylvania will be receiving a weird looking robotic aircraft that has been often referred to as “the flying beer keg”.

DOT removes major hurdle to U.S. fuel cell adoption

Earlier this year the U.S. Department of Transportation removed a major hurdle to wide adoption of fuel cell technologies. They will now allow butane, methanol and formic acid to be transported on airplanes. Said Sara Bradford, an energy and power systems consultant, "That was on of the largest challengers to this market - to overcome the regulation issue." She believes we are now truly within one or two years from fuel cell use in notebooks, cell phones, PDAs and other portable electronic devices.

Google Earth used in Mumbai terrorist attacks

The terrorists who attacked several locations in south Mumbai apparently used Google Earth to memorize digital satellite images of the city in order to find their targets and coordinate their attacks. Google is in the process of upgrading the application, but it is clear that privacy and national security advocates will reanimate the discussion whether Google provides too much satellite image data to civilians.

UPDATE: AMD Shanghai versus Intel Nehalem at 45nm

Small- to mid-size TFT-LCD shipments to decline 2% in Q4 08, iSuppli says

Firefox sails past 20% market share, IE drops below 70%

Analysis – Mozilla achieved an important milestone in November, sailing past 20% market share over an entire month for the first time since its release in November 2004. While Safari and Chrome were able to take over share from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as well, Mozilla’s Firefox leaped by almost a full percentage point over October, according to data provided by Net Applications. Microsoft will need a compelling new browser rather sooner than later to slow this trend. The company’s Internet Explorer lost 1.5 points over the previous month, bringing the market share loss in 2008 to more than 5.8 points.

MIT shows amazing advancements in solar cell efficiency and cost

Computer simulations and real lab testing conducted by a team of physicists and engineers at MIT have revealed new ways to extract greater efficiency from existing solar cells. The findings show 50% increases are possible. Today's most efficient solar cells yield about 45% efficiency and are extremely costly to produce, though typical applications are around 30% efficient. Cells made with this new technology could be over 60% efficient, while costing much less to mass produce because they'd use only 1% of the most expensive component today: refined silicon.

Endeavour lands at Edwards Air Force Base

NASA’s Endeavour space shuttle and its crew landed on Sunday at 4:25 pm EDT at Edwards Air Force Base in California, concluding the 16-day STS-126 mission.

NASA partners with iTunes for Ares V heavy cargo rocket video updates

For the past 10 quarters, NASA has created videos which highlight advancements and achievements made on the Ares rocket program. Ares is the launch vehicle that will lift heavy cargo into orbit after the Space Shuttles are scheduled to retire in 2011. NASA announced on Wednesday that 5-15 minute videos are now available on iTunes.

What you should know about in-flight Wi-Fi

Virgin America is currently running a Beta test of its in-flight Wi-Fi Service. While it is great news that Internet access in the air is becoming more and more available, there are some guidelines you should be aware of before you are getting too excited about this new service.

Alternate cosmological theory debunked, Earth may not be at center of universe

A radical alternative theory to the standard cosmological model has been of growing interest in recent years. While physicists have been able to integrate nearly all key components with resounding accuracy, a new study shows that this alternate theory may not be "in the black" after all. A recent scientific article entitled, "Can we avoid Dark Energy?" addresses the alternate theory head-on. In the end, the paper reveals that the Earth is not near the center of the universe, and that theories relating to dark energy are far more likely.

Apple preparing multi-touch iMacs?

Apple has been quite clear about the multi-touch in desktop and notebook computers – this feature will not be available in the near term. However, contrary to the public statement, we received word that Apple may be working on a multi-touch project due for a Macworld introduction in January 2009. Supporting this information is a report that iMac display maker LG is currently taking steps to mass-produce multi-touch displays.

Australia: Concerns over energy may slow Internet growth

Dr. Kerry Hinton of Melbourne University's Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has said, "It has now become clear that the exponential growth of the Internet is not sustainable." His concerns relate to Internet equipment energy efficiency and the growing carbon footprint needed to sustain high-speed Internet traffic - especially with growth curves projected for video-on-demand-like services. Are we facing a green future that limits our Internet?