Microsoft offers to reduce search data in Europe

Dean Kamen's island reduces energy consumption by 50%

Dean Kamen is among the more visible invenmtors in this country and now mainly known for the Segway scooter, a robotic prosthetic arm capable of moving when you think, and a wheelchair that can travel up stairs. Now he has created an all LED environment on an island that has reduced its energy consumption by 50%.

Endeavour to be flown back to Florida on Wednesday

NASA today said that Endeavour will leave California on Wednesday and will ride on the back of a modified 747. The space shuttle is expected to arrive at Kennedy Space Center as early as Thursday.

Intel creates technology for low-cost 40 Gb/s optical links

Intel has been working on Silicon Photonics technologies as a possible to dramatically accelerate on-chip or in-system data bandwidths for some time now. Today the company added a new link in a complex chain that is required to make Silicon Photonics available in the mainstream – a low-cost Avalanche Photodetector supporting a clock speed of 340 GHz and enabling affordable 40 Gb/s data communications.

LCD panel prices continue to drop in December

IBM and Harvard search for organic solar power using cloud computing

Researchers from IBM and Harvard will team up to create the World Community Grid (WCG) project. This project will be comprised of over 413,000 members in 200 countries, each of which will donate their idle compute cycles to a massive cloud-based computer of more than one million cores. The effort will look for organic materials capable of producing low-cost, easy-to-manufacture solar cells which, according to WGC's stated goals, could help reduce man's contributions to global warming by reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned.

2008 coolest year this decade, scientists warn alarming warming trend begins in 2015

Climatic Research Unit (CRU), a division of the University of East Anglia, is reporting that 2008 is the coldest year this decade, down 0.14 Celsius below the average from 2001-2007. They warn, however, that 2008 is still the tenth warmest year on record and despite being cooler does not indicate a cooling trend. Scientists are predicting a leveling off of temperature for the next six years or so, then an acceleration upward again after 2015.

AMD global notebook market share might drop below 10% next year due to netbooks

Disassembling a 768 MB EVGA GeForce 8800 GTX video card for kicks

 When this card was purchased new, I paid $565 for it. At some point, the card was damaged and no longer functions. BIOS won't recognize it. The fan doesn't spin. Nothing. EVGA tells me it's outside their warranty timeframe, so I thought it might be fun to see what makes it tick. See the SLIDESHOW and find out what goes on inside those slick looking video card packages. You might be surprised how small the actual video card is in there.

NASA to launch Hubble repair mission in May 2009

Additional testing delays next NASA Mars mission to 2011

NASA decided to scrap plans of launching its next Mars in fall of next year. Instead, the organization will delay the mission by about two years and send the rover on its journey in 2011.  

Semiconductor industry facing double-digit declines in Q4, into Q1'09

 Robert W. Baird & Company, an Equity Research firm, is forecasting an extremely bleak 9 to 12 months ahead for several key areas of the general semiconductor industries. Declines on the order of 50% in some areas are being seen in Q4 with no reversal of this trend forecast until Q3'2009.

LCD monitor shipments flat in Q3, says DisplaySearch

MIT solves plasma problem for clean fusion energy, helps France

 MIT researchers have solved a major problem in the area of fusion power research - how to safely, accurately and in a controlled way, contain and stabilize the hot plasma core of a fusion reaction without losing heat or creating turbulence. While still "decades away," according to researchers, from generating more power than it consumes, this latest research takes us over one huge hurdle and paves the way for France's upcoming 10x larger fusion reactor, ITER.

Electric vehicle plan endorsed by Hawaii

The Hawaiian Electric company and the State of Hawaii endorsed an effort to build an alternative transportation system based on the concept of electric vehicles with swappable batteries and a “smart” battery charging network on Tuesday.

Browser rivals to sit down and discuss the future of browsing

Browser add-ons have grown into platforms within browsers and some add-on developers have created viable business models that make money and attract venture capital. However, incompatible add-on engines that power major browsers limit the innovation potential. There is little chance that this will change anytime soon as IE remains on the proprietary add-on path while Chrome is likely to bring its own add-on system to the table. But the upcoming Add-on-Con conference, the first event to gather developers and marketers of browsers and add-ons, carries some hope that this environment could change down the road.

The first "affordable space tourist": A Danish entrepreneur

Per Wimmer, owner of investment bank Wimmer Financial and a space enthusiast hopes to become the world’s first “affordable” space tourist.

NASA pays Russian space agency $141 million for Soyuz space flights

Studies find laser printers emit lung-damaging particles on the order of cigarette smoking

 Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, a German research company that just completed a study on laser printer emissions, reports that volatile organic-chemical emissions (ozone), silicon oil, paraffin and ultra-fine particles are emitted during laser printing. Though they don't go into significant detail on the health-related issues. However, several previous Australian research studies show that the particle emissions are comparable to cigarette smoking. The Australian study also suggests that printer companies should be regulated by the government as their products are often a major source of inter-office air pollution.

Facebook Connect expanding, creating difficulties for OpenID

Facebook announced that it would begin rolling out its highly touted Facebook Connect login system for multiple high-profile websites, which include Digg, Hulu, and The sites, in addition to a few others, will begin supporting Facebook Connect within a few weeks.