Facebook doesn't want you to kill yourself

Death is bad for business, says social networking site Facebook.

The web is killing English

A Welsh researcher warns that sloppy spelling and grammar is dumbing down the language.

Architects create inflatable metal structures

Two Zurich architects are producing 'blow-up' metal objects up to six meters across, thanks to a new welding robot.

Canadian government shuts 4,500 websites

Blame Canada

New captcha technique could foil robot hackers

Scientists at Tel Aviv University are working on a new captcha technology which they reckon will be harder for robot hackers to bypass. The new system relies on people's ability to recognise objects when they move, even though they may be much harder to see when stationary.

Oxford pub of the decade revealed

Review This one has got everything, bar none

A decade in IT: the misery continues

Part two of our essential guide to the noughties

A decade in IT - it's been good. And bad.

First decade of the 21st century shows some clear winners. And some unclear winners, maybe even losers

Facebook responsible for a fifth of divorces

What's your partner up to?

Ford gets with the wi-fi in its groovy cars

Rolling mobile hotspots

Producer offered $30 million for YouTube video

"Anyone can do it"

Miserable SOBs live in cities

Tell us something we don't know

Iranian hackers take Twitter down

Iranian Cyber Army strikes

Kids sexting because they can

Nekkid phone pics the new Wassup!

Kepler unveils Motion supercar

0 to 60 in under 2.5 seconds

Japanese store sells humanoid robots

A $225,000 silicon companion

Facebook refines privacy settings

Increases control over shared information

Sixty million Facebook users are Borg

Resistance is futile

Ubiquitous irony is deeply affecting

Says dictionary.com

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? WTF Wednesday?

Your cut out and keep guide to marketing hype