Scientists envision remote-controlled humans

It's a disturbing thought: being able to remotely control the way a person moves at the push of a button. But scientists have already managed to do just that - although not with the same repertoire of complex movements as, say, a practiced nine-year-old controlling a toy race car.

Defcon 2006: The man behind the Defcon badge

Las Vegas (NV) - This year's Defcon computer security convention had a high-tech badge for an equally high-tech crowd. The circular badge was a colored circuit board complete with a small computer chip, battery and two blinking LED lights. Defcon staff wanted the badge to be difficult to counterfeit, but easy enough to add some interesting hacks.

How the 'freeze-the-field' rule led to NASCAR's Mobile Technology Center

See the NASCAR Mobile Technology Center slide show...

Traveling Terabyte Project helps soldiers keep in touch with Defcon

Las Vegas (NV) - Tech savvy soldiers now have a new way to stay in touch with the Defcon computer security convention. Hackers at the Defcon computer security convention have created the "Traveling TeraByte Project" (TTB) - basically is a set of hard drives filled with multimedia in a rugged Pelican case: Soldiers and tech contractors, who missed this year's Defcon, can view and copy nearly a terabyte worth of movies, computer security talks and MP3 music.

University of Calif. joins Google book scan push

The University of California has joined Google bid to scan the book collections of the world's great libraries, the organizations said on Tuesday, marking renewed momentum for a project nearly derailed by stiff resistance from publishers.

Blackhat 2006: 'Bluebag' detects Bluetooth devices within 200 meters

Las Vegas (NV) - A pair of Italian hackers has created the lazy man's Bluetooth scanner by cramming eight Bluetooth dongles and a miniature computer into a rolling luggage case. While Bluetooth scanning has been around for a few years, the "BlueBag" case uses an extra omnidirectional antenna to prescan the area. The pair says the Bluebag can detect devices up to 200 meters (about 600 feet) away and can run for up to 10 hours without power.

2007 BMW X5 intros high-speed communication chip based on Flexray tech

Munich (Germany) - BMW today announced a new version of its X5 flagship SUV. It's larger, stronger and faster and probably better and more expensive than its predecessor, but what makes this new model especially interesting form a technological view is the presence of a Flexray chip.

First look inside NASCAR's state-of-the-art timing and scoring vehicle

Defcon 2006: Casinos could be losing millions to slot machine hackers

For some slot machine cheaters, a simple push of a remote control can empty a slot machine in seconds. These remote controls have been available to criminals for a few years, but now a small company in Florida is selling these devices to help casinos fight back against cheaters. "Jack" and "Mike" from Jackpotters talked with TG Daily and described how the small devices work and how much money casinos are losing.

A photonic 'lab-on-a-chip'

Georgia Tech researchers have shrunk an optical device called wavelength demultipler (WD) by combining into one crystal three unique properties of photonics crystals.

Commodity PC morphs into mobile Linux robot

A small Canadian company is taking orders for a mobile robot that runs Linux, and is based on standard, modular PC components, interfaces and bays.

Researchers warn over Web worms

Exploiting a lack of security checks in browsers and Web servers, Web worms and viruses are likely to become a major threat to surfers, security researchers speaking at the Black Hat Briefings warned on Thursday.

Microsoft looks to "third dimension" to improve search results

At a presentation at the 2006 SIGIR conference, Microsoft scientists said that new and additional techniques for analyzing search click-through patterns and browsing behaviors can enhance the search results delivered by a search engine.

Defcon 2006: Hackers can work for the Feds - no degree required

Las Vegas (NV) - The great need for qualified computer security personnel is now forcing the government to rethink rigid hiring guidelines. At the Defcon computer security convention in Las Vegas, more than a dozen federal agents told attendees that traditional requirements like college degrees and polygraph tests were no longer strictly required for government employment. They also said security clearances are being approved quickly.

Defcon 2006: Oracle not so "unbreakable"

Las Vegas (NV) - Your company's cleaning staff could be illegally moonlighting as your Oracle database administrator. Alexander Kornbrust, founder and CEO of Red Database Security, says hackers could easily exploit vulnerabilities in Oracle database and gain administrator access. Speaking at the Defcon security convention in Las Vegas, he also explained that administrator passwords are often stored and easily retrieved on company computers.

Defcon growing pains - Rush of people delay opening

Las Vegas (NV) - A massive rush of people delayed the opening of the Defcon computer security convention for about two hours. Riviera hotel security and Defcon "Goons" security said the Fire Marshal was late in approving the venue. An unexpectedly higher number of attendees forced the Fire Marshal to recheck the area and delay the 10 AM opening.

Artwork morphs to match viewer's mood

Artwork that undergoes metamorphosis to suit its audience's mood has been developed by a team of computer scientists.

IDC: Global handheld market sees tenth quarter of on year decline in Q2

The second quarter of 2006 saw the worldwide handheld devices market experience its tenth consecutive quarter of on year decline, according to International Data Corporation (IDC).

IPTV subscriber base set for explosive growth, says iSuppli

The worldwide subscriber base for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services is expected to expand by a factor of more than 26 from 2005 to 2010, spurring a competitive battle between video providers both old and new, research firm iSuppli predicts.

Witsview: Prices for monitor panels keep rising

Mainstream monitor panel prices are expected to see a significant increase starting from this month, according to research firm WitsView Technology.