Miami residents use their cellphones the most - Verizon

Verizon Wireless says Miami residents are number one when it comes to talking on their cellular phones. The wireless company says the average customer in Miami received an average of 298 calls a month which is higher than the other 49 largest cities in the United States.

Social networking sites become hub of "new media convergence"

The word "convergence" has become a bit of a dirty one in the tech world, thanks to rather crap attempts to take every device known to man and stuff it into a handheld device that doesn't have very much battery life. In the New Media world however, the word might find new and productive meaning.

Global LCD-monitor market rises 3.1% in Q2

The LCD-monitor market rose slightly higher in the second quarter than had been forecast, jumping 3.1% to 29.8 million units, according to Displaysearch.

A new system to fight phishing

CyLab researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have developed a new anti-phishing tool to protect mobile users.

Google indexes 200 years of news

Continuing its quest to index all of the world's information online, Google has released Google News Archive Search, a service that offers a wide selection of previously published material, some of it dating back centuries.

Internet on track to grow beyond 100 million websites this month

96,854,877 hostnames populated the Internet earlier this month, according to a survey released by Netcraft. The Internet grew by 4.2 million sites in August alone and gained 15.5 million since June of this year, the web analysis firm said.

Wireless HDMI on the way

Culver City (CA) - Look around the average living room and you'll probably see wires, lots of them. Now two companies are partnering up to reduce some of that clutter by making a wireless HDMI alternative. Tzero and Analog Devices will make a receiver and transmitter combo that will beam audio and JPEG 2000 compressed video up to 10 meters (30 ft) away. The receiver and transmitters won't need line of sight to each other, which means high-definition fans will be able to beam audio and video to other rooms and possibly up and down floors.

Samsung develops smarter and brighter LCDs

Mobile phone users may not need to squint at their mobile phone screens anymore. Samsung claims it has developed a new display chip that makes LCDs brighter in daylight.

High DRAM prices do not yet impact PC prices - analyst

Low inventories are lifting spot market prices of DDR2 memory chips to their highest level in more than nine months. In the past week alone, prices of 533 MHz and 667 MHz 512 Mb chips climbed by more than 10% to $5.92 and $5.97, according to analysis firm DRAMExchange.

All electric Mini Cooper does 0-60 in 4.5 seconds

The Mini Cooper is a nice little car that isn't exactly known for being a hot rod. Now a Hampshire, UK-based company has converted the Cooper into a hybrid electric car that can race from 0-60 mph in about 4 seconds. The company also claims the car can produce 640 bhp.

Mickey wants your fingers: Disney World debuts new fingerprint scanners

The happiest place on Earth, Disney World, will soon be scanning the fingerprints of park-goers. Disney has installed fingerprint scanners in all four of its Lake Buena Vista parks in an effort to stop the reselling of expensive tickets. Park officials say the information will only be used to fight fraud and will not be hooked up to any law enforcement databases.

Crossword software thrashes human challengers

A crossword-solving computer program triumphed in a competition against humans.

Samsung demos 4G wireless technology

Samsung has shown off its fourth generation wireless technology by sending data to a speeding bus. At a wireless technology conference in Jeju South Korea, the company demonstrated multi-megabyte/sec speed transfers to a refrigerator-sized receiver. Samsung claims the prototype can receive data at up to 100 Mb/s.

Were there clues to the demise of E3?

Los Angeles (CA) - When we learned one month ago that the Electronic Entertainment Expo was to be downsized to a much smaller, single-day gathering of media and marketing officials, some of the analysts with whom we spoke afterwards expressed a certain lack of shock. The prevailing opinion seems to be that E3's demise may speak more about the state of the trade show industry than of the gaming industry, which few believe to be in any serious trouble.

Bridgestone close to releasing wireless tire pressure monitoring

According to FCC records, Bridgestone is close to releasing their wireless tire pressure monitoring system. The system uses sensors embedded just under the tire rim to send tire pressure and temperature to a handheld device. A 1.5 second alarm is sounded if the pressure is too high or too low.

Spike TV gambles on 'made-for-PC' motorcycle, demo car, 'geek' shows

New York (NY) - It's an age-old question: Would PC users be willing to invest their time to download a media portal just for the purchase of watching shows produced by the portal's producers...if those shows didn't contain porn? What the Spike TV unit of MTV Networks is banking on is the idea that perhaps, just perhaps, viewers will be willing to watch videos of dirt track, motocross, and demolition car racing - along with reality shows based around the characters involved in those sports - all in breathtaking low-definition.

The Bear robot to the rescue

According to Associated Content, Vecna Robotics has built a prototype of the BEAR Robot for the U.S. Army.

A wireless hacking computer that can't be hacked

Las Vegas (NV) - If you think seeing a dozen wireless networks makes your computer the ultimate scanning box, think again. A small security firm has made a portable computer that is capable of scanning 300 networks simultaneously. Dubbed the "Janus Project", the computer also has a unique "Instant Off" switch that renders the captured data inaccessible.

Gamer's respond to TwitchGuru's "Sex, Drugs And Counter-Strike" report

The response to TwitchGuru's expose on drug use and video gaming has provoked an instant, though mixed, reaction from the industry in the form of the blogosphere and forum discussions among gamers.

Panels for small-size LCD TVs to rise in price in September

Prices for 15" and 20" LCD TV panels stand a good chance to rise in September, according to panel makers.