CMC, Ritek 18x DVD media production limited, tight supply possible

Although several leading global brands have already launched or will soon offer 18x DVD burners, CMC Magnetics and Ritek, Taiwan's top two makers of optical discs, currently produce 18x DVD+R/-R discs only in limited volumes and the supply may fall significantly short of global demand, according to industry sources.

Don't skip that commercial!

The cable/satellite network FX is unveiling a new idea to make sure that everyone watching the station will not miss its station promos, even those who fast-forward through commercial breaks at 12 times the regular speed. And the idea to accomplish that goal is less high-tech than you may think.

Wikipedia goes mobile with Webaroo

Wikipedia, the popular free online encyclopedia and web 2.0 mover and shaker of the moment, has been reverse-engineered to work offline.

Seagate envisions 2.5 TB desktop hard drives for 2009

Scotts Valley (CA) - Seagate today provided an updated outlook on the future of the hard drive. The company nearly tripled today's highest storage density and believes that 275 GB capacities will be realistic for future Ipods, while desktop computers will be able to store up to 2.5 TB on one drive.

DRAM contract prices to sustain growth on continue shortage

Following a recent up-tick in the contract pricing of DRAM and Samsung Electronics' observation of a DRAM shortage, Nanya Technology is echoing the general mood of optimism, indicating that recent demand from PC OEMs is indeed strong.

Environmental damage highlighted by Google Earth

Rampant forest destruction, retreating glaciers and explosive urban growth have been highlighted by a partnership between the United Nations and internet search giant Google.

Mercedes bionic car

When car designers start to work on a new project, they usually begin with sketches coming from their experience or their imagination.

Wal-Mart demands double RFID chips with groceries

RFID pioneer and corporate monolith Wal-Mart is speeding on with its deployment of the track-and-trace technology.

ASML pushes EUV for sub 22 nm lithography

ASML has reiterated its positive outlook for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) as the mainstream lithography light source when going to deep submicron production while its closely-tied pure-play foundry partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) said it is happy to see multiple choices for light sources at the deep submicron level, according to company executives during the ongoing SEMICON Taiwan 2006 show.

BMW to build world's first hydrogen luxury performance car

German automaker BMW said Tuesday it will introduce the world's first hydrogen-powered luxury performance car.

DDR2 DRAM prices increase on record pace

DDR2 memory appears to get more expensive by the hour these days. Climbing seasonal demand from motherboard and PC makers and decreased production output due to a 90 nm transition drive to the highest spot market prices in more than over a year.

China LCD makers eyeing 19" widescreen panel market

China-based BOE Optoelectronics Technology (BOE OT) and Info Vision Optronics (IVO) are eyeing the 19" widescreen panel market, with IVO already starting shipping 19" widescreen panels in September, according to sources.

Celebrity websites most common distributor of Adware - McAfee

Star-powered websites may contain harmful software, claims anti-virus specialist McAfee. According to the company, celebrity websites are the most "prolific" distributors of adware and spyware.

Fly eyes for spying cameras

Even with our sophisticated cameras, we can sometimes get poor pictures. This usually happens because cameras use an average light setting to control brightness.

Apple may announce PC-to-TV connection

Has Apple Computer's chief executive, Steve Jobs, found a way to connect the PC to the TV?

The next step - industry takes aim at 450mm

The semiconductor industry faces challenges without end, and one of the major issues looming on the horizon is the move to 450 millimeters, and all the questions and challenges that involves.

9/11 and the Internet: Limits and opportunities

New York (NY) - Tuesday, 9/11 2001, 8:45 am. Shortly after American Airlines flight 11 had slammed into the north tower of the World Trade Center, the Internet was hit by an aftershock: Hundreds of millions of users flooded the Web in search of information and opportunities to communicate. Numerous websites collapsed and became images for the unpredictability of the Net. But did the Internet really fail that day?

Quantum effect offers molecular transistors

A molecular switch that operates in a fundamentally new way could usher in a generation of microprocessors that work on the molecular scale.

Samsung making 7" WVGA LCDs with single-chip driver

Samsung Electronics has begun producing a 7" LCD for the WVGA display market for mobile devices using a single-chip packaging solution, according to the company.

Sound blaster cleans contaminated soil

Soil polluted by organic toxins can be blasted clean with ultrasound, say researchers in Australia. The method may prove to be more effective at cleaning up contamination from oil refineries, power stations and aluminium factories than existing methods.