Firm DRAM contract prices to persist through November

Although sequential growth of DRAM contract prices weakened in the second half of October, DRAMeXchange said the firm pricing environment is likely to persist through November amid a worsening supply arising from issues experienced by some memory makers in the transition to 90nm.

Vonage starts offering free local traffic reports

Vonage, an Internet telephone provider, is now offering free local traffic reports for their customers. By dialing 511 from a Vonage phone, customers in thirty areas will receive average speed and accident reports about the local freeways.

Google Earth integrates election info in U.S. map

Mountain View (CA) - Adding to Google's slate of filters and views for its widely-used Google Earth software, the Internet giant today unveiled the 2006 Google Earth Election Guide. The add-on allows users to view the entire country with district separation lines and embedded information about candidates running for Congress in each district.

Silicon retina mimics biology for a clearer view

A silicon chip that faithfully mimics the neural circuitry of a real retina could lead to better bionic eyes for those with vision loss, researchers claim.

Researcher attempts to shed light on security troll

The troll - as such taunting posters are dubbed - would frequently ignite massive angry e-mail responses, or flame wars, at times limiting the usefulness of the Full Disclosure list.

Price/Performance Charts: Price of Core 2 Extreme drops ahead of quad-core launch

Chicago (IL) - If you plan on upgrading your computer with Intel's fastest processor, this may be your best opportunity yet: The latest update of our Price/Performance Charts reveals a substantial drop in etail pricing - close to $900 and substantially below any price of any other Intel Extreme processor before.

One in 10 snared by fake 'phishing' messages

One in 10 internet users may be lured into handing over sensitive personal information such as a credit card number, by fraudulent "phishing" emails, research suggests.

Price competition emerges in grid hosting

This year's hot trend in web hosting is grid computing, which employs server clusters to bring the advantages of enterprise-level infrastructure to affordable web hosting plans. As with any trend in web hosting, it hasn't taken long for a price war to break out.

Lions trained to chase by robots

I guess that lions living in Africa don't need to be stimulated to learn how to chase prey. But apparently, it's a different story for the lions living in captivity in the Blair Drummond Safari Park located near Stirling in Scotland.

Mobile games market shows growth, but major challenges remain

The mobile games market is growing, but will need to overcome several hurdles to gain mass-market acceptance, according to research firm Informa Telecoms and Media.

Scientists create 'invisibility' cloak that bends microwaves

A team of British and U.S. scientists has demonstrated the first working "invisibility cloak," although don't expect it to appear in the Halloween costumes aisle just yet.

Wired catches a paedophile and promises to arm vigilantes to do the same

Kudos is to be dished out to Kevin Poulsen, Wired Senior Editor and former code monkey (to say the least); who has written an extremely interesting article about how he, using a search algorithm he programmed himself, managed to do what MySpace has said is not possible in catching registered sex offenders on the site.

Samsung sees printing as key to lowering TFT LCD costs

Samsung Electronics aims to reduced the cost of TFT LCD production to $100 per square meter, down from the current $1500, by adopting printing techniques, according to Souk Jun-hyung, senior vice president of the Samsung Electronics LCD Business.

Sun wants to be different in virtualization market

Sun revealed some details of its virtualization strategy, which is anchored in its Solaris 10 operating system. In a sea of very similar virtualization platforms and approaches, Sun believes that being different and adding value will be a significant contributor to success in this segment.

Volume risks of MP3 players sounded out

The design of in-ear headphones that come as standard with many portable music players, can cause users to crank their music up to damaging levels, research suggests.

Symbian for Playstation on the horizon?

Smart phone OS-maker Symbian has hinted it would be open to expanding beyond the cellular.

Some Americans are Internet addicts: Stanford study

Are we a nation of Internet addicts? Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine think that some of us are. In a telephone-based study, researchers say one out of eight Americans showed signs of excessive Internet use. They also concluded that the typical addict is a single white male who spends approximately 30 hours a week surfing the net.

LG.Philips LCD to show new LCD technology at FPD International

LG.Philips LCD announced today it will showcase a new range of TFT LCD panels for high-definition TVs (HDTVs), LCD monitors, notebooks and mobile phones at FPD International 2006 in Yokohama, Japan.

CMO to go quad high-definition with new 47" LCD TV panels

Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) has announced plans for a consumer-grade, high-resolution 47" Quad High Definition (QHD, 2560x1440) LCD TV panel slated for mass production in the second quarter of 2007.

Sanyo Epson develops 7.1" full HD LCD panel

Sanyo Epson Imaging Devices today announced the development of a 7.1" direct-view full high-definition (HD) low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) LCD panel.