Save your $$$: November gets gadget-filled release docket

Chicago (IL) - Big November consumer electronics releases are to be expected, with the looming holiday season and almost guaranteed attention to products even from those who know nothing about electronic gadgets. However, very few holiday shopping seasons have seen hotly anticipated gadgets released closely together. This year, the three biggest new consumer electronic devices will be released nearly simultaneously, creating a week-long release period that's been unmatched in recent memory.

Teens push e-mail aside for instant messaging

Teenagers are turning away from e-mail as instant messaging becomes the primary means of cyber communication, according to a new study released by Parks Associates.

Asustek expects Apple and PS3 to balance potential slip in moboshipments in Q4

Amid component-shortage concerns surfacing the motherboard industry, Asustek Computer remains confident on its fourth-quarter business outlook, expecting to start delivering PlayStation 3 (PS3) game consoles and expecting strong orders from Apple.

YouTube allows Comedy Central clips

YouTube, the massive video sharing website, is allowing users to post up clips from Comedy Central shows. Last week, YouTube pulled thousands of Comedy Central videos after Viacom, Comedy Central's parent, complained about copyright violations.

Intel's quad-core rings in a new era of enthusiast systems

Bellevue (WA) - We've heard the story over and over again: Dual-cores are the fastest chips you can buy, period. While that claim may be true in many cases, it is especially not true for gaming: Games have not yet embraced multithreading and are lagging behind. Half-Life 2 developer Valve, however, believes that this scenario will change quickly and promises a 3.4x performance gain with four cores.

Super Multi surpasses Dual in global DVD burner shipments, says industry group

Super Multi DVD burners have surpassed DVD Dual burners in global shipment volume with 12x DVD-RAM set to become mainstream in 2007, according to Kenji Koishi, director for the Compatibility Working Group of the Recordable DVD Council (RDVDC) at a symposium held in Taipei on October 31.

Windows Media Player 11 now available

Redmond (WA) - Quashing rumors that the latest version of Microsoft's digital media player would be delayed, the software giant today released Windows Media Player 11. The new application sports a new sleek look and improved syncing abilities with portable devices. Screenshots of Windows Media Player 11 ...

MTV acquires video game developer Harmonix

Viacom's MTV Networks today announced that it has finalized a deal to acquire Harmonix, a video game development company that specializes in music/rhythym based games. The $175 million acquisition gives MTV ownership of Harmonix's popular technology that has resulted in games like Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution.

Price/Performance Charts: U.S. retail still waiting for effect of AMD price cut

Chicago (IL) - As we are heading into the Christmas season, AMD this week adjusted the prices of some of its processors. So far, most of the price cuts have not made it into etail/retail and some of the processors impacted even increased their prices this week. Get the update in our Intel and AMD processor price/performance analysis.

More than one-third of Americans using the Net to get election info

According to a recent poll conducted by the Associated Press and America Online (AOL), 35% of all Americans are going online to become more informed about the upcoming election. When looking just at people who are likely to vote, according to the poll, that number is even higher, at 43%.

Vision-body link tested in robot experiments

Experiments involving real and simulated robots suggest that the relationship between physical movement and sensory input could be crucial to developing more intelligent machines.

Carnegie Mellon University developing real-time translator

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is developing a real-time translation device that works with facial movements instead of audible speech. Speakers talk silently while electrodes translate the facial movements into another language. The translated words are then sent through computer speakers or headphones in real-time which, from a third-person's perspective, looks like a normal conversation.

MS Office developer to become next space tourist

The billionaire software engineer set to become the next space tourist said he's been interested in space since his boyhood in the Soviet Union.

Outsourcing accelerates in LCD TV market

Due to the explosive growth of LCD TV sales, outsourced design and manufacturing activities are taking off in the television market, according to iSuppli. The portion of LCD TV manufacturing outsourced to contract manufacturers will increase to 38% of units in 2010, up from 27.1% in 2005.

Surveillance system spots violent behaviour

Smart surveillance systems capable of automatically detecting violent crimes could soon be available.

Really 'light' computers

We've been told for a while that our computers will one day use light instead of electricity.

Mobile music market estimated to reach $13 billion by 2011

Over $13 billion will be generated by all forms of mobile music by 2011, according to a forecast by research firm Informa Telecoms & Media.

Analysis: YouTube becomes a popular spot along the campaign trail

As politicians strive to look for ways to combat new revelations like Tivo-powered commercial-skipping and the continuing transition to on-demand online video, the 2006 midterm elections have made an unlikely strong presence on a new platform - YouTube. The video sharing site now has what could lead to a vital role in the upcoming round of elections.

Prime number with 9.8 million digits found

Breaking its own record for determining the largest known prime number, a team at Central Missouri State University (CMSU) has announced that they have confirmed the newest prime number, which ranks in at over 9.8 million digits long.

IPTV subscribers to reach 29.5 million worldwide in 2010, says Ovum

The number of IPTV subscribers will reach a moderate 29.5 million worldwide in 2010 from a small base of five million in 2006, with global revenues from IPTV services increasing from nearly $1.5 billion in 2006 to $9.3 billion in 2010, according to consulting firm Ovum.