A ring of robots to fight fires

Computer scientists at the Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) have developed a new kind of software to monitor wireless sensor networks.

Yahoo's cooking oil-powered car sets speed record

Yahoo! Autos cooking oil-powered car set a land speed record over the weekend at the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed near Victorville California. The heavily modified six-cylinder, 'Lipid Lightning' truck reached 98.155 mph which, according to Yahoo, is a record for a grease car.

Demand for DirectX 10-compliant graphics cards may not pick up until Vista launch

Despite Nvidia's launch of its DirectX 10-compliant GeForce 8800 GPU last week, demand for high-end graphics cards supporting DirectX 10 may not pick up until Microsoft's Vista operating system (OS) hits the market, according to industry sources.

Sales of 1080p microdisplay RPTVs overtakes those of 720p, says Quixel Research

Revenues for 1080p microdisplay (MD) models topped those of 720p MD for the first time in the third quarter, accounting for $682 million in sales, according to research firm Quixel Research, which noted that sales for the 1080p MD segment grew 124% sequentially and 333% on year.

G'day mate: Microsoft Office 2007 to understand Australian

Australian words like g'day, Sheila and bogan will be added to the Microsoft Office 2007 dictionary. More than 24,000 Australians voted for the top 20 words with g'day, short for good day, leading the pack. Office currently misrecognizes the words, thinking that they are misspellings and tries to correct them.

E-voting worries focus on failures, not fraud

Major electronic voting machine problems occurred in at least six U.S. states during the country's midterm elections, underscoring that system failure, not fraud, is the biggest issue facing future races, voting-rights activists and technologists said this week.

Intel quad-core QX6700 makes official debut in price/performance charts

The holiday shopping season begins to kick into gear these weeks, marked by a handful of the biggest electronics debuts of the entire year. On the CPU side, average prices of current processors for the Intel and AMD have formed two completely different trends, the latest edition of our price/preformance processor charts reveal.

LG.Philips LCD forecasts downstream LCD market trend

Global shipments of LCD TVs, monitors and notebooks will reach 256 million units in 2006, with shares of LCD TVs and notebooks to continue growing in the next three years, according to LG.Philips LCD.

PDP TV shipments grow only in North America in Q3, Displaysearch says

Global plasma display panel (PDP) TV shipments hit a record high in the third quarter of 2006, buoyed by strong growth in North America, but demand was down in other regions because of strong competition from LCD TVs, according to research firm Displaysearch.

DARPA funds automatic language translation project

Real-time translation of television, phone or web sites could come in a few years if the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has its way. Its funding the Global Autonomous Language Exploitation (GALE) project that will aim for 90 to 95 percent accurate translations of Arabic or Mandarin by 2010. Competitors are large companies like IBM, SRI and BBN who must make the grade every year or risk being cut from the project.

MySpace becomes hotbed for new Adware scheme

According to Internet security monitor Websense, an increasing trend is growing on Myspace, the social networking site that has an audience of millions of daily viewers, which involves tricking users into clicking on fake YouTube videos that could eventually lead to unknowingly installing damaging adware files.

IBM rolls out digital 'Eye of Sauron' - Gallery

The all-seeing 'Eye of Sauron' from the Lord of the Rings has got nothing on IBM's new S3 surveillance system. The Smart Surveillance System, S3 for short, can shift through multiple camera feeds and give real-time alerts along with showing most recent cars and people. It can even catalog and display the last the last 100 license plates, name badges or faces.

YouTube honored with "best invention" accolade

New York (NY) - Time Magazine has publsihed ts annual list of the best inventions of the year. Topping the list is video sharing site YouTube, eclipsing medical, military, and gadget innovations as the magazine's choice for the top ranked invention. Although YouTube was invented in the middle of 2005, it was considered for the 2006 selection as this year marks the finish of the first 12-month period the site has been in existence. With coverage from top news and entertainment outlets, YouTube has created a global phenomenon with impacts to literally everyone with Internet access.

Be Superman with Microsoft's 3D Virtual Earth

Microsoft has revamped its online Virtual Earth application to now include 3D tours of major U.S. cities. Superman wannabes can flying around the city and even down to the street level to view virtual billboards with advertiser sponsored content. Extra: Image Gallery

Nano-optical switches to restore sight?

Californian researchers are now using light to control biological nanomolecules and proteins.

Public key cryptography turns thirty

The thirtieth anniversary of public key cryptography was celebrated on Oct. 28 at an event co-sponsored by Voltage Security Inc. and the Computer History Museum of Silicon Valley.

Athlon 64 FX prices jump as AMD readies 4x4 CPUs

As AMD and consumers get ready for the release of the FX-70, FX-72, and FX-74 processors, prices for the existing FX-62 and FX-60 products rose in absolute dollar values more than any other processors that we looked at for this week's processor performance charts. At this time, it makes a lot of sense to hold off on buying an FX processor until the release of the new models later this month.

Yahoo woos the hungry with Yahoo! Food

Desk-bound geeks tired of eating Hot Pockets and Pop-Tarts may want to visit Yahoo's new food page. Yahoo! Food offers food information, recipes and valuable cooking videos for the culinary-challenged. Yahoo is even partnering up with some famous celebrities like Martha Stewart and Morgan Freeman to host shows and give their secret recipes.

60 million pixels for $100,000

This is the cost of "The World's Highest Resolution Seamless Display" which was built for the IdeaFestival held recently in Louisville, Kentucky.

Quantum attacks worry computer scientists

In the weird world of quantum computing, the state of computer systems networked together is so fragile that a read access to a single quantum bit, or qubit, on one machine would require a network-wide reset.