Will Twitter make you morally callous?

According to a recent study conducted by a neuroscience group at the University of Southern California, social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook harm and cripple the moral values of their users. Why? The study claims that those sites do not provide the necessary room to feel compassion or admiration.

Facebook dumbs you down

A study from Ohio State University, based on a study of 219 students, suggests that the more you use Facebook, the less you study, and the worse your grades get. However, the report’s author does say the report only shows a possible connection between Facebook use and lower performance in your studies. Sure, we all know the truth: Facebook makes you dumb, among other things.

Acer Revo: The perfect desktop for an imperfect world

Analyst Opinion - The Acer Revo comes at a time of conflict.  It targets buyers who want low cost products that use little energy, do not accept any limitations in using their PC and look cool at the same time. In addition, the best performance parts for a product for this mixed up market comes from Intel which has the Atom platform, and Nvidia, which has Ion. The problem is that Intel hates Ion and is at war with Nvidia. 

Google Street View controversy reveals our hypocrisy

As Google-logoed vehicles carrying spacey-looking cameras on their roofs fan out across the globe to snap comprehensive photo mosaics of major cities, Google Street View opponents in the United Kingdom have formed human chains and online protests to keep the privacy-busting cars out. But then we know that, thanks to the Internet, privacy no longer exists anyway. So why complain about Google?

Firefox hits 35% market share in Europe, 22% globally

Analysis – Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 has been available for 18 days and remains the company’s weakest web browser at launch since version 3. While the software now seems to be close to 4% market share, it appears to be unable to stop the bleeding of other IE versions. Since the beginning of the year, Mozilla’s Firefox has picked up more than half of the users IE lost; the other half went to Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome. This trend is evident in new market share numbers published by Net Applications and StatCounter, which show that Firefox hit a new record market share in March.

The verdict is in: The ultimate geek car is the BMW 7-series

Which car would out you as a geek these days? The Tesla Roadster? The Lexus LS? Perhaps, but if you value gadgets on four wheels (and have the necessary cash on hand), you should be driving BMW’s 2010 7-series, according to iSuppli. No other car is technologically more advanced than the new BMW flagship sedan.

Confrontational Computing: Empowering all users via the Web

Yesterday, Intel Research Berkeley held its 2009 open house with some truly amazing people on hand to demonstrate their latest ideas and wares. Some of the presentations would amaze most anybody, but one in particular caught TG Daily's eye. Have you ever read something on the web and knew for a fact that it was false? Or maybe there was something you had personal knowledge of and would like to expand upon the original author's thoughts by adding your own knowledge to the article -- even when comments aren't available? Confrontational Computing affords web surfers the ability to do just -- it's like Wikipedia for the whole web.

Complexity kills the computer industry

Analyst Opinion - AMD brought out Shanghai, their latest part in November, substantially ahead of when it was expected and it arrived in a market hungry for efficient performance but lacking in the cash needed to buy new systems.  This week Nehalem EP was released, which is arguably the biggest technology step that Intel has made this decade. Both parts are less about raw performance and are more focused on performance per watt. Right now, there is no other industry in which we care so much about what is inside the box. We only care about the benefits the solution provides. I am certain the computer industry is getting ready to take us back to that future.  

Internet update: 225 million websites, more malware and spam

Netcraft and Symantec’s Message Labs released several new interesting numbers about the Internet today. Apparently, the internet is still growing at a record pace, spam is on the rise again and more than 2700 websites hosting malware are going online every day.

Environmentalists say Earth Hour was a great success

On Saturday, in over 4,000 cities and towns in 88 countries between the hours of 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. in individual's respective time zones, the lights were turned out in observance of Earth Hour. The message: conserve energy and become more environmentally aware. The event, environmentalists say, was a great success.

Earth Hour: Lights out everybody, for global energy conservation

One hour without any electricity. Do you think Earth is ready for it? Well that's the question that will be asked and answered as this year's Earth Hour is expected to draw global participation. Individuals and companies are urged to turn off their lights, PCs and cell phones for one hour on Saturday with major technology companies participating.

All-electric Tesla Model S pics leaked

A Twitter user named kevinrose was able to post some apparently leaked photos of the all-electric Tesla Model S coupe. The white sports car is not quite finished yet, as is evidenced by slide #2 in our slideshow; however, the car is not without powerful merits. EXTRA: SLIDESHOWChicago (IL) - A Twitter user named kevinrose was able to post some apparently leaked photos of the all-electric Tesla Model S coupe. The white sports car is not quite finished yet, as is evidenced by slide #2 in our slideshow; however, the car is not without powerful merits.

User complaints prompt Facebook changes

Facebook recently underwent a major website and user interface redesign (its second within a year) and changed the layout and feature access significantly. The changes were dramatic enough to cause users to rise up with fury and frustration and a strong desire to bring the "Old Facebook" back. Finally achieving a victory of sorts, Facebook has announced that some of was changed will be reverted.

Mozilla gives 3D web another shot

3D on the Internet is about as old as 3D graphics acceleration itself. But all those ideas often disappeared quickly after their release, because they always required a special browser plug-in. Now there is a new idea to enable 3D web graphics that do not need a plug-in, but are enabled via JavaScript acceleration. Conceivably, this could hand Firefox and Chrome yet another advantage, while Microsoft will feel even more pressure to work on JavaScript acceleration for its Internet Explorer.

Google changes search results, now includes semantics

Google is working hard to deliver the highest level of quality where their search results are concerned. The company is now employing a semantic search technology, altering the existing algorithm in an attempt to make Google's suggestions more relevant.

IBM brings RFID to Volkswagen's entire supply chain

IBM and Volkswagen announced a plan yesterday to bring RFID technology to everything in Volkswagen's entire supply chain. Vendors will be required to tag every item they manufacture with RFID, or put every item manufactured in RFID-tagged containers. This process will allow inventories to be electronically tagged with far greater accuracy and speed.

Will Apple lose its power to drive market trends?

Analyst Opinion – Yesterday I was walked through how OpenCL, a relatively new programming approach that leverages the CPU and GPU, could not have happened without Apple and it reminded just how many trends the company sets. Last week I wrote about the Dell Adamo, which has its roots in an Apple idea. And, of course, it is not hard to see how the iPhone is clearly the cell phone every other cell phone vendor seems to be chasing these days. But others are catching up in many ways and I am wondering whether Apple is losing its edge.

Game console sales show unexpected strength

Recession? What recession? February brought the sixth best unit sales result for game console makers since November 2006. Nintendo and Microsoft posted substantial increases over February last year. PS3 sales dropped year-over year, but are also stronger than in recent months, according to market research firm NPD.

How to use technology correctly, and with class

Earlier this week, the social networking site Twitter was rocked by a brief Tweet exchange which stirred up feelings all over the web. The widely reported on story is of a woman, Connor Riley, who Tweeted the following: "Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work." Shortly thereafter a Cisco employee spotted the Tweet and responded with: "Who is the hiring manager. I'm sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web." The exchange launched what really seemed to be the entire Internet into an uproar.

60 million U.S. consumers may cut down on their cellphone usage

The recessions may soon be impacting cellphone usage as a new survey suggests that two out of five Americans with contract-based cellphones are thinking about cutting down on their cellphone expenses.