Web 2.0 acts as accelerant in pending corporate Darwinian shake-out, says Palladium CEO

Analyst Opinion - The impact of Web 2.0 technologies on the current global economic downturn will hasten the demise of closed and siloed corporate cultures while providing a reality-based balm on those companies that seek transformation and adaptation by tapping the wisdom of its communities.

iRobot co-founder envisions a future with robots and without you

Opinion - iRobot co-founder Rodney Brooks announced he is leaving his position as CTO to form a new robotics company. While the new company's focus and direction will not compete with iRobot's products, they will be competing with you. Brooks wants to change the way robots are used in today's labor markets. That means his robots will be in, and you will be out.

Apple WWDC vs. Microsoft TechEd: The duel of the conferences

Analyst Opinion – While many of us are consumed by Apple’s WWDC 2008, we have to remind ourselves that there is another big (actually bigger) event going on Microsoft’s TechEd. In many ways, these two conferences define both companies and reveal how different they actually are: TechEd is for IT buyers and Apple’s conference is focused on developers. Microsoft has about 10,000 attending its event Apple reports about 5,000 at their event both numbers are impressively large.

The five big technology trends of 2008

Analyst Opinion - The current Computex tradeshow means that almost half this year is over. Time to look at what technology trends this year has brought so far and draw some conclusions. There are major changes in spending patterns that may impact not only in the short term, but in the long term as well. Here are my top 5 for 2008 so far.

MacWorld is disappointing? Yeah right.

Analyst Opinion - I’m typically the last person to come to Apple’s defense but in this case while I was covering the event for Bloomberg TV and watching Apple’s stock price drop even I had to say the expectations of investors were unreasonable.

Trends in the PC space: HP’s iPhone-like PC, Gateway does color, Dell starts war against crapware

Analyst Opinion - While many of my peers were watching the battle between consoles and PCs this week and were wondering, like me, if Sony has lost the console war, we’ll save a console discussion for the future. Today, we’ll focus on what’s new in the PC market.

What Formula One tells us about the tech industry

Every year for the last four, I’ve had the privilege of attending races at the famous Brickyard, otherwise known as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Once again, this year it was interesting how you can draw parallels from racing into the tech market.    

PC trends 2007

Starting in June of every year, the PC landscape begins to get more exciting as vendors are releasing their new PC lines in that time frame. We have had a long dry run, largely because of the gap between the time that was needed to sync the lines in process with Windows Vista and the hardware that will make it sing.

Social networking sites become hub of "new media convergence"

The word "convergence" has become a bit of a dirty one in the tech world, thanks to rather crap attempts to take every device known to man and stuff it into a handheld device that doesn't have very much battery life. In the New Media world however, the word might find new and productive meaning.