Analysis: YouTube becomes a popular spot along the campaign trail

As politicians strive to look for ways to combat new revelations like Tivo-powered commercial-skipping and the continuing transition to on-demand online video, the 2006 midterm elections have made an unlikely strong presence on a new platform - YouTube. The video sharing site now has what could lead to a vital role in the upcoming round of elections.

Prime number with 9.8 million digits found

Breaking its own record for determining the largest known prime number, a team at Central Missouri State University (CMSU) has announced that they have confirmed the newest prime number, which ranks in at over 9.8 million digits long.

Vonage starts offering free local traffic reports

Vonage, an Internet telephone provider, is now offering free local traffic reports for their customers. By dialing 511 from a Vonage phone, customers in thirty areas will receive average speed and accident reports about the local freeways.

Google Earth integrates election info in U.S. map

Mountain View (CA) - Adding to Google's slate of filters and views for its widely-used Google Earth software, the Internet giant today unveiled the 2006 Google Earth Election Guide. The add-on allows users to view the entire country with district separation lines and embedded information about candidates running for Congress in each district.

Price/Performance Charts: Price of Core 2 Extreme drops ahead of quad-core launch

Chicago (IL) - If you plan on upgrading your computer with Intel's fastest processor, this may be your best opportunity yet: The latest update of our Price/Performance Charts reveals a substantial drop in etail pricing - close to $900 and substantially below any price of any other Intel Extreme processor before.

Wired catches a paedophile and promises to arm vigilantes to do the same

Kudos is to be dished out to Kevin Poulsen, Wired Senior Editor and former code monkey (to say the least); who has written an extremely interesting article about how he, using a search algorithm he programmed himself, managed to do what MySpace has said is not possible in catching registered sex offenders on the site.

Sun wants to be different in virtualization market

Sun revealed some details of its virtualization strategy, which is anchored in its Solaris 10 operating system. In a sea of very similar virtualization platforms and approaches, Sun believes that being different and adding value will be a significant contributor to success in this segment.

Some Americans are Internet addicts: Stanford study

Are we a nation of Internet addicts? Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine think that some of us are. In a telephone-based study, researchers say one out of eight Americans showed signs of excessive Internet use. They also concluded that the typical addict is a single white male who spends approximately 30 hours a week surfing the net.

Solar cells inch up in efficiency

Kyocera today said that it has achieved a new world record of 18.5% energy conversion efficiency with a 15 cm x 15 cm (5.9" x 5.9") multi-crystalline silicon solar cell. According to the company, the new results exceeds prior records, which were set by the company, including 14.5% in 1989, 17.1% in 1996, and 17.7% in 2004.

Reuters to bring news to Second Life

News agency Reuters has become a news target itself as it announced today plans to open a virtual bureau in the online life-simulation platform Second Life. Users will now be able to look up Reuters reports about the world of Second Life as well as the real world within the virtual environment.

Intels' Core 2 Duo E6400 joins the Price/Performance Charts

How could we have left out Intel's Core 2 Duo E6400 from our Price/Performance charts? Several readers complained last week about the lack of Intel's E6400/E6300 mainstream processors in our charts which provide a weekly update on the best value in the retail processor market. This week, the data of the E6400 became available - and began to cause more headaches for the green team.

Comcast worker snoozes at customer's house

A Comcast worker was caught sleeping on the job, not once, but twice. The Maironi family in Garden City Michigan had a Comcast worker fix the cable system, but found the worker asleep after one hour. One of the family members took a picture of the worker who was sprawled out on his bed.

Growth of Internet slows considerably in September

Following a period of huge gains in new hostnames, the growth of the Internet took a break in September and added just 1.08 million new addresses - which is about only one fourth of the increase that was seen in recent months.

High-def media to dominate home video market by 2012

Monterey (CA) - It will take high-definition media - HD DVD and Blu-ray - another six years to surpass the revenues generated by standard definition DVDs, a market forecast suggests. Even with sales that are estimated to come in at less than $100 million this year, the battle between the two HD formats has begun to show a negative impact on the video industry.

Orange County Auto Show: What gadgets do your $$$ buy today?

Anaheim (CA) - Not too long ago, car navigation systems and LCD screens turned heads, but today car electronics are quite common and no longer attract much attention. Many of the new 2007 model year cars on display at Orange County Auto Show in had some type of gizmo installed. Join us for a visit on the showfloor to see how car interiors of $30,000 to $100,000 cars look today.

Microsoft's next Office file format reaches final draft status

Microsoft Blogger Brian Jones today announced that the final draft of Office Open XML, Microsoft's default file format in the upcoming Office 2007 productivity suite has been approved within the framework of the standardization body of Ecma.

Sun to hold press conference in Second Life

Sun Microsystems announced today that they are going to enter the online virtual world known as Second Life, and will mark their presence by presenting what they are calling the first press conference to be held in Second Life by a Fortune 500 company.

CPU price/performance update: AMD undercuts Intel on the low end

Chicago (IL) - In the past few weeks, quite dramatic price reductions in the retails space had time to calm down: Intel's Core 2 Duo is shipping in volume and AMD adjusted its prices to react to the new market environment. Time for an update of our price/performance chart series, just before the launch of Intel's quad-core chip and AMD's 4x4 platform.

Foley scandal provides plenty of material for humor on the Internet

Batavia (IL) - Political scandals have been around for ages, but with the Internet they can quickly morph into a cultural phenomenon. No doubt you've heard Representative Mark Foley's lurid instant messages to a congressional page, but did you know that bloggers and other enterprising people have made videos and produced Flash games lampooning the scandal?

Social networking sites a ticking security time bomb, study indicates

Islandia (NY) - Social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook may pose more security risks than physical threats such as sexual predators contacting kids and teenagers. A survey raises the concern that fraud, identity theft and computer spyware and viruses combined with negligent user behavior could flourish on social networking sites.