HD DVD gets early lead over Blu-ray in online discussions

Watertown (MA) - In a report that took a look at consumer feelings about the next-generation DVD formats, including blogs and online discussion boards, research company Cymphony says that HD DVD is the preferred choice at this time. See pictures of the PS3 and other Blu-ray Disc players ...

Internet2 launches 100 Gb network

The Internet2, a network that connects about 200 U.S. universities, has just turned 10 years old and celebrated its birthday with the launch of a new portion that provides a bandwidth of 100 Gb/s. By mid-2007, Internet2 members will be able to transmit Gigabytes of data in a matter seconds rather than minutes and hours.

80% of parents reported to pay attention to ESRB ratings

According to a new survey by video game publisher Activision, nearly 80% of parents with children who play video games pay "close attention" to the ESRB rating system, conquering the conventional thought that the ratings do not have an impact on most parents.

Family of missing CNET editor found, James Kim still missing

The wife and daughters of missing CNET senior editor James Kim have been found. 30-year-old Kati along four year-old Penelope and seven-month Sabine were found by search and rescue helicopters at around 1:45 PM PST near in Josephine County, Oregon. James Kim is still missing.

3D transistors cut power consumption by 50%

Munich (Germany) - Infineon today said that it has developed multi-gate FINFET transistors, often also described as 3D transistors that dramatically reduce the amount of leakage current. The chip company believes that portable devices built around 3D transistors technology could run about twice as long as products using traditional planar circuitry.

AMD prices drop as Quad FX becomes available

Chicago (IL) - It has been a busy week for AMD, as the company unveiled the two-socket dual-core platform Quad FX and showed off its first native quad-core processor to analysts. And the PR frenzy is not over with more news being expected this coming week. The announcements are still fresh, but we already noticed some impact on AMD processor pricing.

Military searching for greener jet fuel

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking for alternative fuels for our military jets. The department has started a program called BioFuels that will find companies who can produce 100 liters of biofuel that can replace the JP-8 standard military aviation fuel.

BMW debuts liquid hydrogen luxury car at the LA Auto Show

BMW offered a first public view on its first limited production hydrogen-powered car, the Hydrogen 7. Officially introduced at the currently held Los Angeles Auto Show, the luxury sedan uses liquid hydrogen and can switch to gasoline power with a push of a button. During a media only press conference at the show, BMW officials told reporters that "you can't tell the difference" when switching to gasoline.

At last, Corel announces support for ODF, Open XML

Ottawa (ON) - Some decisions take time. Answering the question whether to implement support for the Open Document Format in its Word Perfect software or not, took Corel more than a year. At last, the long-time supporter of ODF today announced that it will update WordPerfect Office to support the XML-based ODF as well as Microsoft's Open Office XML format.

90% of email estimated to be spam

Despite rampant attempts to squash spammers, a new report from Internet messaging company Postini says that 9 out of every 10 e-mails is junk, an amount that is reportedly triple from what it was six months ago.

Maryland court to webcast trials

Maryland's Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state, is putting into place plans to Webcast live sessions of the court, throwing its hat into the ring of a handful of other states that have a similar online outreach.

Rainbow Versatile Disc - storage for 450 GB

Sainul Abideen from India claims to have found a new way of storing massive amounts on data. Abideen, who recently graduated from the Muslim Educational Society Engineering College, said that his "Rainbow Technology" enables data to be stored on paper or plastic surfaces.

Xerox develops paper that erases itself

Xerox believes it has found a way to dramatically reduce the consumption of paper: The firm has developed a technology that automatically erases the prints on paper after one day - and allows the paper to be reused "multiple times".

Security concerns estimated to cost etailers $2 billion in 2006

A continued series of online and offline security breaches is showing its impact on Internet buying patterns among US adults, Gartner reports. According to the market research firm, almost $2 billion will not be spent online this year because of security concerns that keeps shoppers from certain sites or from shopping online entirely.

More people are tuning into podcasts

According to a study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the number of people who have downloaded a podcast has reached a new all-time high, though the amount of loyal listeners is still very low.

Intel quad-core processor pricing makes unexpected drop

With the big Thanksgiving weekend in full swing, we are taking one more snapshot of processor etail pricing before the holiday shopping season officially enters the feverish final month. The chart kept some flexibility this week with the most significant changes happening on the very high end: The average price of Intel's QX6700 CPU dropped $99 from last week.

Media servers to water-resistant televisions - Electronic House Expo Roundup

Putting as much electronic gear into your home, while controlling it at the same time is the name of the game at the annual Electronic House Expo, which recently wrapped up in Long Beach. Television and lighting control companies showed off their wares, but there were also some traditional computer companies thrown into the mix.

Intel quad-core increases pricing pressure on AMD

Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX6700 has officially arrived and already shows a strong impact on the rest of the company's processor line-up in the latest edition of our processor price/performance charts. Average prices for most Intel chips dropped from last week, as did the green team's processors: AMD quickly needs faster CPUs to sustain its position in the higher-end mainstream.

Snow plows get salted with GPS systems

As the country gears for Winter, states vulnerable for snowstorms are preparing for the next few months with heaters, snow plows, and local news tickers to show school closings. At least one of these is about to get easier in Indiana, as the state rolls out snow plows equipped with GPS systems.

Larry King has never searched the Internet

Plagued with jokes about his age, Larry King did nothing to show an acceptance of new culture when he recently admitted that he's never done a single Internet search in his life.