Americans favor news broadcast over YouTube citizen video news

A recent Zogby poll showed that most Americans still like the regular evening news broadcast over citizen video news reports posted on YouTube. Citizen news reports are basically where a regular Joe records a news event with a small camcorder or even a cellphone camera. However in the 25 to 34 demographic, one out of four would watch citizen videos over regular broadcasts.

Your "digital living" will be worth $300 billion per year by 2010 - report

According to a new report out by technology research firm Parks Associates, the amount of money spent on digital living products and services, like mobile phone and Internet costs, will reach $300 billion within four years.

DVD players now more common in U.S. households than VCRs

After having been the symbol for home video entertainment for more than 40 years, the U.S. market penetration das dipped below the penetration of DVD players for the very first time. Nielsen Media Research reports that 81.2% of U.S. households owned a DVD player in Q3 of this year, while 79.2% are still using video recorders.

TG Daily Top-10: Tech lawsuits of 2006

Round 3 in our top-10 series to wrap up the past twelve months. Much of our daily reporting involves talking about lawsuits. In the tech business, lawsuits are the new black. Individuals, lawyers and companies, it appears, sue for anything, anywhere. Click back with us through the most significant and outrageous technology suits of the year.

Sony working on video download service

After fighting stagnant sales of its PSP handheld for several months, Sony is now working on a video download service that it hopes will pose a real threat to the iTunes video store.

Processor prices settle for final holiday swing

As we approach the end of the Christmas shopping season, there is a certain kind of calmness in the microprocessor space: AMD rolled out the final products for this year, but they come too late to bring a visible impact to the pricing of most processors. Most of them are sitting in a comfortable space. Time to look at pricing histories to identify which CPUs are good deals around Christmas.

FCC approves DS-OFDM UWB modulation technique

Focus Enhancements today announced it has received FCC approval for its Ultra Wideband (UWB) DS-OFDM modulation scheme. The approval was granted without the waiver restrictions that are currently being applied to the WiMedia Standard UWB technology.

AMD questions current multi-core trend

New York (NY) - AMD chief technology officer Phil Hester voiced concerns over the implications of the trend to integrate an increasing number of similar cores into one package. The company indicated that it could part with a strategy of using dozens of cores in one CPU and would turn to developing "Accelerated Processing Units," short APUs instead.

Fuel-cells and Hybrids steal the spotlight at the Los Angeles Auto Show

Cars shows are usually about who has the meanest, fastest and in recent years the biggest cars. But at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show the greenest cars are taking the spotlight. Companies are showing off fuel cell concept cars along with their old hybrid vehicles. General Motors even announced the first ever plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Myspace pummels Yahoo in online ranking

Chicago (IL) - Continuing the upswing trend for Myspace, while ringing in more bad news for Yahoo, Comscore's latest Internet rankings show the social networking site topping the former search leader for the first time. In November, Comscore reports that Myspace received 38.7 billion page views in the US, compared to 38.1 billion for Yahoo. This marks a 300% increase for Myspace from a year ago, while Yahoo's growth has been stagnant.

What you will see at CES and MacWorld

The Consumer Electronics Show is coming up in a few short weeks (Jan 8-11). It can be a very depressing show because it effectively showcases just how much of the stuff you got over the holidays will soon be obsolete. Apple isn't at CES but won't make its customers sleep well either: The company is expected to announce a bunch of new products during MacWorld (Jan 8-12).

Weather inquirers prefer cell phone over PC

According to a new study by MobileWeb Metrix, which tracks trends among mobile Internet use, more users are looking up weather information from their cell phones than from a notebook or desktop PC.

Nation's energy grid could power almost 185 million electric cars

A Department of Energy report shows that the U.S. energy grid could support up to 185 million electric or hybrid cars. The department believes a switch to the newer vehicles would clean up the environment and could even improve our national security situation by reducing the need for imported oil.

Research team shows off potential flash memory successor

San Francisco (CA) - A joint team of scientists from IBM, Macronix, and Qimonda today announced details about a new phase-change memory chip, which they claim marks the next step in finding a successor to the universal flash memory format. The non-volatile memory is estimated to be about 500 times faster than Flash, while using less than one-half the power to write data into a cell.

Launch of 65 nm CPUs rings in new round of AMD retail price drops

Chicago (IL) - Last week, news of the unveiling of AMD's Quad FX platform coincided with prices for virtually all of the company's existing processors decreasing. This week, the company introduced its first 65 nm X2 processors, which caused average retail prices to slip across the board.

Mozilla puts up alpha version of Firefox 3.0

Chicago (IL) - Mozilla fans still starry-eyed from the recent release of Firefox 2.0 can already get a glimpse at what the next version of the browser will look like, as an alpha version of Firefox 3.0 has recently been uploaded to Mozilla's public FTP server. Screenshots of Firefox 2.0 ...

Web site count climbs past 105 million

105,244,649 web sites populated the Internet at the beginning of December, according to report released by Netcraft.

Apple is taking a big bite out of the environment

Apple may be the leader in the market of MP3 players, but in the world of environmental friendliness, the company holds an entirely different distinction. According to Greenpeace, Apple is ranked dead last on the scale of green electronics, failing to make virtually any accommodation to lessen its output of electronic waste.

Iran bans YouTube

The Iranian government seems to have had it with ninjas and the Star Wars Kid and has banned YouTube. The popular video sharing site has been branded a public nuisance and has been taken off the web. Surfers to the site will see a message that it is not authorized according to Iranian law.

Missing CNET Editor found deceased

The body of missing CNET senior editor James Kim was found earlier today. He and his family were stranded in the mountains for eleven days after taking a wrong turn in the family car. He left his car to find help for his stranded family on Saturday, but never made it back. Kati Kim, James' wife, and his two daughters were found safe two days ago.