No format war means 3D will quickly become mainstream

While there is still a battle for 3D acceptance in the home, the lack of a format war for home media could lead to a faster adoption rate and increased interest.

YouTube filters offensive content

YouTube has introduced an optional "Safety Mode" filter designed to help users screen out potentially objectionable content.

Yet another Bada Bing: Microsoft search gets Facebook

Forget Google! Microsoft has confirmed that it will soon offer Facebook users full access to its snazzy Bing search engine.

Facebook Smackdown: Gmail and Internet news targeted

Marshall Kirkpatrick of Read Write Web has hypothesized that Facebook could eventually depose Google by becoming the world's "leading" news reader.

Google Chrome takes market share from Firefox and IE

Google Chrome has managed to capture at least 5 percent of the browser market share from rivals Internet Explorer and Firefox.

'Wet' computing system aims to mimic brain processes

Researchers at the University of Southampton are embarking on a project to develop a new kind of information processing technology inspired by the chemical processes in living systems.

Facebook doesn't want you to kill yourself

Death is bad for business, says social networking site Facebook.

The web is killing English

A Welsh researcher warns that sloppy spelling and grammar is dumbing down the language.

Architects create inflatable metal structures

Two Zurich architects are producing 'blow-up' metal objects up to six meters across, thanks to a new welding robot.

Oxford pub of the decade revealed

Review This one has got everything, bar none

A decade in IT: the misery continues

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Facebook responsible for a fifth of divorces

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Ford gets with the wi-fi in its groovy cars

Rolling mobile hotspots

Producer offered $30 million for YouTube video

"Anyone can do it"

Miserable SOBs live in cities

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Iranian hackers take Twitter down

Iranian Cyber Army strikes

Kids sexting because they can

Nekkid phone pics the new Wassup!

Kepler unveils Motion supercar

0 to 60 in under 2.5 seconds

Japanese store sells humanoid robots

A $225,000 silicon companion