IBM brings cloud computing to universities

 IBM is taking its version of cloud computing to universities around the world to solve what Big Blue says are "real world problems." These include initiatives in Qatar, South Africa and Japan. By bring cloud computing to these remote places, IBM hopes to foster an air of cooperative advancement in machine utilization and software abilities.

Report: Netbooks the next big portable thing

 Netbooks, those stripped down cousins of laptop computers, could well be the personal computer companion of millions going forward. This idea is being put forth by ABI Research, based upon data forecasts of upcoming netbook sales.

Challenges that come with the delay to Digital TV

 Time is winding down on the switch to digital television, and soon analog signals will no longer be broadcast. Analysts claim that over 6.5 million households are not yet prepared for the switch. Congress is ready to pull the plug and institute a delay until June 12, however this could pose problems of its own.

Wikipedia edits may become more restricted

 It would seem that absolutely nothing is immune to abuse and misuse, which is why Wikipedia is now prepared to introduce a system which disallows new and anonymous users to instantly publish changes to its virtual encyclopedia.

All electric car Aptera 2e in production

 California will soon be home to a production version of the Aptera 2e (see TG Daily's previous coverage with pictures). The futuristic, all-electric, highly aerodynamic car will go on sale only in California for starting at $25,000, will have a range about 100 miles on electric alone (down from previous 125 mile estimate). Like Chevy's Volt,a 2010 model (revised from previous 2009 estimate) small gasoline engine will be available to recharge the batteries, extending that range

Obama Truth Tracker website includes technology promises

 An enormous 26-page Obameter (Truth-o-Meter) has been constructed by political activists intent on holding Obama accountable for campaign promises. The pages list campaign promises by Obama, and whether or not they are true, false, in progress or no action as of yet. TG Daily has identified over 80 of the 510 items that may be of interest to our readers.

Dr. Craig Barrett leaving Intel after 35 years, retiring in May

 Dr. Craig Barrett joined Intel in 1974. During his time there, he's moved up through the ranks starting at technology development manager, then VP, Senior VP, Executive VP, COO, President, CEO from 1998 through 2005, and finally Chairman of the Board since. Barrett, now 25,350 days old (69.4 years), is looking to change all of that. Intel announced today he will be retiring in May after 35 years of service to the company.

Google Maps and New York City create ingenious local resource

 The newly launched NYCGo website, created by the New York City government in conjunction with Google, is designed to provide resources for both visitors and locals. Along with the launch came the unveiling of a newly renovated New York City Information Center, which is located just a few blocks north of the tourist Mecca - Times Square.

Internet becomes home to one billion people for first time

 TechPulse360 has posted a chart showing that for the first time ever the number of 15-yr and older individuals on the Internet has exceeded one billion.

A peek inside Apple's top-secret design facility

Documentary filmmaker Gary Hustwit is one of the lucky few allowed to set foot inside Apple's most sacred design facility, one that's authorized to only a handful of Apple employees. It's the place where Apple's "design czar" Jonathan Ive and his team dream up new gadgets. The director interviewed Ive for his film and has posted a rare photo of the interior of that facility.

Britannica looking to give Wikipedia a run for its money with online editing

 In effort to compete with Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia Britannica company is opening up their online version to editing by contributors everywhere. Unlike Wikipedia, however, all changes will be reviewed and edited before being posted.

Microsoft still has eye on Yahoo's search business

 Microsoft's recent layoff of 5,000 employees due to a grim financial report has changed a lot, but one thing will remain the same and that is Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO. Ballmer wants to get his arms around the Yahoo search business. Whether he manages to win the heart of Carol Bartz or not, he doesn't really care because his goal is investing in Internet search engines to compete with Google.

Qualcomm vehemently opposing DTV switch delay

 Many mobile phone companies are stressed over the decision to push out the DTV switch, possibly until June 12 - and Qualcomm is among the most stressed.

U.S. Coast Guard not responding to analog distress calls after Feb 1

 The U.S. Coast Guard issued a press release yesterday stating that on February 1, 2009, they will no longer respond to distress calls sent with analog equipment. The move is similar to what's happening presently with the analog to digital TV switch, and one the Coast Guard believes "is vital to mariner, aviator safety."

UPDATED: Antarctica: Not immune to global warming

 Many individuals have shunned the idea that Global Warming actually exists due to the fact that Antarctica was believed to be cooling over the last 50 years. However a new study proves that since 1957, when the temperature was measured for the entire continent, the it has risen by one degree Fahrenheit on average.

iPhone and iPod touch get a firing solution

In case you think you've seen it all when it comes to the iPhone/iPod touch uses, think again! We bet Apple engineers never envisioned that someone might come up with military uses for the two gadgets. So, what do you get what you mount iPhone or iPod touch to the M110 Sniper Rifle via a specially crafted mount and then load the accompanying ballistics software? A firing solution, of course. The combination lets firearm aficionados dynamically calculate firing solutions with ease, delivering the bullet right in the bull's eye.

Online funeral webcasts growing in popularity

 Many times individuals lose loved ones and for certain reasons are unable to make the trip to the location of the funeral. For those individuals, this can be a great stress and is often times very painful.

NASA to air high definition video tour of recent ISS additions

 During the last Space Shuttle mission, Expedition 18 Commander Mike Fincke filmed a high definition tour of the International Space Station. Flight Engineers Sandy Magnus and Yury Lonchakov will appear in a 35-minute HD video on NASA Television's HD Channel 105 at 1pm CST and 3pm CST both Thursday (tomorrow) and Friday.

The White House starts blogging, goes web 2.0 and social

The new administration of yesterday's sworn-in U.S. President Barack Obama has taken its first steps toward change by unveiling an entirely redesigned White House website. The symbolic move reaffirms Obama's tech-savvyness and puts technology on the map for his administration. With this change, the official White House website is finally, for the first time ever, in sync with the latest web 2.0 trends - including blogging, YouTube videos and eye-catching slideshows. The welcomed change results in a sophisticated, inviting and more personal experience.

Historical image archives making their way to the web

 In the last century photography has evolved tremendously. Photos that once took days to get developed and returned to you can now be snapped digitally from cameras, cell phones, and other devices and uploaded to a computer and printed out with color inkjet and laser printers in seconds.