Congress now expected to approve a DTV switchover delay this week

 On Wednesday, the United States House of Representatives should complete congressional action on a bill which would delay the switch from analog to digital television from February 17 to June 12. It would seem that this matter is constantly discussed as of late, and the more it is talked about the more confusing it becomes.

NASA tracks regional "Green Changes"

 The changing appearance of Earth's green surface strata on a regional scale recently got a serious examination courtesy of NASA and some high resolution aerial photos from the private sector. These tools of choice allow time-lapse sequences from compiled satellite images and close-up photos, which reveal trends seen in the disappearing green.

Mars Rover works through a technical bump in the road

 On Sunday, the Mars rover Spirit didn't carry out the instructions it received. Spirit has been on the surface of Mars for 1800 days. On Sunday, the rover reported it had received its instructions okay, but the pictures it sent back showed that it hadn't moved as it should.

Boeing preps fifth of six 787 planes for test flights

Boeing today said that it has resumed the production of its 787 Dreamliner planes yesterday. The fifth plane designated for test flights is the first to carry General Electric GEnx engines.

Putin rejects Dell's offer of aid

 At the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin, the prime minister of Russia, took questions from attendees. The first question from Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell, met with an unexpected "boot to the head". He asked the prime minister in what ways technology companies could aid Russia in making the best use of its technology interests and talent. To put it mildly, Putin was not impressed with the question.

Professional videos could come to YouTube via new agreement

 YouTube is close to closing a deal with talent provider William Morris Agency, which would mean that company's clients would star in productions designed specifically for YouTube's format on the web. Production companies could bypass "straight to video," going instead "straight to YouTube."

Nvidia CEO says Intel's Atom could hurt the hardware and software industries

 Yesterday,'s Mark Spoonauer sat down with Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, who had some very outspoken things to say about Intel's Atom processor, including "Atom could potentially hurt the software industry."

Study: Most people could not care less about global warming

 Though I have already gathered this due to the increasing number and types of comments appearing on TG Daily, a recent Pew Center Report indicates there are not many things individuals care less about right now than global warming.

Report: America's science output decreasing, but still has big impact

 A report by Thomas Reuters says the growth of America's science contributions to the global industry by raw number seems to be shrinking. The report also indicates that while the trend is a decrease by count, the U.S. still retains a healthy footing worldwide with the relative impact of its research.

NEC goes Minority Report: Targeted advertising from face recognition

 The science fiction of targeted virtual advertising as you move around town has now entered a phase of reality from an announcement NEC made today. The recently launched technology, called Eye Flavor, uses facial recognition to "guess" at what people want to see.

UPDATED #2: House delays DTV vote, switch planned for Feb 17

 The final vote which would determine whether or not the digital television delay is approved will be postponed until Wednesday morning, but last night the members of the House traveled to Washington, D.C. in spite of a major ice storm to exchange opinions regarding the switch.UPDATE #2: It is confirmed that the U.S. House defeated the bill. The analog to digital TV switchover will take place on Feb 17, just 20 days from today.

Family dog cloned after cancer, named Lancelot "Encore"

 When you purchase, or adopt a new animal of any type you know that one day, more than likely within your lifetime, your pet will die. When Nina and Ed Otto first put their arms around their sweet little yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, named Lancelot, they too knew this was a fact. But when Lancelot died of cancer at the age of 11, they became interested in the concept of cloning their dog, claiming that it was due to their interest in science-fiction.

Fraunhofer claims world record in solar cell efficiency - 41.1%

 Solar cells remains one of the most fascinating and promising research areas these days. Scientists at the German Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systems (ISE) recently announced that they've developed a solar cell capable of providing 41.1% efficiency, which is the highest level achieved to date. They are now working to make the technology commercially available.

Data Privacy Day: Educating an online population

 Today is the third annual Data Privacy Day observed unofficially in Canada and the United States. It's a day set aside to spotlight computer privacy and protection issues which affect online users. For the past two years, companies like Microsoft, Intel and MySpace, along with various advocacy groups and individuals, have used the day for special events, presentations and to promote general public awareness of the risks involved when going online.

First patent for "Armageddon Clothing" awarded

 Radiation Shield Technologies (RST), a developer of what it terms "personal-protection systems for ionizing and nuclear radiation," said today it has been awarded a nanotechnology patent for the world’s first protective material designed for all types of chemical, biological, radiological and even nuclear incidents. It is called Demron.

DOE develops an ethanol Fuel Cell catalyst

 Scientists working for the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory say they've developed a new catalyst which could make feasible ethanol-powered fuel cells. This step forward in fuel cell research marks a step further forward in developing clean, renewable energy sources.

Studies: Climate Change, barren oceans, potentially irreversible

 A recent simulation of warming trends on earth has deemed that a failure to reduce greenhouse gas pollution within the next 50 years could cause the Earth's oceans to become barren for the next 100,000 years.

AMD Phenom II X4 at 6.5 GHz with liquid helium, 45,474 3DMarks

 A video appeared last Thursday on the YouTube channel AMDUnprocessed showing the processes and techniques used to supercool an AMD Phenom II CPU to well below -200 degrees Celsius, while pushing the CPU and motherboard to 6.5 GHz. The best result was achieved by Sami Makinen of AMD taking a 6.3 GHz overclocked Phenom II-powered Dragon system to a world-record of 45,474 3DMarks in 3DMark 05.

Report: HDTV ownership up, but not much HD content viewing

 Having a high definition television (HDTV) in your home doesn't necessarily equate to using it for true HD content, at least according to a new study from research firm In-Stat. They concluded there's a significant gap between HDTV ownership and actual HD content viewing.

European space satellite GOCE to map Earth's gravitational field

 A new European Space Agency satellite will be launching this year, possibly as soon as February. Its job will be to map out the planet's gravitational field in extreme detail. The Gravity Field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) will be launched for the purpose of gathering data to be used in oceanography, climate change, and solid Earth physics. GOCE is the first Core Earth Explorer satellite to be developed as part of ESA's Living Planet Programme.