Dec. 9, 1968: The mother of all demos

Microsoft offers to reduce search data in Europe

LCD panel prices continue to drop in December

AMD global notebook market share might drop below 10% next year due to netbooks

NASA to launch Hubble repair mission in May 2009

LCD monitor shipments flat in Q3, says DisplaySearch

NASA pays Russian space agency $141 million for Soyuz space flights

Intel Core i7 965 overclocked to 5.51 GHz

Merriam-Webster announces its top 10 words for 2008

Intel retires more CPUs, quad-core Q6700 and dual-core E4700 aims to become a one-stop social networking portal

UPDATE: AMD Shanghai versus Intel Nehalem at 45nm

Small- to mid-size TFT-LCD shipments to decline 2% in Q4 08, iSuppli says

Enterprise HDDs shifting from 3.5" to 2.5" in mainstream size, says WD

Virgin America offers in-flight wireless Internet via Gogo

SearchWiki Search personalized by Google

Infrared light shown to stimulate neurons, help deaf people hear

Web video developing into cable alternative

NIST releases final report on 9/11 WTC7 collapse

{mosimage}Yesterday, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released its final report on the September 11, 2001 collapse of World Trade Center building #7 (WTC7). The report states that a crucial column (number 79) failed due to uncontrolled fires burning on several floors which produced "an extraordinary event." Once column 79 failed, it "initiated a fire-induced progressive collapse that brought the building down."

A diamond bigger than Earth discovered