Crossword software thrashes human challengers

A crossword-solving computer program triumphed in a competition against humans.

The Bear robot to the rescue

According to Associated Content, Vecna Robotics has built a prototype of the BEAR Robot for the U.S. Army.

Panels for small-size LCD TVs to rise in price in September

Prices for 15" and 20" LCD TV panels stand a good chance to rise in September, according to panel makers.

Vizio and Maxent benefit from rising sales of 50" PDP TVs in North America

Taiwanese brands Vizio and Maxent, co-promoting their products with nationwide retail store chains in the US, continue generating growth in sales on the wave of rising demand for 50" PDP (plasma display panel) TVs in the North America market, according to market sources.

Prices for 37" LCD TVs fall below $1000

In only one year, prices for 37" LCD TVs in North America fell below $1000, the same price level for the 32" segment an year ago, amid fast falling LCD panel prices, according LCD TV makers and industry sources.

Global PDP TV shipments rose 30% in Q2

Global PDP (plasma display panel) TV shipments rose 30% on quarter and 95% on year to 2.2 million units in the second quarter of 2006, capturing 5% of worldwide TV shipments, up from 4% in the first quarter, according to Displaysearch.

Airbus files for anti-jetlag patent

People have tried to reduce or eliminate jetlag ever since the invention of air travel. Some use special protein diets while others blast themselves with "daylight" spectrum lights. Now Airbus, the European jumbo jet maker, has filed for a patent on a jetlag reducing airplane seat.

Military robo-surgeon prepares for battle

Life-saving operations on soldiers in combat zones could become possible thanks to a portable robotic surgeon that allows doctors to perform surgery on the battlefield without endangering themselves.

Dell drops out of MP3 player race

Dell is pulling out of the digital music player business, apparently conceding that it cannot compete with Apple a year after introducing the DJ Ditty MP3 device as an affordable alternative to the Ipod Shuffle.

Pentagon warns of Internet incursion by Chinese cyber-terrorists :GCN

From Government Computer News

EDGE handset shipments to reach 148 Million units in 2006

EDGE enabled handsets have never attracted the same levels of attention that "sexier" technologies such as WCDMA and HSDPA have enjoyed. In fact EDGE can best be described as the Cinderella of the cellular handset world.

Mobile breakthrough doubles chip speed

Engineers at the University of Southampton have developed technology to double the speed of chips commonly used in mobile devices.

Google's Writely service back in beta testing

Google's Writely online word processing service is now up and running, providing a new challenge to Microsoft's Office applications dominance.

Computer helper speeds neuroscience experiments

A computer system that monitors the behaviour of simple creatures for neuroscience experiments could ultimately help scientists develop new drugs, researchers say.

Monitor panel ASP expected to surge in H2 August

Following a 5.8% increase in the price of 17" monitor panels in the first half of August, surging demand is pushing mainstream panel prices higher in the second half of August, according to WitsView Technology.

LCD TV to overtake PDP TV in 40"-range TV market by year-end

The combined shares of 40" and 42" LCD TVs will exceed that for PDP (plasma display panel) TVs in the global 40" to 49" TV market by the fourth quarter of this year.

'Ballistic' nanotransistors?

Computer designers at the University of Rochester (UR) say they've invented the next generation of transistors.

PC TV survey gives away 21" widescreen LCD, HDCP graphics card

Jon Peddie Research is currently running a survey on "PC usage and desires."

Acer has good chance of beating Toshiba in global notebook ranking in 2006

Acer's total volume of notebook orders is estimated to exceed eight million units in 2006, slightly ahead of Toshiba with 7-8 million notebooks, according to sources at Taiwan notebook manufacturers.

Displaysearch: Global LCD TV shipments up 28% in Q2; Philips still on top

Last quarter, global LCD TV shipments reached 9.4 million units, up 28% from 7.4 million units in the first quarter, according to Displaysearch.