Prices for 32" panels to fall below $300

Prices for 32" panels may fall below $300 to $290 in the third quarter of 2007, with quotes for 40" panels to also drop to nearly $500 during the period, according to Displaybank.

Strong demand sustains worldwide growth for storage software market

The worldwide storage software market experienced its 12th consecutive quarter of on-year growth in the third quarter of 2006 with revenues of $2.5 billion, representing a 10.7% on-year growth, according to International Data Corporation (IDC).

Fuel cell technology not ready for rapid commercialization?

Mass adoption of notebook-use direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) systems may start in 2010-2011, said Kamal Shah, mobility enabling initiative manager of Intel's mobile platforms group, on the sidelines of the Taiwan International Small Fuel Cell Application Technical Forum organized by design and engineering startup Antig Technology and its supporters this week in Taipei.

Built-in 3/3.5G may be next big thing in notebook market

Communications chip suppliers are eying the huge business opportunities promised by notebooks with built-in 3/3.5G modules.

Intel, TSMC report progress towards 32 nm

According to Digitimes, both Intel and TSMC are making great strides towards a 32 nm chip-making process.

A terabyte of data on a regular DVD?

This is the promise of the 3D Optical Data Storage system developed at the University of Central Florida (UCF). This technology allows to record and store at least 1,000 GB of data on multiple layers of a single disc.

Homemade Firefox videos to become TV ads

Mozilla announced today that Firefox browser fans are underwriting four 30-second videos to air on U.S. primetime TV this month.

US science teachers pass on climate DVDs

Psst! Want 50,000 free DVDs? The US National Science Teachers Association didn't, even though the DVDs in question were of An Inconvenient Truth, the climate change movie that is required viewing for all children in Norway and Sweden.

Analyst says Apple console possible

That Apple will forge a path into the videogame console hardware scene is a "distinct possibility", said Prudential analyst Jesse Tortora.

Basketball stats shown live on players' shirts

Basketball vests (singlets) with electroluminescent displays that show a player's score, and number of fouls, are being trialled in Australia.

Search continues for Cnet editor lost in Oregon

Fresh search teams prepared to join the hunt for a San Francisco man who set out on foot Saturday to find help for his stranded family in Oregon's snowy coastal mountains.

Timetable for Moon colony announced

NASA plans to permanently occupy an outpost at one of the Moon's poles, officials announced on Monday.

Mercedes wants to wake up sleepy drivers

According to various scientific studies, between 10 and 20 per cent of serious traffic accidents can be attributed to drowsiness and fatigue. In the U.S. alone, over 100,000 accidents are caused by driver fatigue every year, in which 1,500 people are killed and a further 71,000 injured.

Ancient calculator was 1,000 years ahead of its time

An ancient astronomical calculator made at the end of the 2nd century BC was amazingly accurate and more complex than any instrument for the next 1,000 years, scientists said on Wednesday.

Bot spreads through antivirus, Windows flaws

University security experts warned administrators on Monday that a bot program has started to spread by exploiting five patched Microsoft vulnerabilities and a six-month-old flaw in Symantec's antivirus software.

Network-equipment makers eye mobile WiMAX products in 2007

A number of Taiwan-based network-equipment makers, including Gemtek Technology, Accton Technology and Zyxel Communications, are expected to begin commercial shipments, albeit in small volumes, of mobile WiMAX products in the first quarter of 2007, although many market sources indicated that a real takeoff of WiMAX applications isn't likely to come until 2008, according to market sources.

Intel P965, Microsoft Vista to boost adoption of SATA optical drives

Intel's P965 chipset and Microsoft's Vista operating system are expected to speed up adoption of SATA (serial advanced technology attachment) and displace ATAPI (ATA packet interface) as the mainstream interface standard for optical drives in the second half of 2007, according to optical disc drive (ODD) manufacturers in Taiwan.

Samsung takes top position in global TV sales

Samsung Electronics was number one in the global TV market in terms of unit and revenue shares in the third quarter, while worldwide TV unit shipments grew 7% on-quarter and 3% on-year to 45.5 million units, according to research firm DisplaySearch.

Semiconductor industry growth expected to peak in 2008

World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) projects the global semiconductor industry will continue to grow in 2007 and peak in 2008, said WSTS Asia-Pacific president Tony Huang.

Sony files for body-wired headphones patent

Sony's Tokyo research lab has found a way to connect headphones to portable music and video players without the need for fiddly wiring. They simply feed an audio signal straight through the listener's body.