DirectX 10 will not take off until H2 2007, AMD executive says

Despite that Nvidia recently launched its DirectX 10-compliant GPUs (graphics processing units), demand for DirectX 10 graphics cards will not pick up in the market in the first half of the year because of a lack of games to support the technology, according to Edward Chow, AMD graphics marketing director for the Asia-Pacific region.

Nano-welds herald new era of electronics

The world's smallest construction site is taking shape in a laboratory in Switzerland, thanks to the development of new welding techniques that work at scales of a billionth of a metre.

Femtocells set to challenge Wi-Fi cellphones

Low-cost femtocells could emerge as an attractive alternative to voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi) in future homes, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

ASP for large-size LCD panels continue to fall in H2 December

The ASP (average selling price) for large-size LCD panels continued to drop in the second half of December, according to research firm WitsView Technology.

Samsung tops LCD TV maker in Q3 06, says Displaysearch

Samsung Electronics was the top LCD TV manufacturer with a 13.2% share of the market in the third quarter of 2006, closely followed by Sharp.

Multimedia to boost memory storage in handsets, says IMS Research

Embedded and removable memory capacity demands for cellular handsets showed a dramatic increase in 2006, primarily driven by consumer interest in music-enabled handsets, according to research firm IMS Research.

Stanford researchers explore flexible transistors

Organic - or carbon-based - transistors are not new and can be used to design flexible computer displays, RFID tags and sensors.

Tasers gets tougher

Stun guns could soon be able to deliver a disabling shock even to recipients wearing insulating clothing.

Prices for 42" LCD TVs to drop to $999 by end of 2007

Prices for 42" LCD TVs are likely to drop to US$999 by the end of 2007 in North America, according to LCD TV makers amid heated competition in the TV market.

New tricks in automated image analysis

Using software to analyze images is not new. In fact, it's almost a mature technology. But there are still issues to solve, especially when you need to analyze images in real time.

Race to the moon for nuclear fuel

NASA's planned moon base announced last week could pave the way for deeper space exploration to Mars, but one of the biggest beneficiaries may be the terrestrial energy industry.

Nano-cables convert light into electricity

Nanocables that convert light into electricity could one day be used to power nano-robots.

DRM is "too complicated" - just rip CDs, says Bill Gates

Even Microsoft founder Bill Gates finds it easier to "just buy a CD and rip it" than grapple with the copyright protection used by online music stores.

Gore tells scientists to be vocal

Former Vice President Al Gore has told scientists to speak out more on the issue of climate change.

Handheld device sees more colours than humans

A handheld device sensitive to changes in colour not detectable by the human eye could be used to spot objects hidden by camouflage or foliage.

In-Stat predicts iTunes may offer HD versions of Disney movies in 2007

In-Stat has released its annual predictions for 2007, saying iTunes is likely to provide high-definition (HD) versions of Disney movies for "download-to-own," as HDTV programming will be will be available via broadband Internet.

Online video sales to reach nearly $1.5 billion in 2007

Online sales of TV shows, movies and other pre-recorded video will become a billion-dollar business in 2007, according to a recent report from technology research firm Strategy Analytics.

Is iTunes slowly dying?

Forrester Group recently presented the results of a 3 months study about digital music sells on Apple's iTunes, and the conclusions don't look that good for the Cupertino-based company.

Non-Vista-supporting motherboards and VGA card inventories now a headache

With Windows Vista up and coming, makers of motherboards and VGA cards are now worried they will incur losses from their inventory of low-end products that do support Microsoft's new operating system (OS), according to industry sources.

Thermal modules to get a boost by Vista

Thermal modules will see a boost in revenues next year when Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system (OS) heats up the market with high-performance and higher-power-consumption systems, according to market observers.