Professor claims personal robots coming "very soon"

 Iowa State professor Alexander Stoytchev believes personal robots will become part of our lives in the near future. He and his team are working with robotic controls to produce life-like movements in arm-wielding robots.

Report: U.S. Tech Sector job cuts highest in five years

 It was reported today that in 2008, 186,955 workers in the U.S. technology sectors lost their jobs. This is the highest loss in five years, according to consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Tom Clancy goes digital, up first "The Hunt for Red October"

 Penguin Group (USA) Publishing announced today that Clancy's famous novel, The Hunt for Red October, would be published in digital form beginning on February 3 following significant reader demand. Additional books will follow and ultimately Clancy's entire collection will be available in e-formats.

Stanford building "Smart Email" system, knows your intent

 Stanford University scientists have developed an email system which can determine who your messages are for without providing destination users. The system is currently being perfected to also know whether or not their email address is on file, and if not then whether or not it can find it online or through known local resources - such as university rosters.

Hackers break into Texas road sign: Issue zombie warnings

{mosimage} On January 19 during early morning traffic, a programmable road sign in Texas was hacked into. The perpetrators changed the message to read "Zombies Ahead".

Senate votes to delay Digital TV switch, goes to House

 Yesterday, the Senate voted unanimously to postpone the upcoming analog to digital TV switchover by nearly four months, to June 12, 2009. The bill now goes to the U.S. House where it must also pass. A floor vote is currently scheduled for today.

YouTube: Users can now delete own comments on other videos

 Today, YouTube announced a new feature which allows users to delete their own comments. According to YouTube's blog, "Whether you misspelled 'pwned,' back in the day when you were just a n00b to the internets, or you simply said something you wish you could take back -- now you can remove your commentary at any time."

TSMC CEO says semicon market may decline 30% in 2009

 In what may be the gloomiest forecast to date, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) CEO Rick Tsai said in response to his company's greatly depressed Q1'2009 outlook, that the global semiconductor industry may decline by 30% in 2009.

UPDATED: Possible natural explanation found for West Antarctica's warming

 In 2008, scientists from the British Antarctic Survey reported a layer of volcanic ash and glass shards frozen within an ice sheet in western Antarctica [the same place the one degree Fahrenheit warming has been reported]. The volcano beneath the ice sheet "punched a hole right through" due to its heat and force. This geologic event (a volcano) may prove to be the source of the recent warming seen in West Antarctica in what has otherwise been reported as a 50-year cooling trend seen in East Antarctica.

Overclock: Asus motherboard takes Intel Core i7 to 5.6 GHz!

 Hot Hardware has posted a screenshot showing how an ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution workstation motherboard took an Intel Core i7 CPU 3.2 GHz Extreme 965 45nm Socket 1366 LGA CPU to 5,611.22 MHz (5.61 GHz). This overclock was carried out by the same Japanese user as previously overclocked to 5.51 GHz, named duck.

The Pope gets his own YouTube channel

 Google's YouTube website has been a flutter with change in recent weeks. Each U.S. Senate and House of Representatives member has their own channel. President Obama has his own official channel complete with a new trial download feature. YouTube has designed a system to make the channels easily navigable. It seems the expansions aren't limited to politics as now The Pope gets his own channel too.San Bruno (CA) - Google's YouTube website has been a flutter with change in recent weeks. Each U.S.

Losing aerospace giants protest NASA's ISS resupply contracts, on hold

 The Register reported on Wednesday that NASA's recent contract awards to SpaceX and Orbital Sciences Corporation are being put on hold by aerospace giants who lost the bid.

Inauguration day ceremony captured in satellite pics

Need a USB drive? Check the local laundry mat

Intel's CFO says Havendale on track for 2H'2009

TSMC sales down 45%, inventory now at 100 day supply

Obama's grass-roots, 13 million to affect national tech policy

Senate seeks legislation to delay digital TV switch

IBM again top US patent holder, vows to go after lesser claims

 In 2008, the top ten companies who were issued patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) was released today when IBM announced they have shattered not only their previous record, but also the previous U.S. patent holder record for one year.

2009 showing changing global manufacturing trends on weak economy