DRAM prices to stabilize after the Olympics

GM engineer says rechargeable car is on schedule

32" PDP prices drop to unprofitable levels

Silicon wafer shipments up 6% in Q2

U.S. broadband speeds too darn slow; adoption hits 7-Year low

Falling prices to boost LCD TV sales in Q4

LCD panel production cuts causing insufficient supply to monitor vendors

Ritek to produce solar modules

Interest in small cars shifts to crossovers as gas prices decline

Hubble telescope completes 100,000 orbits

A greener LA: Park 101

The Terminator’s bionic eye becomes reality

GM promises 435 mile range for Volt electric vehicle (sort of)

Let’s go fly a kite, and power our houses

Solar demand promising in long run, but bubble inevitable in near term

Netbooks and handsets to drive up PPT sales in Q3

Scientists: Martian soil may be harsh to life

Semiconductor market starting to look interesting, says Future Horizons

Boeing gets FAA ok for fuel-saving airplane brakes

People are connected to anybody on the planet through 6.6 acquaintances