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PC makers fight the netbook dilemma

Take away the marketing hype about innovation, and the computer business looks strikingly staid. For decades, customers have had two flavors to choose from: desktop PCs and laptop PCs. That menu is now set for a major revamp. Read the complete story here.

Softening PC demand threatens chip sector

Moore's Law slows, TSV next battlefield

Cellular modem sales to top $22 billion by 2013, says ABI Research

iPhones, other smartphones take bigger piece of mobile pie

The Apple iPhone continues to look as if it is coming on strong in the global mobile market, particularly when it comes to smartphones. This is among the key findings from the latest AdMob mobile metrics report. AdMob, reporting about global mobile traffic for August, said the iPhone showed a large growth in network traffic with more than 2.9 million requests per day.

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