The evolution of Lego's female scientist

This is a testament to the growth of Lego as a company, or the fact that women are finally comfortable with having square, lumpy figures. Suck it, Heidi Klum. Everybody can't be a supermodel.

World's fastest movie camera to study atomic nuclei

If The Hobbit's 48 frames per second seems like a lot, how does a million trillion sound?

Wireless, broadband brain sensor created

Engineers at Brown University have developed a wireless, broadband fully implantable brain sensor that is rechargeable, and has performed well in animal models for more than a year.

Invasion of the telepathic rats?

Two rats thousands of miles apart have successfully communicated through thought alone to solve a series of problems.

Holographs harnessed for bionic eye

Israeli researchers are testing a holographic system designed to artificially stimulate cells in the eye, hoping to create a bionic system for restoring vision.

First 'true' quantum calculation performed

An international research group has for the first time demonstrated a quantum algorithm that performs a true calculation, without needing to know the answer before the start.

Team creates building block for quantum networks

Scientists say they've built a proof-of-concept device that could become the memory or processing element for an on-chip optical quantum network.

2D electronics come a step closer

Scientists say they've taken a big step toward the creation of two-dimensional electronics by combining a conductor and an insulator in layers just an atom thick.

Scientists store Shakespeare's sonnets in DNA

Scientists say they've found a comparatively error-free way to store data in DNA, and have already used it to encode Shakespeare's sonnets and MP3 music files.

New polymer harvests energy from water vapor

MIT engineers say they've found a way to generate electricity just by drawing on the water vapor in the air.

USC wants to 3D-print a house

Are 3D printers just for making little toys a knick-knacks? Not if USC researchers have anything to say about it.

Open-source 3D printer is a mass Kickstarter success

The future of 3D printing is very much here and now.

Check out this wearable multitouch projector

If you think wearable tech is the way of the future, then this is for you.

Nevada makes driverless cars perfectly legal

Nevada has become the first state in the nation to make it legal to use driverless cars on its roadways, and has just finalized the various regulations that come with such a forward-thinking law.

Is Monsanto's corn losing its "magic?"

Monsanto’s genetically modified corn may be losing its ability to kill rootworms. To be sure, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) believes the poison spliced into Monsanto Bt corn is not as effective as it once was.

Should kids ditch the TV for a PC?

A recent study has concluded that sitting in front of a TV for an extended period of time may pose health risks for young children.

Study: Beer reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

A team of Italian researchers has concluded that a beer (or two) a day can help keep cardiovascular disease at bay.

These peptides kill cancer

Scientists at the University of Southern California (USC) have identified two molecules capable of killing cancer cells.

Claim: Nicotine makes brain more vulnerable to cocaine addiction

Do you believe in the gateway theory when it comes to drug use? Well, a group of scientists at Columbia University claims to have proven the theory.

Video games may be able to treat "lazy eye" in older children

A recent study has concluded that symptoms of amblyopia or "lazy eye" can be alleviated in older children by following a regimen which includes playing video games alongside standard treatment.