Green search engine aims to save rainforests

Use it, or the trees get it

Politicians are driving climate change

Heads they win, tails you lose

Space-based solar plant gets go-ahead

Powering thousands of homes

UN calls for probe into Climategate

U-turn by IPCC Chairman

Probe into faked climate stats to begin

Independent review to report next spring

Climate boss quits over faked stats

'Accidentally' deletes raw data

Intel is walking in a wintel wonderland

The sleigh bells, they are ringing bum bum bum bum

Hole in ozone layer was a good thing after all

Climate scientists in embarrassing U-turn

Living buildings could clean up the atmosphere

Warning: wet paint

'Deep retrofits' can halve home energy bills

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is looking for volunteer homeowners to try out deep retrofits on their houses with the aim of slashing energy bills.

Congress may probe faked global warming data

Leaked emails become smoking gun

Norway opens osmotic power station

Semi-permeable solution

Varanasi fails technology sewage test

Do not bathe in this thing

Steve Jobs determines smoking is injurious to your Mac

PC thinking hits PCs

Auto roti maker wins Intel prize

And the biodegradable bone

Energy-saving lightbulbs get dimmer over time

And they're pretty rubbish to start with

Phuggers are like chuggers

Punters badgered by phuggers

Last ice age took hold in just six months

Maybe The day After Tomorrow wasn't so far wrong

Electric cars mean more CO2

Let's all just buy Hummers, and to hell with it

CO2 levels 'stable since 1850'

Another global warming myth bites the dust